Thursday, October 10, 2013

LRT Celebrities: The Twins

Here's a pair of twinks that KH spotted while on the way back home.


Direction: Seri Petaling

Judging from the textbooks on their laps, they're both studying accounts. They look quite alike, could be brothers or twins. Having said that, I'm having all sorts of naughty thoughts about the both them. Imagine a scene where they're both studying in a room. One of them suddenly gets bored and tickles the other. Things get raunchy and they end up rough-housing on the bed. One is pinned on the bed... and they look at each other intently before slowly locking lips. Needless to say, their hands go wild and find each other's hard members... Wakaka. Sounds like a typical porn 'script' no? Oh well. I need to get laid! =_=


Mr Lonely said...

lol, get laid~ GG

Anonymous said...

oh my cock!
i often see them on the train, and yeah, they are real cuties! a bit skinny but man! imagine doing three some with these 2!

bryan said...

they may be readers of your blog too! By the way, one of them was even wearing ACCA t-shirt LOL

Tempus said...

omg your skills are fucking good. looks awesome too!

Guilty kicks in when I'm doing this while T LINEs me over from Chiang Mai hahahaha, but oh well, have to enjoy right?

William said...

You should too :P

I have not been lucky enough to sight them

Yeah lo, ACCA. Maybe a their friend's friend. :P

Credits go to KH. Nothing to be guilty about.

Ban said...

yes, go get laid.

Tempus said...

It somehow makes me feel like I'm cheating on T. What's worse, I'm pretty sure T is 10X straighter than I am to check guys out.

Bravebear said...

i imagine it would be hot if they really are gay twins and incest. oppsss...

Dan said...

They'd make good money if they did it for porn. Beats studying accounting.. :P

William said...

Yes, sir!

Why so straight?


Provided they stay pretty forever

Tempus said...

Beats the hell outta me! His straightness makes me wonder why did he woo me at the first place!