Friday, February 21, 2014

First Wedding of the Year

Seasonal by williamnyk
Seasonal, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Sunday was the usual routine of church just that on that day, I drove towards Damansara rather than Puchong on the LDP. Decided to revisit Kura again after nearly a year. Don't really understand why they like to seat customers deep in the bowels of their restaurant. I told the waitress, I want more light and she nodded. I guess I should have specified sunlight! Seasonal items were the sanma, but the sashimi was sold out. Bah. Just shared a chirashi-don with mum, paired with some seasonal appetisers and seafood in apple cider vinegar. Quite a satisfying meal. Loved the dainty stuff. Went shopping after that. Planned to use my Tangs vouchers, but we didn't see anything that we liked. Didn't stay too long as we had another wedding banquet to attend at night. This time round at Tropicana Spring Garden (always drop off the old and infirm at the clubhouse before proceeding to the basement car park! Else you will have to climb more than ten flights of stairs!). Don't know how many times I had eaten there. Mum's distant relative marrying off his granddaughter. The groom was very eye-catching. More than 6' tall of doctor hunkiness. Good proportions. Doesn't look too lanky at all and he has meat in the right places. Blur-blur boyish face. Could definitely model if he didn't join the medical profession. And you guessed it, his wife is very short in comparison. Food was a little better that night, and they served sharks fin soup. Yummy. I DID finish the fins. :P. The first wedding dinner of 2014!


Derek said...

Tall guy marry short gal is common? O.o

William said...

Opposites attract :P