Saturday, August 03, 2013

Sign on the Dotted Line

Signature by Benko Zsolt
Signature, swiped from Benko Zsolt on Flickr.

On Monday, Public Bank called me to verify my employment and personal details. The investigation officer was quite patient altough I didn't know my home phone number and couldn't even provide my office address and contact number. So suspicious, right? SK got a much grouchier officer. LOL. In just one day, our hire purchase loan was approved (I got 2.49%) and the Nisan saleswoman requested that we come in to pay the 10% downpayment. Left work earlier that day, but due to the jam, we only arrived at the showroom near 8:00pm. That's Puchong for you. The saleswoman explained the price breakdown-- retail price + alloy rims + road tax + insurance + registration fee + HP ownership claim fee + inspection fees - promotion discount - extra discount = $$$$$! Then proceeded to pay the downpayment (the credit card terminal ran out of paper and the salesgirl ended up driving all the way to KL for me to sign the slip the next day). Settled that pretty quickly, but we had to wait for some time for the Public Bank loan executive to arrive. Must be caught in the traffic as well. While waiting for him, we discussed tinting options. She strongly recommend Ray Tech, but SK has contacts of her own. According to the saleswoman, the guy's supposedly one of the top sales guy for PBB HP. He arrived with a whole stack of files and asked us to start signing the documents. Quite a lot of clauses to initial too. Felt like I was signing a real estate S&P. By the the tenth signature, I think it looked more like a scrawl. By signing that agreement, I would be committing myself to paying a few hundred extra for seven years. Still OK though, within my means. I had already recalculated my monthly expenses recently when my insurance agent offered me a medical insurance upgrade (the decision took me more than a week since I had to ding-dong some points with KH before deciding). Coupled with major automobile air-con repair bills, June was really the month for unexpected expenses! No wonder I had a headache after that.


Mr Lonely said...

wah, buy nissan car liao~ so good loh~

JokerPJ said...

Couple discussion... Macam husband and wife dah...

Tempus said...

so someone has a new car!!!

Piko-chan said...

What color is your new car?

Willk said...

what's ur car registration number?

William said...


He's my financial adviser, but a lazy one!



Nak beli nombor ekor ke?

Derek said...

I try my best to give advice to dear le! ;-)