Thursday, September 05, 2013

Am I Living In Lorong Wisteria?

Case 1:
Neighbour X: Wah, Neighbour Y, your daughter's house is beautifully renovated!
Neighbour Y: ...
Neighbour Z: Aiyah, my daughter also will renovate her house. Getting married ma!

Case 2:
Neighbour X: Oh, Neighbour Y's son bought a new Nissan. Your daugther's car also Nissan right? But a few years jor right?
Neighbour Y: ...
Neighbour Z: Aiyah, my daughter getting married end of the year ma, sure change car de!

Case 3:
Neighbour Z: Aiyah, my youngest daughter's boyfriend very good de. Always buys expensive stuff for her.
(3 months later)
Neighbour Y: Eh, how come don't see your daughter's boyfriend jor?
Neighbour Z: Aiyah, that guy no use one lah. My daughter never liked him in the first place.
Neighbour Y: ...

'Want face' and 'money face' all rolled into one. :S. Seriously, I have an acute dislike of braggarts who 'blow their trumpet' (blow my trumpet instead by all means) more frequently than they blow their nose. Show offs with little appreciation of being humble. Ugh.


thompsonboy said...

humble are for the

Twilight Man said...

I love your bitchy neighbours!

Hdaran said...

Especially when their sons/daughters are doctors and you are a research assistant... *angry face*

Anonymous said...

well, it is the same for some plu...they like to brag about how good looking their partner is or how rich their bf is or how slutty they are or how wonderful their social gay life is or how frequent they get group anal assassinated! bleh! wish they get STDs baru tau. padan muka! bahahahaha

- a L E x - said...

kalau betol betol lorong wisteria, judging from all 8 seasons, i've learnt that those annoying neighbours sure kena bunuh xD

Nick said...

Neighbor X and Z, please lah! Pandam muka and mind ur own business lah. Isssh...

Tempus said...

let the aunties be aunties la..

why wanna be same par as they do?

William said...

Blessed are the poor :P

LOL. Are you a bitchy neighbour?

Haha. Spoken from experience!

Trumpet blowers!

Hahahaha. Looking at PDRM's track record, the murderers will escape the law.

Hahaha. Nothing else to do.

I always suggest to my mum sarcastic replies :P

Mr Lonely said...

haha, your neighbour was "geng" in some way.

btw, visiting here from T&G blogger~ XD

William said...

T&G tu siapa?