Thursday, July 03, 2014

Late Little Fox

Bleeding Love

SK was thrilled when I asked her whether she wanted to join me for breakfast on Saturday. Discharged from the hospital just a few days ago, she was itching to go out. On the way out, I dropped mum at a friend's place as she had a charity sale at the 5th Tastefully Food & Beverage Expo in MV. Bright and early, SK and I arrived at Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf at BV I. Even found a beautiful parking space right out front. It was supposed to be a meet up with Little Fox, but seeing that my SMS and What's App went unanswered, we went ahead and ordered food. Started off with Eggs Royale and some twenty minutes later, our baked eggs arrived. Food was good as usual and the pinoy staff super attentive. Sitting opposite us was girl who had been waiting as long as us. She seemed content and happy, not upset at all that her date was late. When he finally arrived in a white, slim fit white shirt and tight jeans did it dawn on us why her EQ was so high. She practically sighed when he smiled at her. LOL. Halfway through the yummy baked eggs, Little Fox finally arrived. Turns out he didn't sleep well the night before and ended up waking up late. He quickly ordered food and all the necessary introductions were made. Never noticed him while he was working in my company. Not surprising I guess with the huge number of employees and the fact that I was usually away from the corporate headquarters. Went jalan-jalan after that as Little Fox wanted to get stuff from the Aesop counter. Also went to the book store and some random shops trying to get the food to digest faster. LOL.

Baked Heaven


In the end, we stopped for coffee at Citrus. Our first choice was Nutmeg, but since they were full to the brim and had a funny seating policy, we gave them a pass. Truth be told, Citrus ain't a proper coffee place. If you want Nasi Beriani, do go there. Coffee-wise, they suck. There was even a cute little tip in Foursquare: "Was trying to take a pic then the owner came n said 'Why are u taking a picture of my food'. How rude. N here I am stupidly trying to promote this darn place.". LOL. Saw Private Structure and wondered whether I should shop for ChatMate's birthday present there. Saw something else more practical and scrapped that idea. LOL. So unlike me. Last stop was at Jaya Grocer. Said our goodbyes at the organic section and quickly dashed to the cat before the rain poured. Didn't go home directly as I had some stuff to get from the pharmacy in OUG. SK and I had a late lunch at Restoran Rishadh. Still feeling the effects of the egg overdose, I just ordered a small Maggi Goreng. Back at SK's place, I collected a whole bunch of MySale packages from my previous online shopping binge. Went home and opened the 'Christmas' presents, which included a pair of PS swimming trunks to replace my retired Aussiebums. Hehe. MaisonSK extended me a dinner invitation again, and I was there waiting for my mum to call me to pick her up. Luckily for me, when I got her call, she was already home! Her friend was kind enough to send her back. Yay. Tomorrow will be another full day out for her, but I can't invite KH over for sex cause ........ he's away in OSAKA for a company trip!!!!



Twilight Man said...

You have posted few times about this lady getting admitted to hospitals! What is wrong?

Happy walker said...

the dish looks something new to me~ XD

William said...

She got huge jodoh with surgeries and hospitals!

Try it

Jaded Jeremy said...

Ini berita dah berapa bulan?

Twilight Man said...

OMG! What a poor lady. She need to mandi bunga la.