Friday, December 27, 2013

Ramen Ranter

QueerRanter was in town for some kind of meeting (his company doesn't seem to know about teleconferencing, so they fly him in and out), so a BFF meet-up was arranged in town. The organizer, Legolas suggested dinner at Ton Chan, Wisma Cosway. The whole restaurant was practically our's, so we could kecoh all we liked. Among the familiar faces were Ken and JL, while the surprised guests were Jin and Ginger. Interestingly, Ginger was QueerRanter's primary schoolmate. According to him, he had a huge crush on him back then. But the fact that Ginger is a breeder was lost on many on us. He seemed so comfortable in our midst and Ken practically thought that he sucked dick. LOL. A very sporting fella. Anyway, it was my first time there, so I randomly gave their Gomoku Ramen a try. Loved the soup actually, and it had a good mix of charsiew, tempura, wakame, pork slices, vegetables and ajitama. Was a very fun dinner really. Discussed about much history that had mostly slipped my mind. Old, old acquaintances and drama that had been swept under the carpet. Halfway through dinner, a slim cutie walked in causing QueerRanter to do a very obvious double take (air liur meleleh dan celana dalam basah). The boy was gay and dressed in the tightest of office wear (many have this fetish, Nicky05? SimonLover?). The fella has thighs the size of my calves. I dunno where he shops for slacks. I had the best view in the house. Wakaka. Also discussed about the possibilities of visiting Miri for a short holiday. But it seemed like the only attractions there were QueerRanter's bedroom (the point with Miri's highest concentration of sex) and the rolling hills of Legolas' family orchard. Went through many, many cups of green tea before we called it a night.


Anonymous said...

so ginger likes coochie only?
i wonder how hot your gay friends are. and wisma near my office

Bunny B said...

... thighs the size of ur calves... i really cant imagine those kind to be hot... the korean gay band look? @_@

Mr Lonely said...

oh my favourite ramen~ XD

William said...

Yeah, Ginger only goes for pussy.
Look like normal people lo. We are not a modeling agency. LOL

Of course!


Ash Godiva said...

many have this fetish, Nicky05? SimonLover.....and Ash Godiva,hahaha

Twilight Man said...

What a fabulous party you had!



William said...

LOL. Noted.

HNY!!! Wishing you smooth sailing in 2014.