Friday, May 09, 2014

Do Air Stewardesses Make Good Tenants?

hôtesses Air Asia
Swiped from Totoro -David D. @ Flickr

My tenants finally moved out last month and I have yet to secure someone to take over the place. Engaged my old real estate negotiator early in 2014, but she didn't come up with any leads. Sick and tired of waiting, I got another agency in the picture. A house viewing was arranged the following week. Finally I was getting some where. Gave the agent the keys and let him settle things. Late one Friday night, the agent gives me a call and tells me that a pair of air stewardesses are interested. Immediate move in. But there was a 'little' request. They wanted the old rental price (although my place was upgraded to partially-furnished with the major home appliances) and they wanted two dressing tables. Make-up is really important to air stewardesses. I wasn't going to budge on the price but I would consider the furniture request. Actually made a trip to several nearby furniture shops to hunt for the cheapest of the cheap. LOL. However, there has been no feedback from them so far. Money-wise, I'm sure they can fork out rent. As to whether they would be troublesome or not, that is an unknown. A Korean and a Nepalese. Hmmmmm. If they were two hunky air stewards or pilots, perhaps I would have said yes in a heartbeat. Hehe. But AirAsia de, perhaps the hunkiness kurang sikit. LOL. Does anyone have any experience?


Twilight Man said...

I was told the flight crew are the best tenants as they are always flying and if at home, everything is very neat and being wiped everyday! Lucky you! Pass to me as I wanna kick my tenants out soon.

Anonymous said...

keeping the place neat and tidy, may be.
paying rent on time..hmm..
they also have the best life, remember kehidupan terlampau pramugara (pramugar?)...hmm.. scrap that, with the kinky stuff you do with KH on regular basis, your life is more terlampau.

untold stories said...

I just have this impression that pretty girls/ girls who like to look presentable when they are outside, are really dirty and unkept at home! Actually this applies to guys too.