Sunday, June 08, 2014

Holy Week


Kinda breezed through Lent. It was Holy Week already. Wanted to attend Maundy Thursday mass, but an important meeting at work had scuttled those plans. Such a sin to arrange meetings at 4:30 pm. Been a few years since I saw the priest washing the feet of his 'disciples'. On Good Friday, I did not want to take an chances, so I took half day off. Would have taken the whole day off if not for a pesky meeting in the morning. Lunched with Legolas, BeautifulMale and KH at Grandmama's before heading home. Spent time with the kids and napped a little before heading out to mass at 7:00 pm (had a very early dinner). Traffic was a bit bad, but we made it on time. In accordance with church liturgy, all the fonts were dry with no holy water; the crucifix and all statues were covered with purple cloth; the altar was uncovered and the sepulchre was empty. After the Liturgy of the Word (a long reading of the Passion of the Lord), a wooden cross was carried into the church. In the end, the congregation streamed forward to kiss the crucifix and dispersed quietly.

The next morning, we went out to the wet market at OUG. It was water rationing day again making it a real pain when one needs to use the loo. Overheard some bitchy conversation at the fruit stall:

Customer A: These lemons are hard...

Fruit Seller: South African lemons are like that la!

Customer B: Do you have Gala oranges?

Fruit Seller: (squishing his face) Gala oranges?! Apple got la! Sunkist is it?!

Customer C: What type of apple is this ah?

Fruit Seller: Tell you also you dunno la!


Think he was having his period that day. LOL. Mum suggested breakfast at Brilliant Nasi Lemak. She liked the rice and sambal. I tried their dry curry wantan noodles. The noodle texture was quite good, but the dark sauce was a tad too sweet. Rushed back home after that to go to the IOI Property Fair with my sister. Properties these days come with 7-tier security and 7-digit price tags. Stopped for some herbal jelly and did some grocery shopping at AEON. Ate a late lunch with my mum. Just some noodles and mixed rice. At about 3:30 pm, KH drove over to see me (so sweet). Brought him to Ocean Tea House where he showed me his new toy over roasted milk tea. It was an Xperia Tablet Z that he ordered from Courts Mammoth. Subsidized it as part of his birthday gift. Such a large tablet with an 10" screen. And so square. So angular. He told me his main purpose was to read comics on it, but still, he pointed out to me that he put porn on it. Although we shared the cafe with three other occupied tables, KH's hands were 'busy' as ever. Fetched him a party hat and silly glasses from the entertainment rack and he obediently put them on for a birthday portrait. :P.

Skyz Residence

It was a rainy Easter Vigil. Back when I was baptized in 2006, it rained heavily too. The church was brightly lit and the altar was decked with flowers. The candle stands beside the altar was also upgraded with two stone angels. Quite nice. As usual, the assistant parish priest presided over the Easter Vigil mass. Being tone deaf (to the max), all high masses usually put great stress on him. And with Easter, he had to sing the Exsultet, a long hymn proclaiming the glory of Christ's sacrifice. This year, he came prepared. He actually had earbuds on, listening to it playing while he tried to sing it. But the result was still semi-disastrous. The whole liturgy ended at about 9:40 pm, some two hours later. Some actually left halfway through not expecting it to be so lengthy. Mum and I had supper at Restoran Peng Hwa. The hot Teochew porridge was an ideal choice for the cold, wet night. Alleluia, Christ has risen!


Twilight Man said...

I have almost forgotten about Legolas! Hope he is growing up well and happy!

William said...

You forgot cause he stopped blogging ?