Saturday, May 31, 2014

Seeing Suzy

Banana Leaf Memories

Sis and BIL was off to Korea for a business trip so the kids were in our care again. Early in the morning, they had already eaten some fried noodles that my mum prepared. And when we went out to have breakfast, they had their second round of wantan noodles. Also had lunch nearby. Shared some mixed rice and CKT. At around 2:00 pm, SK came over to fetch us to Kuchai Lama. KH had actually bought tickets to "Let's Rock: The Musical" over Groupon. The original plan was for me to bring my mum, and he would bring his mum (quite a situation hor?). But since mum suddenly had to babysit, I let mum go with a friend instead. It was a musical based on the famous 80s band "The Winners". Never noticed that there was a Mega Star Arena beside the Kuchai Lama KFC. Turns out it houses the South Gate Church as well. Quite hidden. After dropping mum, SK and I went to KFC to tapau lunch. Little Monster fell asleep on the back seat cushion, so we drove home. The kid got up before we reached home. Fed them fried chicken, nuggets, leftover fried noodles from breakfast and bubble tea. Forced them to nap again after eating. Some time before 5:00 pm, we went out again to fetch mum. While we were waiting, it rained cats and dogs. The thing dragged on till around 5:20 pm due to an encore. SK sent the kids home, while I followed KH in his car since we had a dinner appointment. Had to sit in the same car as his mother and make some small talk. More awkward moments while we were alone in the living room while KH went to change into his shorts. Luckily there was no dramatic scene like in TVB series where the mother would spit venom at me but when the son reappears suddenly put on a cheerful mask. Phew.

Thosai Time

Suzy was in town for a few days and was staying at the KL Hilton. When she got into the car, she was in the midst of a conference call with her colleagues. Best thing was, it started more than half an hour ago. During the lulls, she would greet us and make some brief chit-chat. Most importantly we asked her what she wanted to eat. Her answer shocked us to the core. Maggi goreng! As we pulled out of the lobby, KH and I were at a loss as to where to bring her. Really unexpected. Suddenly Sri Paandi near Jalan Gasing came to mind. Not been there in years. A usual haunt for Cutiepie and I during our undergraduate days. Funny story about the place. I remember two adjacent shops with the same name and logo. Today, seems that original shop won cause it had taken over adjacent shop lot. We told Suzy that she was overdressed for mamak-ing. She was dressed in a dress and wore fitting white blazer over it. Her hair was done up and she wore natural makeup. But then, a Savante likes to say, one can never be overdressed. Amazingly, the con-call only ended halfway through her Maggi goreng. Finally got to greet her properly. LOL. Actually the call had nothing to do with her. It was a technical issue, and she was only involved in the selling. Poor Suzy. True to her form, Suzy started telling us interesting stories about her trip. Found out that a must-do for her in KL is to eat KFC! And somehow or rather, our conversation veered towards colleagues who contribute to the oldest profession in the world-- prostitution. Dinner was settled and next was drinks. Drove her to K3K Benta Kaya to try the fabulous toast there. More stories were told, like how she was an unwitting internet sensation for a couple of days. She's a treasure trove of funny tales. Laughed so much that night. She's always welcome to come to KL for her Maggi goreng cravings!

Triple Decker

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Eat >> Exercise

Lam Yee Mee

The usual Sunday routine. I'm sure my regular readers can guess what I did. Been in ages since I ate at Lammeeya, so I suddenly wanted to eat there. Horrible. Don't think I will be going back there. My loh yee mee was so chewy. The thick gravy was lukewarm and it just made the whole meal feel a tad too disgusting. Blegh. Mum ajak-ed me for cendol after that. But Teochew Chendul is forever crowded, so we tapau-ed. Brought it all the way to Cielo Dolci on the opposite end of Paradigm Mall. Ordered a mini cup of passion fruit yoghurt and S'mores and secretly ate it all there. Such an uncommon combination. Haha. At least we could have dessert in peace. Back home, I tried to burn off dessert by doing some workout routines in my room. Some interesting moves in Men's Health's Spartacus workout. Worked up a sweat, and felt a bit of burn in my muscles. Obviously that wasn't enough to chisel my body.


