Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I Have a Date with Furniture

Designer Coffee by williamnyk
Designer Coffee, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Mumsy and I went to the 8:45 am mass on Sunday cause she had some charity function to attend at Kuchai Lama. So by 10:30 am, I was already in the vicinity ready to pick KH up for some paktoh time. Drove all the way to The Strand cause KH bought some vouchers to Wood and Steel, a coffee house cum furniture gallery. I'm sure you're smart enough to guess that their furniture is all made of wood and steel. Done up quite nicely with all their best pieces in the cafe. Coffee wasn't bad and the food was OK too (served in flat metal plates as though you're a cowboy eating by the fire.. hmm Brokeback Mountain style). Spent most of my time admiring their furniture and camwhoring. Didn't know what to do after that, so we explored The Strand. Basically a dead place. The mall just opened though and I'm sure it'll die soon. KH actually bought a pot of Moth Orchids from one of the lone kiosks there (after much deliberation!). By that time, mum already gave me a call saying that she was done. Sent KH home and picked up my mother. Met SK after that to go mattress shopping at SML Furniture near Kinrara. Managed to get one queen-sized mattress plus wooden bed frame at MYR2000. Quite a good deal. The kampung fish supply was running low, so we went to Giant BK5 to hunt for salmon again. Also had our late lunch there, at an outlet called Old Klang Road Kopitiam. Some fried rice and nasi kerabu. Not bad at all. Back at home, I did more room tidying. I have so much rubbish! Cleared out my book shelf, so basically I only have my dresser left to deal with. Phew.


Wood & Steel

Out in the Farm


Twilight Man said...

What an interesting Wood and Steel concept! I am impressed!

Derek said...

Still have vouchers left! Bila pergi?

William said...

Fits your home decor?

How much left?