Friday, October 04, 2013

Six Hours

Teh C by williamnyk
Teh C, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

It was the last day of mum's course at church, so I sent her out again and lalu attended the 8:45 English mass. Father Lawrence was the celebrant and as with most of the CDD priests, English ain't their forte. He admitted that it was his first time, but I found his sermon quite legible. At least I could get the words although the language structure exposed the fact that he is not a native speaker or the language. Quite intriguing because his sermon revolved around Candy Crush Saga. LOL. After mass, I went over to Paradigm Mall for breakfast. Not many choices really. Wanted to try Uncle K Kopitiam, but all the food was spicy (I was nursing a dry throat that I guess was due to my moaning the day before :P) and the price ain't exactly cheap. Went down to Tea Garden instead and had shredded chicken flat noodles and Hainanese milk tea. Loitered around at Uniqlo while waiting for SK to finish her manicure. Bought some Ts for the kids and while rummaging through the stacks for size, was mistaken for staff twice! Ish! Hopped over to H&M after that. So ngam bumped into DanielH who had just finished his gym session. Had a short chat and he recommended me several items from the racks. When SK arrived, she shopped a bit before we proceeded to Purple Cane Tea Restaurant for lunch. The hot tea was really good for my throat. We just shared a plate of fried handmade noodles with fish fillet and prawns. Loved the egg drop gravy but the fish wasn't too fresh.

Sewing While Lunching

Fried Noodles in Gravy

By the time we finished lunch and drank pots and pots of tea, it was already 2:00pm. Just another couple of hours before I had to pick up mum, so I decided to lepak some more. SK was hankering for something sweet, so we sat at Komugi Cafe for a bit with a slice of Hungarian Walnut and a latte (I wasn't aware that I could request for Totoro milk froth art!). Did more wandering around, taking our sweet time at individual shops and boutiques. Finally stopped at Tesco to get some cockroach traps. Time for me to go on the offensive after a cockroach ambushed me in bed the other day. Practically climbed on my face! Yuck. Took much pleasure in squishing it and it lies entombed beneath my chest of drawers. Got home at about five plus (after an amazing six hours at Paradigm Mall without watching a movie) and I spent the time before dinner cleaning the car interior. Dinner was at Maison SK again-- yummy lotus root soup, steamed egg with minced pork, stir-fried vegetables and soya sauce pork belly. And of course we laughed the evening away watching the mainland Chinese dating show-- "Take Me Out". Pored through some torrents back home, but couldn't find anything I liked. So might as well jump into bed... Better yet if KH was there to warm it!

Dark Heart

Hungarian Walnut


Twilight Man said...

I really love to dine at Purple Cane for their variety if different food!

Hdaran said...

What's the deal with the sewing machine?

William said...

The quality of the food is quite good

That's the table leg, like in Zang Toi Cafe

Derek said...

I would love to welcome you in bed! ;-)

William said...

Lets do it!