Plus, the heavy dinner at MaisonSK later that night didn't help. Had a big dinner with SK, Apollo, Brian, QueerRanter-D and KH. Apollo's mum cooked again-- steamed parrot fish (in ginger and hot bean sauce), abalone mushroom tempura, three types of stir--fried vegetables, preserved vegetable omelette and old cucumber soup. My mother added on with some red wine chicken. Apollo made dessert with the help of Daiso pudding powder mix. But his mum outdone him with a pot of sea coconut and white fungus. More sake later with some wasabi mixed nuts. With so much rich foods, Sparta will definitely fall! LOL. When SK went looking for more snacks from her pantry, she was startled by a type of whirring sound. Like from a vintage tin wind-up toy. Turned out that Apollo brought a secret guest along, one of his sugar gliders! It was in a dark pouch that he had left on the coffee table.

Dinner at MaisonSK

Monday, May 26, 2014

Wet Market, Dry Taps

Old Kopitiam

It was a wet day at the market. Ironically, the taps were dry. Breakfast was at Kopitan Classic and it was horribly disappointing. My dry noodles were too soft and sickly sweet. And mum's curry noodles were too watery. Disposable utensils and paper cups were used because they had no water to do the dishes. Worst of all, the had even less water for the loos. Shit was left stranded in the bowls awaiting their saviour in two days time. Lovely. Finally managed to catch hold of my stylist for a haircut. But had to loiter a bit as the only slot he had was at noon. Got an extreme undercut in a last ditch effort to achieve the illusion of a slimmer face. XD. Since we had noodles for breakfast, mum suggested rice for lunch. Finally tried the famous siew yuk rice at Kedai Makan Mooi Mooi. Had an old world feel to it with the old wooden chairs and run-down look. Our bill was MYR13 for a plate of roast chicken rice and a plate of roast pork rice. Mahalz. The chicken was average but the siew yuk was more impressive. The skin was quite crispy and the meat tender, but I wouldn't pay MYR6.50 for it. On our way back, we also tapau-ed some ikan parang fishballs from a nearby stall in Happy Garden. Back home, I lepak-ed in my room watching RED 2. Still as entertaining with added Korean eye candy. Seeing that chiseled body prodded me to the pool to do my laps.

Famous Roast Pork

Out to Dry

Broke the usual dinner monotony by bring mum to Ichi Zen at Pavilion. Traffic was quite smooth although it was raining. Dinner was a wonderful medley of seafood. Ordered the mini kaiseki set with some add-ons. All in all, we had topshell in kimchi sauce, salmon belly and white tuna nigiri sushi, fried salmon tail, vinegared crabmeat, cod liver in ponzu sauce, grilled hamachi collar, nabe with salmon head, cod fish, cuttlefish, clams, oysters, mussels, sea crab and prawns, and finally thick slices of salmon and Pacific saury sashimi and amaebi. Very satisfying. Fantastic variety. Went window shopping after that. Didn't find anything that we liked. Loitered till closing time and that was when the traffic was the worst. Such a rare occasion being in the Golden Triangle on a Saturday night. But seems that mum enjoyed herself.

Raw Trio

Seafood Nabe

Sushi Trio

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Get the Reeds

Merry Maki

After a fortnight of going for English mass, we finally went back to the Mandarin session. Years and years of irritation later, the church finally built a 'family room' for parishioners with pesky kids. Realising that one can never expect kids to behave and sit still, it's easier to take them out of the 'equation'. Basically they cordoned off one corner with sound-proof glass and expect all the noisy children to be herded in there. But then, not everyone likes to sit in a 'fishbowl', so many parents still end up sitting outside. And the parents are usually too optimistic about how long their children will fidget or wail. Not many will immediately drag their kids out. When this happens, one can see the priest pause a while letting patience wash over him. LOL. Went to Kota Damansara after mass. Remember the aroma diffuser that KH got the day before? He forgot to take the reeds. So off I went to The Strand again. Quite a challenge deciding what to eat over there. Googling doens't help because most of the recommended shops would have closed down already. The turnover is that high. Just tried my luck via eye ball. As I was turning back down to the main road I saw Hiro Zen. Did a quick check on Foursquare and seeing that there weren't any negative tips, I walked in. Only two booths were occupied at the time. Simply ordered a cold appetiser of raw octopus in zucchini, a kimchi-salmon roll and a sashimi set. Food wasn't bad, but not super. My dessert was two cuties who walked in to tapau lunch. Think they work nearby. Don't kill me, no pics.

