Friday, May 16, 2014

Chinese Worms, Chinese Laughs & Chinese Sauna

Yuan Yuan & Tuan Tuan

Overslept a bit on Saturday morning. Was supposed to get up earlier to go to the market. Didn't really matter, not like I had to bersolek. Just had t skip my morning stretches and breakfast beverage. Mum actually found most of what she needed at Jalan Hujan Emas 8 market. We had breakfast there too. A simple bowl of soup noodles. Amazed that it was only MYR3.80. Although we nearly got everything we needed, it was customary to still go to the main market over at Jalan Hujan Emas 5. Canvassed a few Chinese medicine halls to source for some cordyceps. Obscene is the only way I can describe the price of that fungus. Tibetan cordyceps were selling at MYR1,000/tael. One tael is about 37.5gm. We bought the cheaper alternatives from China. Back home, I waited for the air-conditioning guy to service the air-conditioner in my mum's room. Zero maintenance since the day we bought it. LOL. Never realized that it was so troublesome. They practically dismantled the whole thing. It would have been more interesting to watch if the guys were cute. :P.

Five Foot Walkway Breakfast

Benjamin Button

At noon, I went out to fetch KH for our Saturday afternoon paktor session. Brilliant Nasi Lemak was our lunch stop. Always wondered about that place. Their cheapest nasi lemak with one side dish is priced at MYR8.90. For two toppings, its MYR11.90. One can choose from Nyonya curry chicken, chicken rendang, pork curry, stuffed sambal calamari, fried chicken, etc. Not bad actually, but KH's brother says that Hailam Kopitiam serves a better nasi lemak. Watched a matinee show at KLPAC after that-- "Laugh Chinese Style 2". An orgy of cross-dressing, sex jokes and vulgarity. Some hits and misses. My favourite character was Douglas' Kumari, the soul-sucking Tamil school teacher. Roax Tan was in it, and I was amused to see his bulge in a pair of electric pink hot pants while he was playing Roro the air-head from Damansara. Must be thanks to the Andrew Christian Nearly-Naked underwear that he was wearing. There was even a short Q&A session for the Taylor's College students who were in the audience that day. Surprised that it was written by Mark Beau de Silva and later Cina-fied by the Joker Trio.

Nasi Lemak Tak Telanjang

Doorway to the Secret Garden

Laugh Chinese Style Pt 2

In the later part of the evening, I went to Bukit Jalil with mum for a BEC gathering. The house was super stuffy because all the windows were closed, the doors were barred and the air-conditioning was on the blink. I nearly melted. Dunno how they survive each day in that oven. This is what happens when you tinggal di tempat orang kaya. All sorts of precautions are taken because they are an obvious target. When they opened the door to the courtyard, SK and I immediately rushed out for the sweet air. Since it was the season of Lent, we did the Stations of the Cross in addition to the usual activities. Another full day out!

Our Lady of Lourdes

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