Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Santa's in Sunway

Blue Maki by williamnyk
Blue Maki, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Mass and latte best sum up my Sunday mornings. For lunch, I brought sis and the monsters to an unlikely venue-- Shiang Hai Vegetarian Restaurant. Big Monster ain't a fan of greens at all, so had to mislead him a bit. On the other hand, Little Monster munches on anything, so he ain't a problem. But the latter fell asleep during lunch anyway. Of all days, we went there on the fifteenth of the lunar month, a popular day to go vegetarian. So it was quite crowded. Introduced the popular choices to mum and sis-- twin hor fun and beancurd soup. This time round, tried the blue maki and seaweed charsiew fried rice. Carbohydrate overload that afternoon. Stopped by at Sunway Pyramid after lunch. Boy, what a mistake that was. Parking was hell. Ended up at The Pinnacle. Been ages since I had to hunt for parking like that. The kids were all worked up. Perhaps it was also the free lollipops from Sticky. Took a free photo with Santa. The woman who took the pic was supposedly a 'world-renowned' photographer called Christine. In the pic, half of my mother's face was covered. =_=. I liked the Christmas decorations at Sunway Pyramid. Angel wings here and there and the giant tree was made up of empty picture frames. Big Monster had a very bad habit of wandering ahead on his own and expecting to find his mother when finally comes around. We purposely hid from his sight for a couple of times, but he seems to not get the point. Hmmm.... Cooled down at New Zealand Natural and made our way home after that. Dinner was at MaisonSK. Immediately went to her place from the mall. She made some oriental style fettucine and boiled spinach soup with a scallop and anchovies soup base. Very yummy. Brian also joined for dinner. Met up with KT's ex afterwards. Just a short yumcha session at Restoran Rishadh. Firstly to get my replacement power bank from him and secondly to catch up. Good to hear that his business is doing well and he is very much immersed in work.

Ice Rink

Framed Xmas