Raw Friends

I had the time. The weather was good. I wasn't exhausted. No excuse to not go to the pool. Donned my lime green N2N swim trunks and headed to the pool. Unfortunately I had to share the pool with a bunch of pesky Eric Cartmans. Those ball of lards were constantly cannonballing into the pool and one near miss nearly had me complaining to the guard. Ugh. Quickly finished my laps and left before an accident happened. MaisonSK organized a dinner again that night. Seafood extravaganza by Apollo's mum. She whipped up mango siakap, abalone herbal soup, chilli crab and some vegetables. Yummy sekali. And mum made some battered new year cake sandwiches that we ate with a dessert of fuzuk barley with gingko nuts. KH was supposed to join us, but at the last minute he FFK. :(.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Burning Wood?

Navel Biscuits?

Woke up bright and early on Saturday morning to go marketing again. Lesser traffic due to Ching Ming perhaps. And several unoccupied lots in the market, something that rarely happens. Ate my favourite clear soup noodles at OUG then went home. With some time to kill before my coffee date with KH, I did some car interior maintenance, making it all bright and shiny again. At around noon, I went off to fetch him. As luck would have it, Waze was down and we couldn't navigate our way to Wood & Steel at Kota Damansara. While KH fiddled with his phone trying to figure things out, I just went on auto-pilot trying to retrace my steps back to the cafe. In the end, I used Google Maps when I was already in the Kota Damansara area. My boyfriend is truly hopeless when it comes to navigating. Never fails to rile me. As SK was in Tropicana visiting Lifebook, she decided to come over as well. But the temporary death of of the Waze service left her 'dead on the road' as well. And Google Maps didn't work for her. In the end, she found out that it was some kind of network error on her iPhone 5. First world problems. Hahaha. As usual, the place was crowded. I chose a high-back chair that was composed of bicycle wheels. Felt like I was sitting on the throne of the Dumpster Kingdom. Only while sitting down at the table did I realize that KH and I were wearing the same Uniqlo T-shirt from the Pirates of the Caribbean series. So ngam hor?

Apam Seller

Our food took 75 minutes to arrive that day. The supervisor apologised profusely and explained that they had problems with their gas supply. Perhaps they were chopping up furniture at the back to use as fire wood. We had to alas perut with a walnut brownie. Food came staggered. Firstly SK's salmon scrambled eggs and secondly my spaghetti aglio-olio. The pasta was surprisingly banjir. Had to eat it tilted on a block of wood to get all the oil out of the way. LOL. The slowest was KH's Chef's special-- the stuffed chicken. When it arrived, I couldn't figure out why it was called stuffed. And the coffee was kind small. They use a glass smaller than the ones they use to serve you water. Not too much difference from a piccolo latte and that was served in a green tea glass! Jalan-jalan a bit at the home decor shop next door. SK one of the white dresses that they had on display but we were taken aback by the even more beautiful price tag. Ended up buying an aroma diffuser and essential oil. That was SK's belated birthday gift to KH. Went to Giant for a while too. Yes, we were that desperate. Later that night, SK and I planned to have dinner at Restoran New Paris then get to SS2 Mall for the Charles & Keith / Pedro / Victoria's Secret Warehouse sale. The restaurant's kitchen throughput was legendary. By the time it took for me to park my car and walk over to the restaurant, the food was already on the table! Had the usual favourites like the bean paste steamed fish and champagne chicken.

Sleep Antidote

Tiga Sekawan

SS2 Mall was just down the road. My very first time there. And judging from what I saw, would be my last. LOL. So dead. Quite a wasted journey as the sale closed at 7:00 pm! Bah! On the ground floor, there was some Earth Hour concert. Think NTV7's Gary Yap was singing in the rain. Completely forgot about it. With nothing better to do, we shifted to Red Bean at SS2 for some tong sui. When I reached home, it was all dark. Not a single light was switched on. Not a single appliance was working. The power had tripped due to the rain. LOL. Guess I had accidentally joined Earth Hour. LOL. And I think I outdone everyone else. Zero electricity usage and no candles were lit. :P.

