Sunday, June 30, 2013

An Apollo Wesak

Broken Underwear by williamnyk
Broken Underwear, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

During my drive to work on Wednesday, my car starting making knocking sounds, even when idling. Worrying, as it was quite loud from the inside and out. Got my mum to send the car to the mechanic, which luckily is very near to my sister's place. The mechanice returned the car declaring that it was fixed after changing the engine oil and adjusting the timing belt a bit. On Thursday, I detected the noise again, although it was much softer than the day before. And the air-conditioning died again! Complained to the mechanic and he told to bring it in on Wesak Day as he was open for business. Went for a spin with the mechanic to point out the noise to him. Within five minutes, he fixed the first problem-- the air-condition wiring was loose. Reconnecting the cable solved one problem. I was worried that I would need to fork out more money for the air-con. I didn't wait there as I got SK to pick me up. Had breakfast with her at Restoran Yong Seng, a good bowl of pork ball noodles and tea.

Porky Goodness

Chalk and Board

Sea Urchin

Apollo's birthday was around the corner, so SK arranged a birthday lunch with him at Renoma Cafe Gallery at noon. Used KH's car as SK's car was in the workshop for some repairs too. The replacement car that the mechanic gave her had some brake issues, so I decided not to take the risk. Mum and SK's granny also tagged along. Such a coincidence that KH, my mum and I all wore blue. LOL. So coordinated. SK took over the wheel while KH sat behind with me and mum. That playful boyfriend of mine could still tickle and kacau me with my mum so near. :S. Reached there before Apollo and his guest. But as usual, Lifebook was the first. Unfortunately, he had some work issues and often disappered to pick up calls from the office. For lunch that day, we chose the MYR98++ ala carte buffet. Pay an extra MYR70++ and you get free flow of bubbly. Anyway, the place was quite quiet. We were the third table occupied in the whole place. Weird decorations with loads of portraits of animal-headed people and mismatched chairs. Some space was also used to showcase their apparell and from my seat, I got a good view of the underwear section. LOL.


Sakura Prawn & Uni

Beef Tartare

Atlantic Black Cod

Let KH and SK do the ordering. Basically, they went from page to page, nearly ordering everything on it. There came a point when I did not know what I was eating. LOL. Food wasn't that great, some hits and misses. Presentation was good, but after a few more dishes, I could see some repetition. Our waiter was quite helpful with his recommendations and teaching us how best to order. Apollo arrived a little while later with his guest, but he looked more like a date. Tall-ish and tan-ish. Pleasant looking fellow. Before leaving, I excused myself to use the restroom. Skanky KH followed behind to surprise me with kisses.

Vanilla Panna Cotta


Chocolate Brownies

Ate till 2:30pm and we went to The Pavilion for a bit of jalan-jalan. Just some light shopping at Body Shop and the whole gang went a bit crazy at Oroton since Lifebook had 50% off privileges store-wide! Stopped at Komugi Cafe for some expensive pastry and before leaving had some fun at the LINE app promotion counter. Just by posting your pic on your LINE timeline, you could spin the wheel to win some cute-sy phone accesories. Lady Luck didn't smile on me as I hit the "Please try again" section. Blegh. Dinner that night was at the branch of the famous Damansara Uptown Hokkien Mee at Jalan Kenari. A veritable crowd there. There's also a stall there that just sells roast duck to customers who are too hungry to wait for their noodles. Not a single bird was left by 7:30pm. Brisk business! The Hokkien Mee was better than average and the fried rice was also good. Can't same the same for their yin yong though. For that, visit the hawker at Jalan Kuchai Lama or the more premium option at Restoran Meng Chuan, Imbi.



