Tuesday, November 05, 2013

High Hair

Coffee Sprex by williamnyk
Coffee Sprex, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

As usual, mass on Sunday morning followed by a cup of Macadamia latte from Coffee Sprex. Drove over to Plaza OUG for my hair appointment. Was expecting to see my stylist in his super blonde hair, but he had dyed it darker. These guys change hair colour like lampu lip-lap. He asked me the desired length and I answered, "short". He shaved the sides of my head much higher this time. The reason he gave was like a knife to my heart. It would give added 'length' to my face, as though my forehead was higher. Reason: to camouflage the roundness of my face. T_T. Aduh! Finished my haircut some time before 2:00 pm. Was famished. When mum saw me, she got a little shock as my stylist had gave me high hair that day (something that could challenge Nicky05, but the pic here is not original 'altitude' LOL). We ate at Vietnam Kitchen, Citrus Park. Been ages since I ate there. Ordered a little too much. Such a large portion. Loved the soup noodles. The broth actually had the flavour of chicken and it was sprinkled with bits of crispy pork lard. Yummy. Unfortunately, the fried chicken was too dry and the fried noodles a tad salty. After lunch, made a couple of short stops at Endah Parade and Giant BK5. Had only a little under two hours to rest at home before going out again for a Mid-Autumn festival celebration in church.

Haircut Science

Sis and the tribe joined us in church. Quite a good turnout. Basically free food, games, prizes and entertainment. The first performance really woke me up. A tall and lanky secondary school boy did some crazy K-pop choreography on stage with a little girl. Not something from Super Junior, but more of something from Girls Generation. Boy, can that boy move. His hips were all over the place. Pinged my gaydar like the emergence of a class 5 Kaijiu. Other performances included some singing and Chinese orchestra (the kid was really good). In between, they had a pomelo peeling contest (only mouth and hands allowed... and they later served the end result to the audience XD), mooncake eating contest, lantern-making contest (some macabre designs resembling shrunken heads and headless angels), lantern riddle contest and "Guess The Hymn" contest. In the end, we had a lantern procession around the church. Little Monster's lantern was super cute-- a battery-operated Ultraman with a helicopter rotor embedded in his chest. LOL. Most importantly, it didn't have an annoying soundtrack. On the other hand, Big Monster wasn't so interested in playing with lanterns. Just after twenty seconds, he would hand me his lantern. Short attention span. Guess he would prefer a lantern app on his iPad. By the time I got home, it was already 11:30 pm. Zzzz...

SIC Mid-Autumn Festival

Riddle Me This

Where's My Head?


Twilight Man said...

Your stylist would say my face look like a moon! Yours perfect la. Change stylist dei!

Derek said...

Ooh why the Mid Autumn lantern more like Halloween lantern? O.o

Nick said...

Your hair-cut not bad wah. Looks cool. :)

thompsonboy said...

the hair is keeeeeeeling me

William said...

It's true de

Haha. Exactly.

Thanks! :D

LOL. Expected.