Two Balls, Two Bowls and a Spoon

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sharks Fin Sunday

Swiped from NinjaHelloKitty/Ivan @ Flickr

Note: Not sure how many people will send me hate mail after reading this, but the first person to roll his eyes would be KH. He doesn't eat sharks fin soup!

The last time I attended a wedding lunch was in USJ City Mall for my lawyer's marriage. This time round it was my ex-colleague. At Noble Banquet. Quite a difficult timing for a Sunday. Had to attend English mass in order to make it, but still the timing was neither here nor there. Killed some time at Scott Garden. Got my caffeine fix at Starbucks since I was groggy from interrupted sleep (damn power keeps tripping in the middle of the night). After finishing a latte and a pastry, mum and I went to Tesco. As luck would have it, she found a kiosk doing dead skin removal for feet. Immediately sat down and did the 45 minute treatment. Nasty business, but mum was happy with the results. By the time it was done, it was already 12:15 pm. Just about right. Dropped mum off at the KL & Selangor Chinese Chamber of Commerce for a health talk while I went to the restaurant.

Met a whole bunch of ex-colleagues from my stint in Jakarta more than a decade ago. Could recognize most of the faces, but some of their names eluded me. Some can't really recognize me cause I was a cicak kubing back then. Most were married and with kids. Heard that Rynn Lim was in the guest list, but I didn't see him. Food was not bad. Some quality is expected from the Oriental Group of restaurants. There were big ass soft-shelled crabs in the first dish, roasted baby duck and sharks fin soup in coconut.

Colleague: Can I get some black vinegar for my sharks fin soup?

Waitress: Errr... vinegar is not suitable for this kind of sharks fin soup.

Colleague: Huh? Then get me brandy instead.

Started at 1:30 pm, and ended at about 3:45 pm. By the time I reached the KL & Selangor Chinese Chamber of Commerce, it was about 4:30 pm. Could have arrived earlier if I didn't make a wrong turn. Really menyampah cause my Waze is still on the blink after I upgraded my Android OS to 4.3. And Google Map's navigation ain't that great. Gah. Waited for a while for mum's function to finish. Just had a little time to rest at home before needing to go out again. Another dinner gathering at MaisonSK. Apollo's mother was in town, and she had a freezer full of seafood. Among the other guests were Brian, Lifebook and KH. Interestingly, Lifebook was the latest to arrive because he ended up at the wrong venue. LOL. So, on that night I had my second shot of sharks fin soup. LOL.

Apollo: Mum, you shouldn't eat sharks fin anymore.

Apollo's mum: Why?

Apollo: It's cruel. The fin the shark and throw them back in the sea.

Apollo's mum: In Sabah, we eat the whole shark.

As if we were not full enough from dinner (I hardly took any rice), there was pumpkin-barley for dessert. At the dinner table we also had a rousing round of conversation over KH's chilled 'seasonal' sake. Seems that Apollo only approves of 'seasonal' stuff. Hope that is not a requirement he has for men. When my mum was busy with dishes and what not, KH would take the opportunity to ambush me in the room or the loo to steal kisses and let his naughty hands roam. He's always playful and seeks my attention. Perhaps a thrill to do it under the same roof as my mum!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Chinese Worms, Chinese Laughs & Chinese Sauna

Yuan Yuan & Tuan Tuan

Overslept a bit on Saturday morning. Was supposed to get up earlier to go to the market. Didn't really matter, not like I had to bersolek. Just had t skip my morning stretches and breakfast beverage. Mum actually found most of what she needed at Jalan Hujan Emas 8 market. We had breakfast there too. A simple bowl of soup noodles. Amazed that it was only MYR3.80. Although we nearly got everything we needed, it was customary to still go to the main market over at Jalan Hujan Emas 5. Canvassed a few Chinese medicine halls to source for some cordyceps. Obscene is the only way I can describe the price of that fungus. Tibetan cordyceps were selling at MYR1,000/tael. One tael is about 37.5gm. We bought the cheaper alternatives from China. Back home, I waited for the air-conditioning guy to service the air-conditioner in my mum's room. Zero maintenance since the day we bought it. LOL. Never realized that it was so troublesome. They practically dismantled the whole thing. It would have been more interesting to watch if the guys were cute. :P.