Monday, June 24, 2013

Tokoroten ところてん

Recently downloaded a piece of Jap porn of GT by the name Shaved Squirting 2. Classy eh? Not really a fan of Eros by KO Company, but I gave it a try anyway since bandwidth is unlimited. Totally surprised me at the first scene. But anyway, here's a hilarious synopsis that I got from Google Translate:

[Part 1 muscle snapping refreshing Twink competition bread Kimi video first appearance! men, but ordinary ... speech also different person anymore Once shooting begins "(laughs) I'm to Tokoroten myself, with soil M" in the good young man wind ! with Dick rolled pant Tokoroten carp white liquid and drop does not stop ... Butt is and expansion! you to stand out blood vessel! as "ass mighty!" Mushaburitsuku to cock and make it the cock Gingin! Once thrust a huge dildo to squirting from Tokoroten! Is that Moro sense only Don When dug this continuous tide surprised (laughs)! staff'm a squirting first time come out come out in shooting actually treasured recording video!]

Didn't understand a word of it? Don't worry, I'll try my best to explain. LOL. It's my fault really for not explaining why I found the porn cool in the first place. FYI, the first scene in this porn features quite a manly bottom (uke) with a nice muscled body. When he had his legs up in the air and fucked, his abs would show nicely and he would squirm and arch his back. And thank goodness no girly moaning came out of that macho face (but not my type). Another thing was that his dick would be hard the whole time and leaking profusely! His whole abdomen was wet and the pre-cum gathered in his navel like a bird bath! When they started the fisting and jackhammer dildo action (Yarabi!), he even started to 'leak' cum! Weirdness. O.o. Never seen such a thing before. And in the end, he could still ejaculate!

Tokoroten in Koike-Shoten

Let me point you to the word 'Tokoroten' in the translated synopsis. It's actually a type of seaweed jelly noodle that is made by pushing a block of jelly through a long sieve. Think of it this way:- the top (seme) is the push stick and the uke is the long sieve. When the bottom is fucked, cum and pre-cum and what not would come out of his dick, which in this case is the 'Tokoroten'! I sound crazy don't I? Just view the video below and if you want the torrent link, drop me an e-mail in the comments or my contact page. Enjoy!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Ipoh Eviction

House of Horrors by williamnyk
House of Horrors, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
Mum owns a house in Bercham, and for a decade now, we had been renting it to an old lady and her son. No tenancy agreement, just verbal. And we had the luck of getting someone to collect the rent on our behalf, God bless him. And as with most tenants, they give more heartache than anything else. Even though the rent is just MYR200 for a corner unit, they are not good pay masters. Until today, they owe us much back rent. And they have the gall to ask for repairs, which of course we refuse, and this turns out to be a vicious cycle. After so many years, we finally got the legalities (time and money!) out of the way and the property has been transferred to mum's name. Finally we can officially do something to evict them. Mulled over legal action, but that would require us getting the services of a litiation lawayer. BIL suggested that we cut the utilities instead. Sounded good, so we went for the second option. Early monday morning, teh whole tribe took a trip North to Ipoh to get things done. The kids slept most of the time and we sis prepared sandwiches for breakfast.

Custard Bun

Malay Kuih

First stop was to view the house. Not seen it in years and boy, it was quite a sight. The house was overgrown with weeds and bushes. The house was boarded up tightly, not a single open window. Cats and dogs roamed the porch. It basically looked like a drug den. Talked to the neighbours and they had a whole lot to complain about. Found out that the mother works as a dish washer (while the son just sleeps at home all day), and she would frequenty bring home smelly leftover food to feed the chickens. Strewn all over the side of the house, the stench was reportedly nauseating. In a nutshell, the place was like an animal den in a jungle. Having seen enough, we went to the Kedai Tenaga in Ipoh, but turns out that we had to go to the Tanjung Rambutan branch! Ugh. So we went to Lembaga Air Perak instead. Not bad, settled things pretty quickly. When the lady at the counter asked whether anyone was staying there, I answered negative. Tried to find the Kedai Tenaga, but it was quite a challenge because it was not in the GPS. And there are several roads called Jalan Besar in the small towns around Ipoh! Took a wrong turn to Menglembu before gettings our bearing right. Only managed to change the account name to mum's name. Will have to wait for the next bill before initiating the closing of account.


