Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Taiwan Beef Noodles

Taiwan Beef Noodles by williamnyk
Taiwan Beef Noodles, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Church as usual on Sunday and lunch was at Lai Lai Casual Dining at Kuchai Lama. Their signature dish is Taiwanese stewed beef noodles and it ain't cheap. Basic noodles cost MYR13.80. I added MYR2.00 for all tendon, and another MYR2.00 to add on a cup of bubble tea. Price aside, the noodles were OK. Same style of thick noodles. Portion wasn't big though, and the soup was tad too sweet for me. For an extra kick, you could add chili oil that comes with crunchy bits of shallots in it (way too crunchy! Ada plastik kot?). Mum ate the mixed mushrooms ramen. She liked it. Went to Endah Parade after that. A very quick stop at the silver shop and shampoo shop. Took less than fifteen minutes. A record for mum. When I tried to pay the ticket, I was presented with the error: "Invalid ticket". Enquired at the control centre.

Moi: Bang, dapat invalid ticket la.

Bang: (counting... counting) Sebenarnya tak payah bayar. Eh, you pandu kereta apa?

Moi: Kereta apa? ..... Oh, Iswara! (I lied)

Bang: OK la, nanti saya tolong you settle.

How ridiculous. Even if I drove a Mercedes, it should be free. Oh well. Made another short stop at Giant BK5 before returning home. The usually quiet Giant was crawling with pre-Raya shoppers. Went out again later that evening. A date with KH to watch "Boeing, Boeing!" at KLPAC. Dinner at LaoMaZi's (not Laotian Nazi cuisine like Niel thought) first. Walked in and the first table we saw was an ang moh with his gay Chinese friend. All too obvious. Saw him nudge his dinner mate and the fella actually made a 180 degree turn to watch us walk in. Am I that gay? Must be KH. :P. Took some of the recommended dishes, namely Lilypad Tilapia (fried with a sweet and spicy sauce), salted egg yolk tofu and stir-fried kailan. Preferred the fish. After that, a giant group of lala gays and their fag hags walked in. Each and every one of them with large man bags. From the corner of my eye, sempat see them Grindr-ing as well. LOL.

Tater & Rice

The play was a comedy about a guy juggling three air hostess fiances at the same time. Not funny all the way, but it did manage to get a few laughs out of me. Not the best of acting, but for just MYR18, one can't complain. Actually if we stayed back, we could have watched another musical for free from the same group of people. But with work the next day (and imagining the same group of actors :P), we left. At the dark parking lot, we kissed a little and it brought back memories of skanky session after watching "The Swimming Instructor" a few years back. Hehe. Next up, "Lafaz Gema" by Hands Percussion.



Anonymous said...

at first glance I tot it was andrew zimmern...haha...


William said...

LOL. Guess you're right.

Derek said...

So many gays at that shop le. @_@

William said...

Hahaha. Maybe got special discount.