Five Foot Walkway Breakfast

Benjamin Button

At noon, I went out to fetch KH for our Saturday afternoon paktor session. Brilliant Nasi Lemak was our lunch stop. Always wondered about that place. Their cheapest nasi lemak with one side dish is priced at MYR8.90. For two toppings, its MYR11.90. One can choose from Nyonya curry chicken, chicken rendang, pork curry, stuffed sambal calamari, fried chicken, etc. Not bad actually, but KH's brother says that Hailam Kopitiam serves a better nasi lemak. Watched a matinee show at KLPAC after that-- "Laugh Chinese Style 2". An orgy of cross-dressing, sex jokes and vulgarity. Some hits and misses. My favourite character was Douglas' Kumari, the soul-sucking Tamil school teacher. Roax Tan was in it, and I was amused to see his bulge in a pair of electric pink hot pants while he was playing Roro the air-head from Damansara. Must be thanks to the Andrew Christian Nearly-Naked underwear that he was wearing. There was even a short Q&A session for the Taylor's College students who were in the audience that day. Surprised that it was written by Mark Beau de Silva and later Cina-fied by the Joker Trio.

Nasi Lemak Tak Telanjang

Doorway to the Secret Garden

Laugh Chinese Style Pt 2

In the later part of the evening, I went to Bukit Jalil with mum for a BEC gathering. The house was super stuffy because all the windows were closed, the doors were barred and the air-conditioning was on the blink. I nearly melted. Dunno how they survive each day in that oven. This is what happens when you tinggal di tempat orang kaya. All sorts of precautions are taken because they are an obvious target. When they opened the door to the courtyard, SK and I immediately rushed out for the sweet air. Since it was the season of Lent, we did the Stations of the Cross in addition to the usual activities. Another full day out!

Our Lady of Lourdes

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Hopeless Hanare


Bright and early on Sunday morning, I attended English mass. It was actually my duty with the Mandarin hospitality ministry again that week but I had to skip it again because KH had planned a Japanese buffet gathering at Hanare, The Intermark. Our curiosity was piqued during our lunch there some weeks ago hoping that the quality we got from ala carte was reproduced in their buffet. At MYR148++, we had high expectations for air-flown seafood. Come D-Day, we arrived at about noon. A whole bunch of people were already standing out front waiting to be seated. Since SK's granny was with us, the staff let us cut the queue and led us to the private room since we were a party of six. Did a preliminary sweep of the buffet and I must say that it was a quickie! Not that much at all! Ugh. There were three types of fish sashimi-- salmon, tuna and hamachi. On top of that was calamari and shrimp. Raw oysters were also available, but the ice mound was hardly half full with the small oysters. Other than this, one gets yakitori, some nimono, tempura, udon, soba and nabe. At the grill, tiger prawns, scallops and wagyu beef was available. The first round was quite satisfying, but the subsequent rounds revealed something not very healthy about the buffet-- the sluggish refill rate. It reflects quite badly if you can't even ensure that the gari is refilled, what more the raw oysters? Lifeebook was so pissed that he complained to the head waiter, "You shouldn't put the label as FRESH OYSTERS, it should read ICE MOUND". Typical of the standard Malaysian service, when confronted with criticism, they think that by telling the complainant that you are not the first to complain will smooth things over. LOL. Exactly like how police officers tell you that you're the fourth victim of snatch theft in front of their police station that day. Never a cute answer really. KH was seated next to me that day and I must say that his hands were busy, hovering at the edges of my jeans. Not that he had so many oysters. LOL.

Sweet Shrimp

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Get-Film Star I: Haruto

When I first saw Haruto, I wasn't impressed by his looks. Typical gangly and twinky porn star. Long-ish hair, lean, high nose and sleepy eyes. And yeah, his dick is 'gangly' too! But what attracted me was his bareback videos and his super cumshots! That boy really makes a hell of a protein shake in bed. In one scene where has jerked off in a van, the fella actually spurted eight times, with the furthest shot reaching his chin and shortest reaching mid-abs. And its not just a few drops, it was long, thick spurts! Amazing. Distance and volume together. That's boy's gonads were made for the milking farm or the Sex Olympics. And he's a messy shooter too. When he tries pull up his shirt or tries to avoid spoiling his schoolboy blazer, it still ends up all over the place, giving business to the dry cleaning lady. Huhu. So if you're interested in seeing this cute uke in action, go download the following:

