Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Language of Their Own

Cendol by williamnyk
Cendol, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

For weeks, KH had been asking whether I wanna see a play entitled "A Language of Their Own" at Damansara Performing Arts Center (DPAC). About relationships, feelings and emotions in a homosexual context. Didn't really catch my fancy. No mention of nudity or hot guys or whatever. LOL. Anyway, I gave in and asked him to buy matinee tickets on a Sunday. Lifebook joined as well. Went to Mandarin mass as usual, but that day, my sister and The Tribe tagged along. Lunched at Heritage Village Cafe where we ordered the ayam pong tay, ikan asam, cendol & nasi lemak. Big Monster fiddled with his food, not particularly enthusiastic to finish his rice. On opposite ends, Little Monster was eating everything in sight and didn't even spare the discarded food waste on the table! By the time we finished, it was like the scene of a battle Food everywhere and torn tissues all over the floor. Pai seh. Since it was already 2:00pm, I asked my sister to drop me at church to await KH to pick me up. While waiting for him, I got a latte at a new coffee joint opposite SIC, called Coffee Sprex. Just half a shop lot and manned by deaf mute staff. At just MYR5, the coffee was pretty darn good. On our way to DPAC, we turned into Damansara Perdana to pick Lifebook up. Missed the junction and had to make some tedious U-turns to get back on track.

20130822-A Language of Their Own @ DPAC133-2

20130822-A Language of Their Own @ DPAC1093

DPAC had an interior design that felt a bit like KLPAC with the bare bricks and steel, but it softened the effect with light, flowing curtains, broadway lights, high-back chairs (think of when Morpheus offered Neo the red pill) and giant phallic ottomans. As expected, much yin energy was detected from the audience. Tattoo-ed bears, dandies, cute nerds, average Joe, all sorts of gay lous. Coincidentally, MJ, Khatijah, JL and Legolas also bought tickets. The show started late, about fifteen minutes to be exact. For the first half of the play, the two main protagonists set the base of the story. How they started and eventually ended. Relationship drama was made more gritty with the subject of AIDS and infidelity. Was kinda riveted by Paul Wong... his nipples to be exact. LOL. The second half was more 'fleshy' with another two characters in the picture. We also saw Paul Wong stripping into his white Renoma trunks, tie a towel around his waist and have sex with a red bean bag simulating anonymous sex in a Singapore Chinatown bath house. Not long after that, we saw Dennis Yeap (looked like an adolescent DanielH with Pinoy accent) being fucked by poltergeist on the same red bean bag, legs all flailing in the air and ass clad in similar Renoma undies. Surprisingly, I did not fall asleep halfway through the play.



Right after the play, we sent Lifebook home as he had a dinner date that he had forgotten about. So armed with a vague suggestion from him, we went to dinner at the nearby Restoran Wun Nam and ordered several of their signature dishes-- lotus leaf pork trotters (with dried oysters, gingko nuts and chestnuts), superior soup lala (fresh clams and mild MSG soup) and their homemade tofu (tasted light, but weird, not recommended). If you have deeper pockets, you can order sturgeon, Buddha Jumps Over The Wall and other premium items. Apparently the chef won some kind of cooking competition in China. The trophy is proudly displayed at the counter-- a crystal block flanked by a gold spatula and ladle. Wakakaka. And the young waiter there is kind of cute (and has large nips lol). Over dinner, we discussed about the play and realized that we did end up adopting each other's 'language'. In some small way, we had assimilated each other's ways and created our own unique communication. Felt a bit jelak after eating the trotters, so we went in search of something sour to drink. Ended up in Pearl Discovery, Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park. Looked a nit dodgy, but the milk tea wasn't half bad. Surprisingly, they only had two sour drinks in their menu, and it wasn't that sour. Should have gone for Ochado's 3Q Passionate Tea! KH dropped me off at home and he told me he needed to use the loo. Finding that my mum wasn't at home, I embraced him, gave him a long kiss in the dark kitchen and wouldn't let his lips escape mine. We stood there locked together for a while. When we finally pulled away, he remarked, "Gosh, I'm hard". To which I replied, "Isn't that the point?". Love you dear.

Golden Spatula!

Braised Pork Trotters

Superior Soup Lala

Home Style Tofu


Anonymous said...

bestnyerr...i nak sangat fuck chinese guys. sigh...i don't think chinese gays are into other races.

Twilight Man said...

The way you always write and express, you should be acting in the plays instead of kitchen. LOL

Anonymous said...

Im a chinese who is having a relationship with a Malay.
Interacial rock!
Hahaha :)

William said...

I should introduce you to a friend of mine. He loves Malay guys. LOL.

LOL. Not dramatic enough.

*thumbs up*

Anonymous said...

William, is your friend young and cute? Cuz i only like cute chinese bottoms. Haha1

Hdaran said...

The notion of gay men associated with AIDS and infidelity is so cliched!

Don't they know loud, funny and interesting people like US (cheh wah!) instead of those that wanna cheat and have random sex with no concern of STDs?

William said...

He's older than me and buffed. But he likes hunky bottoms with big dicks. XD

The play was written in the 90s

Derek said...

Only like to watch naughty plays! That's why didn't fall asleep half way.

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