Our task was considered complete. Headed for lunch after that, and Foursquare recommened Ming Court in Ipoh. Heard about it, so we gave it a try. Quite nice dim sum at the place, but the portions were smaller than I'm used to. The aunty waitresses were approachable too and many were smitten with my nephew's cuteness. The wu kok tasted good but didn't look the part. The minced meat used in the siew mai and other items were fresh and had a good bite. The chu cheong fun and Malay kuih was just average. Liked the ham sui kok as the filling was fragrant and the skin very crunchy. Their mochi was very good as the crushed peanuts were excellent. Their loh mai kai is also worthy of a mention. Got a recommendation for salt bake chicken from the staff and that was our last stop in Ipoh. They had it down to an art, with workers standing by at the roadside to bring yim kuk kai right up to your car window, like a drive through. BIL was coughing his lungs out, so I drove back to KL. But I had to make a Nescafe stop at Tapah as I was sooooo sleepy. Guess what we had for dinner?

Ipoh Salt Baked Chicken

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Three Square Meals A Day

Hakka Tai Poh Noodles by williamnyk
Hakka Tai Poh Noodles, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Saturday was another makan fest with SK suggesting breakfast at Restoran Kim Kee, Kota Kemuning. Crowded as usual and ever so yummy. This time round, we tried some other items on their menu, namely the nasi lemak and Hakka Tai Poh noodles. The coconut milk rice was creamy enough, definitely up to standard. And the Hakka noodles were crispy, though I found them a bit yellow. Went well with the fried dumplings-- crispy and not too oily. Not only was the food impresive, but the waiters were patient and sunny even with the deluge of customers. Our waiter was so perky and sounded genuinely cheerful when recommending their bestsellers. Think they're high on something. Was amused by a kid sitting next to our table, eating wantan mee by shovelling a whole wad of noodles into his mouth. Whatever that couldn't go in was reversed out and the process was repeated. O.o". That's meal one.

Sashimi 7

Meal number two was with Lifebook at Yamada, my current favouite in terms of Japanese. For some reason, he requested to have a lunch with my mum. But it wasn't to discuss my dowry. LOL. Anyway, the traffic was nuts that day for some reason. USJ and Subang Jaya was deadlocked, even in the housing areas. Unbelievable. Took us an hour to get there! First things first, we ordered the seven variety sashimi moriawase. As usual, it came with an extra two types. Superb. Been ages since I had sea urchin roe. And I'm usually not a fan of mackerel, but the cuts given were yummy. Strangely, our appetiser of vinegared mackerel came later than the mains, which was a threesome of sets with sushi, unagi, saba, sukiyaki and soba. For dessert, we took the seasonal sakuramochi cherry (daintily shaped, but not so daintily priced) and kuzumanjyu, a jelly which had an interesting fermented filling representing the four seasons. Refreshing, but SK felt that it tasted basi. Haha. At the end, the bill was cheaper than we thought, should have ordered a bit more. XD.

Sour Fish

Sakuramochi Cherry

Third and last meal for the day was at Estilo with KH. Fetched him to Publika @ Solaris Dutamas. Although I was drinking hot green tea during lunch, I still felt a bit of the chill. Wasn't feeling that well, and it was worse in the evening. While KH ordered, I felt a little weak and just sat quietly nursing my low grade fever and sore throat. Still, that didn't stop us from ordering a large jug of discounted red sangria. LOL. Felt bottomless to me. Poured and poured, but it seemed like there was always some more. Just ordered four tapas to share-- patatas bravas (hooked on it since our Barcelona trip), cala rellenos (stuffed calamari), piquillos rellenos (stuffed peppers) and huevos rellenos (deviled egg). My favourite was the calamari. The sauce that it came with was bursting with the aroma of seafood, like a good seafood chowder. Practically lapped everything up with the bread. Was quite a romantic dinner-- al fresco dining, tealights, good music and ambience. Felt like a proper date. Haha. At the open air stage nearby, a free 1930s swing dance lesson was going on and that kinda spoiled the mood a bit. Did some walking around after that, with KH doting on me, holding my arm. Went to B.I.G. and Daiso before collecting my car at G6. Always a smooch session before starting up the engine and driving off...