1) [Get Film] Virtual Paradise HARUTO

2) [Get Film] Target Extra HARUTO 2

Friday, May 09, 2014

Do Air Stewardesses Make Good Tenants?

hôtesses Air Asia
Swiped from Totoro -David D. @ Flickr

My tenants finally moved out last month and I have yet to secure someone to take over the place. Engaged my old real estate negotiator early in 2014, but she didn't come up with any leads. Sick and tired of waiting, I got another agency in the picture. A house viewing was arranged the following week. Finally I was getting some where. Gave the agent the keys and let him settle things. Late one Friday night, the agent gives me a call and tells me that a pair of air stewardesses are interested. Immediate move in. But there was a 'little' request. They wanted the old rental price (although my place was upgraded to partially-furnished with the major home appliances) and they wanted two dressing tables. Make-up is really important to air stewardesses. I wasn't going to budge on the price but I would consider the furniture request. Actually made a trip to several nearby furniture shops to hunt for the cheapest of the cheap. LOL. However, there has been no feedback from them so far. Money-wise, I'm sure they can fork out rent. As to whether they would be troublesome or not, that is an unknown. A Korean and a Nepalese. Hmmmmm. If they were two hunky air stewards or pilots, perhaps I would have said yes in a heartbeat. Hehe. But AirAsia de, perhaps the hunkiness kurang sikit. LOL. Does anyone have any experience?

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Birthday Monday

Some Assembly Required

KH's birthday was on Monday and it's really a rare occasion that I celebrate it with him on the actual day. Went over to Mediteca to have lunch with him. And SK was nice enough to join since it was her day off. Sad to say that the lunch set looks a bit sad now. Smaller portions on large plates. Just... looks... a... bit... pathetic. Gave KH a mini birthday present as he still in the midst of ordering his main gift off Lazada. He wanted a tablet to read comics. Last Friday, we went to Plaza Low Yatt to do a little tablet survey. Decided upon the Asus MemoPad8. Cheaper to buy it online though. Stopped at KopiClub after that, in the Low Yatt basement food court. Tried something really weird-- Kopi Soyacino Ping. LOL. Kopi Ping with soya bean and cincau. LOL. Weird. Back to Monday! The mini gift was a Lamy Swift Anthracite rollerball pen. More for his new job actually, something I hope he would use at work and remind him of me (but not as a pencil dick!). Also gave him a card in the form of a jigsaw puzzle. Hope he had a fun time figuring out that it was a heart. Hehe. Moved over to Serai looking for coffee and cake. For some reason, the latte tasted a bit rancid to me. KH detected it too. The berry pavlova was still good though, but the portion had shrunk. :(. Happy birthday baby! Sorry no birthday sex!

Berry Pavlova



Monday, May 05, 2014

The Journey

Ceiling Portal

Two local films were released at the same time during CNY with very different results. One was "Ah Beng: Mission Impossible" that grossed about MYR4mil without much contribution to society (they still haven't grown tired of the character Ah Beng, even Sacha Baron Cohen knows to spew out different characters). The other was "The Journey" and is the #1 top-grossing Malaysian film of all time, grossing MYR15mil at the time of writing (thanks to Apollo who watched it thrice). The story is pretty simple, a woman comes home to Cameron Highlands after spending years and years in the United Kingdom to get her father's blessing for her marriage to an ang moh. To make the story interesting, the father figure is obstinate and the couple bow to his request for a proper Chinese wedding banquet. That propels the story into a cross-country journey where the dad goes on a road trip with his future son-in-law to deliver wedding invitations. This set the scene for culture shocks, reunions, flashbacks, issues of filial piety, familial ties, loss and expectations. Definitely an engaging watch and I'm glad I brought my mother to watch it at Paradigm Mall after church on Sunday. Lots of messages about letting the next generation do it their way and to not grow old bitter holding on stubborn demands. I can draw parallels to the father accepting the ang moh, to my mum accepting KH. LOL. I didn't shed much tears except for the part where the neighbour got a stroke after his son's wedding. Joanna Yew who played the daughter really reminded me of Liu YiFei from "White Vengeance" and "The Four". Porcelain face perpetually stuck in a sulk. I think Benji, the son-in-law did the most acting in the film. Some weird points in the plot, like how an elderly farmer in Cameron Highlands understood his daughters outbursts in English and how the ang moh could understand 50% of the Chinese that his father-in-law spoke to him at times. And about the solar hot air balloon! Aie. The trademark of the film. Anyway, go catch it for the storyline and the beautiful cinematography. Surprisingly, Mum asked me to go yumcha after watching "The Journey". So rare. Must be not full enough from the Pasta Zanmai lunch. Decided on tea at Plan B. Lovely apple crumble tart. Just MYR11 with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Thumbs up. Wolfed it down with P. Ramlee films playing on their flat screen TVs. A surreal tea time experience.

