Saturday, May 31, 2014

Seeing Suzy

Banana Leaf Memories

Sis and BIL was off to Korea for a business trip so the kids were in our care again. Early in the morning, they had already eaten some fried noodles that my mum prepared. And when we went out to have breakfast, they had their second round of wantan noodles. Also had lunch nearby. Shared some mixed rice and CKT. At around 2:00 pm, SK came over to fetch us to Kuchai Lama. KH had actually bought tickets to "Let's Rock: The Musical" over Groupon. The original plan was for me to bring my mum, and he would bring his mum (quite a situation hor?). But since mum suddenly had to babysit, I let mum go with a friend instead. It was a musical based on the famous 80s band "The Winners". Never noticed that there was a Mega Star Arena beside the Kuchai Lama KFC. Turns out it houses the South Gate Church as well. Quite hidden. After dropping mum, SK and I went to KFC to tapau lunch. Little Monster fell asleep on the back seat cushion, so we drove home. The kid got up before we reached home. Fed them fried chicken, nuggets, leftover fried noodles from breakfast and bubble tea. Forced them to nap again after eating. Some time before 5:00 pm, we went out again to fetch mum. While we were waiting, it rained cats and dogs. The thing dragged on till around 5:20 pm due to an encore. SK sent the kids home, while I followed KH in his car since we had a dinner appointment. Had to sit in the same car as his mother and make some small talk. More awkward moments while we were alone in the living room while KH went to change into his shorts. Luckily there was no dramatic scene like in TVB series where the mother would spit venom at me but when the son reappears suddenly put on a cheerful mask. Phew.

Thosai Time

Suzy was in town for a few days and was staying at the KL Hilton. When she got into the car, she was in the midst of a conference call with her colleagues. Best thing was, it started more than half an hour ago. During the lulls, she would greet us and make some brief chit-chat. Most importantly we asked her what she wanted to eat. Her answer shocked us to the core. Maggi goreng! As we pulled out of the lobby, KH and I were at a loss as to where to bring her. Really unexpected. Suddenly Sri Paandi near Jalan Gasing came to mind. Not been there in years. A usual haunt for Cutiepie and I during our undergraduate days. Funny story about the place. I remember two adjacent shops with the same name and logo. Today, seems that original shop won cause it had taken over adjacent shop lot. We told Suzy that she was overdressed for mamak-ing. She was dressed in a dress and wore fitting white blazer over it. Her hair was done up and she wore natural makeup. But then, a Savante likes to say, one can never be overdressed. Amazingly, the con-call only ended halfway through her Maggi goreng. Finally got to greet her properly. LOL. Actually the call had nothing to do with her. It was a technical issue, and she was only involved in the selling. Poor Suzy. True to her form, Suzy started telling us interesting stories about her trip. Found out that a must-do for her in KL is to eat KFC! And somehow or rather, our conversation veered towards colleagues who contribute to the oldest profession in the world-- prostitution. Dinner was settled and next was drinks. Drove her to K3K Benta Kaya to try the fabulous toast there. More stories were told, like how she was an unwitting internet sensation for a couple of days. She's a treasure trove of funny tales. Laughed so much that night. She's always welcome to come to KL for her Maggi goreng cravings!

Triple Decker

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