Candlelight Dinner

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Mummy Like Jappy

Soya Smiles by williamnyk
Soya Smiles, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

It's was Mother's Day weekend and I gave mum a hug and a kiss before going to church. As with past years, all mothers were given a stalk of carnation and blessings. Being a special day, I brought her to Subang Jaya for lunch. SK and her granny also joined. Having nearly tried all the Japanese restaurants along Jalan SS15/5A, we were only left with two choices-- Kin Ryu Tei and Rakuzen. I chose the former. Upon sitting down, the menu came and I immediately checked-into Foursquare. Was surprised by the amount of bad tips. One particular customer complained about the expensive prices, but when I looked at the menu, I found it to be quite untrue. Decided to gamble on it. Chose several dishes namely the Sashimi Matsu, Kurobuta spareribs and some lunch sets of sushi, soba and sukiyaki. Food was quite decent considering the price. And they do live up to their name of being a grill expert. The black pork spareribs were excellent. Would go well with some cold beer. So moist and succulent with the right amount of saltiness. Didn't do much after lunch. Lazed at home and went swimming later on. In the evening, we ended up at Subang Parade to buy curtain cloth at Nagoya. Such a far cry from the nearby Empire Shopping Mall. Completely different market segments. Made a short stop at Kwong Woh Tong before going home and calling it a night.

Sashimi Matsu

Kurobuta Spareribs

Textile Terrain

Fire Down

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Seng Ka Lap Sat

CDM by williamnyk
CDM, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
Received a wedding invitation from a neighbour in Kuantan for their eldest son's wedding. Old colleague's of my dad back in the civil service. Very good people who were there when we needed them. After my dad had passed away when I was seventeen, they consoled us. Since they were a Catholic family, they helped a lot when my mum decided to learn more about my dad's faith. Arranged for her to join RCIA and brought her to church. The uncle tried his best to help me brush up my driving skills, but I did not force myself to drive until I was in KL in the face of crazy traffic. He also tried his level best to teach how to ride my dad's motorycle, but my spindly arms really couldn't even handle the weight of the machine, let alone ride it. Haha. Oh well. I remember when my mum went out of town, the auntie cooked me a huge meal. She brought it over in a hospital tray and it was filled to the brim with rice, vegetables, free-range chicken drumstick and fish. I couldn't believe my eyes! And when I was down with dengue, she also gave much valuable advise on the importance to keep one's strength up and brought me a huge bottle of Horlicks which I suffered months later.

Back to the wedding... SK, mum and I attended the wedding mass at the Church of the Divine Mercy. Sorry to say that I found it to be the messiest wedding mass I ever attended! Let's start at the very beginning. When the bride entered the church, she wasn't veiled. And when the priest came in, he raised his eyebrows and gestured for her to veil herself. Oppps. And when the liturgy started, I was totally at a lost because the programme book was a complete mess. The sequence was all wrong and the words very quite different. It was a half-mass (the bride isn't Catholic), but I think they copied the liturgy for a full mass instead. The readings also definitely came from a different version of the bible. Fail... At the mass, also met a few other old neighbours from the days we stayed at the government quarters. Nice to hear updates about the children I used to play with. There was a small luncheon after that where I managed to talk to the groom's sisters. How they have grown.

Mum: Where are you now?

Sister: I'm based in London now. Doing my masters. Going back tomorrow.

Mum: What are you studying?

Sister: Masters.

Mum: What are you studying?

Sister: Masters.