Ceiling Portal

Salmon Carpacio

Walnut Cream Fettucine

Latte + Biscotti

Apple Crumble Tart

Just half an hour after getting home, mum and I lan kai again, this time to have dinner at Pu Tien, Sunway Pyramid. The usual favourites were chosen, but tried a couple of new things. Impressed that thinly sliced and chilled raw bitter gourd would taste good as an appetiser. Jalan-jalan a bit after dinner and bought myself a cup of coffee from Coffea Coffee. I don't normally drink more than a cup a day, but I had to try it after hearing good reviews. Firstly, the staff wasn't very friendly. Secondly, the design of the cafe was quite nice. The air-conditioning vents were cleverly disguised as natural wood panels. Thirdly, the coffee was quite strong and fragrant. Lastly, their coffee jacket is a thin layer of foam, not exactly environmentally-friendly. LOL. Shall try their drip coffee next time. Ethiopiao Sidamo anyone?

Bitter Starter

Coffee Coffee

Saturday, May 03, 2014

Waterless Market

XO Fish Head Noodles

Seems like weeks since I visited the OUG wet market. Some changes had taken place-- the parking at the multi-level car park is no longer a flat rate of MYR2 and a new covered market had opened nearby housing some butchers and spice merchants. Heard that OUG was stricken with water rationing so we decided not to eat breakfast there. Should be quite bad really. When I was at one of the neighbourhood Chinese medicine halls looking for toilet cleaner:

Moi: Mana itu cecair cuci tandas?

Staff: Tandas? Tandas takde air. Takde! Takde!

There was a gathering at MaisonSK that night and the proximity of it to KH's birthday prompted me to order a birthday cake from ~Alex~. Since KH was having a red velvet craze of late, I got him the French version, a red velvet entremet. Picked it up from his home, then had breakfast at Goon Wah in Kuchai Lama. The waitress was a bit pushy, ending up ordering a little too much for two. From there, I drove to the Poslaju centre in Balakong to pick up a package. Turned out to be my new HSBC internet security token. Blegh. Such a waste of petrol and time as I planned to cancel their credit card anyway.

Red Velvet Entremet

Whiled the afternoon away on my lappie. Watched "Onmyoji" while mum did some cooking for the pot luck. Originally, the gathering was supposed to be at Klang, but that idea was scrapped due to a water disruption. SK prepared KH's favourite curry chicken, stir-fried vegetables, steamed fish and lotus root soup. Mum brought blanched chicken, stir-fried jicama and salad while Gratitude made a sinful hongbak. In case of thirst, we had red wine, port and shoju! At the end of the party, we sang the birthday song and cut the cake.

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Shopping Celebrities: FOS Frank & Empire Ed

I know I've been slacking in this department, so here are some pics from the CNY season. LOL. Better late than never. The first guy is FOS Frank. As the name suggests, he works at FOS. Avenue K to be exact. Not sure if he's still there though. The last I was there was to buy some peach-coloured shorts for KH and I. He was the trainee cashier who punched in my items. So innocent looking right with his slitty eyes? And just look at his button badge. I'm sure many would need help from him.


Second guy is Empire Ed. He was manning the life-like clay sculpture stall at Empire Subang. Think people were more interested with other more traditional stalls during the CNY season. Nice pouty lips kan? And the way his bangs fall across his face. Can imagine a scene where you brush away his hair before kissing him. LOL.

Slow Day

Keep your fingers crossed. More to come!