Friday, January 24, 2014

Twice A Year Disaster

Rings of Calamari by williamnyk
Rings of Calamari, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Sunday was a working day for me. My client wanted to test their disaster recovery readiness (BNM requires at least two exercises a year), so they switched their host system to their DR box. I didn't take the early shift as I needed to go to church. Good for me as everything that could go wrong would be at the onset anyway. LOL. By the time I went in at 12:00 pm, all the problems had been ironed out. Hehe. Thought that lunch would be provided, but I was so wrong. At 2:00 pm, I beh tahan jor, so I went for lunch with a couple of colleagues at the nearby mamak. Mee goreng mamak + ayam goreng. Hehe. That kept me full till dinner time. Did the final checkpoints at 6:30 pm before handing the baton to my boss. Drove home and waited for SK to bring me to dinner. Chose to try Drunken Cat Restaurant at Kuchai Lama. Heard that they were quite famous at Peel Road. Not a lonely affair as we were joined by KH, KT and Lifebook. Most of the stuff on the menu was seafood. And not very fresh seafood at that. To start things off, we ordered mini pot sharks fin soup (B1F1 promotion). I knew that KH would be annoyed at me for ordering that. Huhu. Definitely fake. Didn't like the battered calamari with it sickly-vanilla-sweet batter. The superior soup prawns weren't impressive either. The clams were a bit different in a spicy, tomato-based sauce.


Walked over to K3K Benta Kaya after that to get down to business. Lifebook had somehow found out that KT's boyfriend broke up with her. The reason he gave was that he didn't see himself as someone who could give her happiness. Definitely some insecurity issues and it would look better if he cut her off rather than the other way round. But the guy really had lousy timing in dropping the bomb (is there ever a right time?), but luckily KT was quite unfazed by it. She too needs to settle what she wants from life and relationships. Although I'm her gor, I don't nag her about these things. I let her figure them out by herself. If wanna comment also, just say it once lo. I know that she keeps quiet about a lot of things, but she will tell if she chooses to. I no eye see de. Pretend dunno. LOL. First time ever, we pried into her sex life and the finding were unexpected. LOL. Everyone has a different take on sex. Some are hot, some are cold. Some like vanilla, some like hot and spicy. And of course there are the in-betweens. Whatever works for you and your partner.


Twilight Man said...

I like your title as I just told someone that I have this once a year disaster before CNY! Finding the big capital and then fighting for new notes!

I grew up with many womanizer friends who often gave lame excuses as not being the suitable one for their lovers. What a cheap trick to break up.

William said...

Everywhere jammed. But I found it quite easy to change notes. Just have to wait a bit la. In this case not sure whether the guy had another lined up.