The Eagle Has Landed

LOL. Actually mum was interested to know what field of study. Guess we will find out some other time. The wedding banquet was held at Tai Thong Tropicana. Luckily the traffic to the venue was quite good. Waze proved to be very useful. Getting to the restaurant from the basement car park felt like joining The Amazing Race. Mum and I had to climb up three storeys (get this, no elevator!) but that wasn't all. Several hallways and several flight of stairs later, we arrived at the main building, only to be greeted by another large flight of stairs. LOL. Pity the poor old granny with a walking stick behind us. Food was so-so la. Typical Tai Thong fare. The interesting thing was seeing the bride and groom enter the banquet hall with a faux Kenny G in tow. LOL. Quite interesting. He was a talented performer who played many-many wind instruments. Gave them as much applause as I could afford. The bride looked resplendent and when the groom made his speech, I nearly did a facepalm.

"My wife is so beautiful. Ever more so tonight. I'm so blessed to have her. It feels like Christmas in May to receive such a beautiful gift from God. And like all little boys, I can't wait to open up my present tonight."

Wahlau. That sounded a bit too hamsap. LOL. Anyway, wish the happy couple many years of happiness and many bundles of joy. Hope he managed to 'open' his present proper that night, the groom looked quite wasted during the yam seng at my table!

Saturday, June 08, 2013

Indelible Election

GE13 by williamnyk
GE13, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

The fifth of May was my mother's 67th birthday and also the date of Malaysia's 13th General Election. Woke up early to go vote after giving mum a kiss and wishing her happy birthday. Sent her to Sekolah Menengah Bandar Kinrara Seksyen 3 where the line actually started outside the school. And there were two lines. :S. On the other hand, my polling station was at Sekolah Menengah Seri Indah in OUG. That place was just outside the place my sister used to rent so I managed to find parking in the housing area nearby and avoid the jams near the entrance. Unlike my mum's polling station, there were no lines there. Voters just walked in, with a police officer and several EC staff standing by with a wheelchair at the front gate. Since I already knew my channel number, the EC girl just pointed me in the right direction. 2nd floor. My line started from the 1st floor. Some voters passed out tissue papers, I declined thinking that I had a bunch in my pockets. Turned out I was wrong. Opps. Took me about an hour to reach the classroom. Like the others, I had my head down, playing with my smartphone. But I did look around once in a while, spying on random cuties and lesbians. Mostly Chinese voters and even the Malay couple that I saw was as fair-skinned as any Chinese. When my turn came, I produced my IC, quoted my serial number to EC guy and prepared to get my finger inked. Although it would have been just a direct hit, the guy took ages anyway. By the time that my finger was painted, the third EC guy already folded the ballot paper and handed it to me. Did my best to keep the ink from the ballot paper. Crossing the box next to Teresa Kok's name took me less than twenty seconds. Dumped the ballot paper into the box and made my exit. Down at the canteen, I bumped into an uncle who showed me how well he had washed off most of the 'indelible' ink. Go figure.

Waiting to Make a Change

Not So Indelible Ink

Quickly made my exit and headed over to BK to fetch my mother. The scene there was totally different. Although there was a large parking lot opposite the school, the traffic was chaos. Reason? The throughput of voters was shit. When I walked in, the lines snaking here and there were chaotic. Was quite a wonder that I managed to find my mum in the crowd. She had just finished voting. She started earlier than me, but finished later. Something wasn't very right. Turns out that the clever EC staff there forced everyone to check their channel numbers first and they weren't doing a very good job of doing it. Bottleneck. Stupidity. Red tape. Bull-headed-ness. Having fulfilled our duty as responsible citizens, we rushed home to prepare for Sunday mass.

