Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Give Me A P!

The Lion King by williamnyk
The Lion King, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

As usual, I went to Church on Sunday and lunched at the nearby Paradigm Mall. Seeing that there wasn't much of a queue at Sushi Zanmai we ate there. Noticed that there was s strange energy in the mall. The whole place was crawling with cheerleaders! Girls with tightly-tied hair, makeup and short skirts. Boys in sweatpants (great for highlighting trouser snakes) and glitter-trimmed tops. It was the CHARM Cheerleading Championships. In case you're wondering, CHARM is the national governing body for cheerleading in Malaysia (do must have some kind of minimum tackniess guideline for the uniforms). On one end, school kids were shouting and going all ballistic, while on the other end, a drum store was having some kind of drum showdown. Goodness. Just shared a few items for lunch-- Salmon Belly no Spicy Ramen, Aburi Zanmai and Tempura Moriawase. Was satisfied with the food. Definitely off my list of banned restaurants. LOL. Went zig-zagging around the mall, stopping to look at the championships at one moment and shopping the other. Saw several cuties, but no pics. T_T. The event boosted business for many of the tenants judging by how crowded it was. Kids with buying power.

Aburi Zanmai

Can't Go Wrong With Salmon

Stopped a moment at Snowflake before continuing on to Uniqlo. Found some really good deals on a pair of cropped pants and a lounge wear set. Also bought a cotton pillow to replace my goose feather pillow. After so many years of absorbing my saliva and sweat (sometimes cum? :P), I think it's time to give it some rest. Continuing the previous day's shopping spree, we went to Tesco to use up some of my voucher's from HSBC. After walking out, I saw an interesting shop called Teochew Chendul, claiming to be established since 1936 in Penang. Gave it a try. For 4.90, they gave a generous portion of cendol. Unfortunately, it was kinda frozen. I would still recommend Heritage Village Cafe's version over this. Rained heavily again as we made our way home. Mum was sick of eating out, so she cooked porridge for dinner. Paired that with some stir-fried celery, sour vegetables and salted duck egg. Satisfying. Watched a PRC drama serial after that, another Forbidden City period drama set in the Qing dynasty. Can never get enough. :D

Penang Chendul


Nick said...

The cendol look normal leh.

William said...

Can't do much about the presentation. It's all about the taste. :D

Derek said...

Thought i saw the lion bag when I was with you ... O.o

William said...

Where le?