Saturday, September 28, 2013

Raya IV: Pilihlah Yang Mana Satu

Sushi Sunday by williamnyk
Sushi Sunday, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Church was quieter with a lot parishioners away for the long weekend. A visiting CDD priest celebrated mass and gave a nice sermon about the pros and cons of the notable ex-SIC parish priests. Happy are those who see the good in people. Or something to that effect. LOL. Maison SK had a lunch special again. This time round, SK was experimenting with maki, nigiri sushi, tamago and temaki. She bought a salmon block from OUG and she came home fuming:

SK: Can you slice the salmon for me?

Fishmonger: We charge MYR2 per piece.

SK: Per block you mean.

Fishmonger: Per slice.


Fishmonger: We sell fish, we don't slice fish.

Apollo, Brian, my sister and the kids came along as well to sample her first attempt at nigiri sushi. Not a bad attempt, but she could improve on the rice a bit. In addition to that, she made fried dumplings, teriyaki chicken and oven-baked mushrooms wrapped in ham. An excellent feast. She even opened a bottle of Royal Choya. When I got home, I collapsed on the bed and napped for ninety minutes. At night, another cook out was scheduled-- pan mee thanks to the chillies and fried anchovies that was supplied by Brian. Getting the dough right was kinda challenging. Several people kneaded the dough and it didn't quite feel right. But in the end, it was OK. While all the cooking was going on, I also caught a bit of the match between Lin Dan and LCW. Lin Dan didn't disappoint with his manly tan, bulging veins at his temples, muscular arms and determined look. And when he smashed, gosh the hint of VPL! Yummy. To celebrate Raya, SK also bought some lemang and rendang from one of the roadside stalls. Shocked I was when my BIL's sister asked, "What's that?". Malays know less about Chinese food due to the halal factor, but since we have no issues, we should go all out to enjoy all the yummy food in our country!



Ban said...

laughed at the "We sell fish, we don't slice fish" comment

Jaded Jeremy said...

The one and only time I had lemang I loved it. I should try it again.

bryan said...


William said...

Wonderful answer

Makanlah setahun sekali

Visible Penis Line lol

Anonymous said...

I <3 Lin Dan's VPL!!! And I <3 Chinese guys!!!
and yeah, due to the halal factor, most malays automatically stay away from chinese food. It's genetically programmed into them from their home. It's their loss.

Mr Lonely said...

salmon sushi again~ yummy~

William said...

Very yummy kan?


Twilight Man said...

We are blessed to be able to swallow anything in or out of waters!