Voting Chaos

Saw many stained fingers at church. For lunch, ate at Restoran Lucky, SS24-- vegetarian lui cha and CKT. BIL was very kan cheong about the election results, so we had hotpot at home. While eating, we were constantly checking on FB, Astro and Results came trickling in and it was obvious that the MSM was only showcasing the big BN wins. Before sending my brother to the airport, brought out mum's birthday cake. A chocolate mousse creation by -Alex- that was inspired by his stint at LDG. Really loved the cake. So rich. Chocolate on chocolate. The rose design was pretty but the only drawback was that one had to disassemble the cake before serving. On our back from LCCT, we stopped at my sister's place again to get the rest of the results. Such a disappointment that the major political tsunami that we had hoped for did not happen. For me, it was such an upset that Wong Tak did not best Liow Tiong Lai in Bentong. Would have loved to see Adnan Yaakob cut off his ears and jump into the Pahang River. Better luck next time!

GE13 Lui Cha

GE13 Steamboat

Birthday Rose

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Where's Dinner?

Goose Liver Pate by williamnyk
Goose Liver Pate, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Breakfast on Saturday morning was quite decadent. Bread with Black Forest ham and goose liver pate. Huhu. Later in the morning, brought my mum to GoodArch as she had some birthday month promotion that she wanted to use. For lunch, we went to Herbs & Spices at Seri Petaling as my brother wanted to try their nasi dagang. Bad choice. The rice tasted so salah. Think they used expired pre-packed coconut milk. Yuck. The Mee Hailam I ordered was just a black mess. Bumped into Jino and his boyfriend there. Sat down and chatted with them for a couple of minutes. His significant other was so quiet. Wrapped things up and went to Apollo's optical shop. My brother needed to get a new pair of spectacles. Didn't take long for him to choose the frame because he had very specfic requirements-- my brother's face is very wide, so there ain't much alternatives. As usual, I tried on frames again looking for possible variations to my look. Been years since I went for rimless spectacles. Looks like titanium frames also offer the lightness that I look for, with a difference in outlook.


Nasi Dagang

Later that evening, we were supposed to celebrate my mum's birthday over dinner but for some reason, we did not get word from my sister till the very last minute. Guess my BIL was acting a bit weird again that day. In the end, we went to Setia Walk but did not decide on a venue until we got there. Awkward. Very awkward. Could tell that my mum was a bit pissed at the arrangements or lack of it. SK and her granny met us there and they had a hell of a time getting to the restaurant (picked Padi House) because they parked at the extreme end. SK looked liked she was gonna faint (her IBS was acting up) and her granny looked like she had run a marathon. The staff at Padi House were also superbly unhelpful. I asked for a large table on the gound floor and the answer I got was: "Go upstairs and take a look for yourself". WTF. Received similar treatment upstairs. I told them I needed a large table and pointed to the unoccupied booths at the side. They just said "Cannot". WTF. Then I told them to combine tables for me. Why must the customer be the one to look for a solution? Stupid. And best of all, nearly couldn't get SK's granny upstairs because the escalators were not working. Pengz. With such BN-like service, not surprising that the food was lousy too.


Quickly paid and went off. Did some shopping at a nearby boutique and mum found some good deals. Luckily the shop had its own elevator that we could use, else it would be a challenge getting SK's granny downstairs. Before leaving, my nephew went playing at the water fountains and got himself all wet. My sister brought along a change of clothes for him, so I guess they had it planned all along. Setia Walk really needs to get its act together if its gonna see an increase in business. The gym and cinema are now open, and the survival of its other non-anchor tenants will really depend on the whole thing running smoothly in general.

Sunday, June 02, 2013

LRT Celebrities: Macho Mark

Hi guys. A comment from Anon and VC regarding my missing LRT Celebrities posts has made me realize that I've been neglecting my duties to my readers. Haha. So I've made a comeback with Macho Mark who was spotted in STAR LRT heading towards Sri Petaling. Took this while I was together with KH. He remarked, "I know what you're doing", but he doesn't mind la. Don't worry. I'm being hiao for the good of everyone. He's not really my cup of tea, but I know he will make some of you wet his boyish presence. Happy Sunday guys! It's a long weekend for me. :D