Friday, August 09, 2013

Monster's Day Out

Cheerful Interior by williamnyk
Cheerful Interior, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

When I woke up on Sunday morning, I found my little nephew to be quite cheerful. No manja-pot-ness. Mum said that he woke up at 7:30am. Dressed him up for church. The whole time, he did not wail, but he did fidget a whole lot. At one point, had to settle him down by feeding him half a croissant. Lunch was at Purple Cane Tea Restaurant, Paradigm Mall with SK and her granny. The toddler was super happy at the mall. Brought him to see some bunnies at the pet shop and I had drag him away. The kid refused to let me hold his hand. And when he walked, it was like a finale scene from "The Drunken Master". Kept falling down and bumping into things. At the restaurant, we tried some new dishes, namely yam chicken and vegetable rolls. This time round, I remembered to pay with my HSBC credt card to enjoy the 15% off. Ever since I got my Alliance Cash Back, I only use HSBC at the petrol station. Not many promotions at outlets that I frequent. Brought the kid to jalan-jalan a bit after that. There was some kind of Voir / Soda sale going on at the concourse floor and the kid kept on picking up little itty bits of lint and rubbish from the carpet. Aiyooooooh. And he also went on a rampage, whacking every standy he saw. At Komugi Cafe, his eyes went wild at the dessert counter. Varieties upon varieties of pretty cakes and colorful macarons behind the glass. He went to the end and tried to find an opening. Seeing that it wouldn't budge, he started whacking the glass. When I asked him whether he wanted dessert, he bobbed his head vigorously. LOL. Got him a balloon instead from the SK Jewellery store and brought him to see the new Mercedes A200. He was just interested with kiddy play section. By that time, he wa aready getting sleepy and cranky. By the time we sat down at Hokkaido Ice Cream, the kid was already half asleep in my mother's arms. But when the Caramel Shio Waffle arrived, he was immediately revived. Budak tu memang kuat makan.

Braised Peanuts

Vegetable Rolls

Back at home, my nephew continued his afternoon nap while I went for my swim with KH. Mr I-Swim-To-Wash-Off-My-Sweat was there again. So unforgivable though he is fair, lean and kinda cute. LOL. Halfway through my laps, a primary school girl suddenly asked me to teach her how to swim. So brave and proactive to open her mouth. The few tips I gave her she even taught to her little brothers. The little boy of eight asked: "Are you a good or bad person?". Hahaha. Of course I answered that I'm a bad person (especially to cute guys). Am I considered bad if I slip my hand into KH's swim trunks when nobody's looking? Am I bad if I wear skimpy N2N single layer drawstring swim trunks? At least it got Mr I-Swim-To-Wash-Off-My-Sweat staring a bit when KH and I got out of the pool. SK was in the mood for cooking again so we had dinner at her place. Enjoyed the herbal soup, tomato bittergourd omelette and stir-fried pig tripe with chilies. But the pig tripe was kinda chewy, needs some work. As usual, post Sunday dinner over at her place revolved around watching a China dating game show like "The Bachelor" called "Take Me Out". Always fun poking fun at the women. They often look much older than their age!

Caramel Shio Waffle


Mr Lonely said...

liked the ice cream and hua sheng picture~ =D

Le Chatelier said...

Dont tell me you bring along your DSLR whenever u go?

William said...

Yummy! Hot and cold.

Haha. Samsung would be so flattered to hear your compliment. It' just a Samsung Galaxy S3!

JokerPJ said...

Picture of that Mr wash it off? he's fair and cute you say?

William said...

Wait till I get a waterproof case for my smartphone LOL

Anonymous said...

Who ate the other half of the croissant?

William said...

It was only half a croissant. Think he ate some at home.

Derek said...

Ooh didn't know the gal got teach her brother and the brother ask you that question!