Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Smile Link

Hotel or Dentist Office by williamnyk
Hotel or Dentist Office, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

It was time again for my annual dentist's appointment of scaling and polishing. But I had to bring my nephew along cause his mum was busy with her house renovations. Fetched the kid at about 9:00am. Usually, he slept till after 10:00am, so he was pretty zombified in the car. Puffy eyes and all. Went to Drs Wong & Partners at Seri Petaling and when we went up, I was surprised at the total lack of patients. I went over to talk to the nurse, while my nephew immedately gravitated towards the toy corner. There was a toy lion that would sing and whose nose would light up if you press it. The nurse told me no dentists were around that day and asked me to try the other branches. Crap. The kid nearly did not want to leave. Dragged him downstairs to the nearby Dentiste's Clinic (which is also part of their Smile Link Group). Turns out that they had no walk-in on Saturdays and I did not want to wait till 2:00pm so I went to their flagship branch near Endah Parade. The kaya-raya-ness of Dr Wong had enabled him to acquire a developer's showroom there and he converted it to large dental center. It has its own parking lot and a large reception area, reminiscent of hotels.

At the registration counter, I was presented with an iPad where all I had to do was key in my name and my records would be pulled out and a queue number assigned to me. The waiting area's huge, complete with sofas, dining area, kitchen, vending machinese, retail corner and a children play area. Made myself a cup of Nescafe and let my nephew wild in the play area which was mostly stocked with stuff from IKEA-- soft toys, wooden train sets, mini kitchenette and books. Kept my nephew busy for a while. But as the hours went by, he became restless and started running around and shouting. He took a basket from the retail area and started walking back and forth to the fountain. If we didn't stop him, I'm sure he would have thrown it into the water. My turn came first, so I went in to the treatment room. I found that it was a bit chilly and the nurse covered me with a blanket. They used to provide headphones too. As usual, Dr Wong grunted about my wisdom teeth (just a mention, he's a man of little words). I should have them all removed cause I have two compacted tooth on the lower jaw. Been putting it off years. The idea of dental surgery doesn't appeal to me.


Charged me MYR90 for ten minutes work. At least it was a good job. I remember being attended to by a female dentist a few years back who was very rough and left me with a face full of tartar dust. T_T. Next up, mum went in and I took care of the toddler. Settling the bill took a little bit more time and we left by lunch time. The little monster slept in the car for just ten minutes while I stopped to tapau lunch at Sri Petaling. Some lui cha, seafood noodles and wantan mee. Quite huge portions. Sis came over to makan too. Seeing so much of goodies on the table, the kid did not even want to look at his boring pumpkin porridge. LOL. Refused to nap as well. Too wound up from all the playing in the morning. Later in the afternoon, I picked KH up to go kai-kai. Senile 'ol me thought that I had gathering that day, organized by Ash. Arrived at The Gardens 5:00pm and found that nobody else had turned up, so I gave Ash a call. Red in face I was after he told me that it was supposed to be next Saturday. Haha. Never mind, can go paktor with KH.

Braised Peanuts

Went looking around at work clothes, but we did not buy anything. However, KH did buy some provisions for his Mount Kinabalu hike. Decided to have dinner at Purple Cane. Service was below par at this branch. Got a pot of pu-er tea, braised chicken and beancurd. More than enough for two of us. Sat there for quite some time, chatting and refilling our tea. Other customers came and went. One particular couple caught my attention because the guy had to use the assistive light on his Galaxy S3 to read the menu. They left without ordering. Didn't like 'dining in the dark' perhaps. Did more walking around after that. Took a look at the Samsung Chromebook. Kind of a stupid idea in my opinion. A lappie with just 16GB or internal memory and just free 100GB on the cloud. I don't see the point. We're far from being a 24/7 connected country. Saw a very 'fashion-forward' gay lou walking around in something resembling boxer shorts. Not something that I can eer carry off I think.

Shopping in Boxer Shorts?

Met VC and his bf briefly. Very much a hi-bye deal. Filled our Aunty-ness quota at Cold Storage. Bought some blueberries and a slice of butternut pumpkin. Went home after that. Was quite jammed around the MV Ring Road. Quite tired shifting gears, but quite enjoyed KH shifting mine. XD. Back at Kuchai Lama, tried our best to find a nice, dark secluded spot near KH's home to snog a little, but I guess DBKL has been a bit diligent of late. Shucks. Another case of blue balls...


Twilight Man said...

The interior of the dentist's clinic is fabulous like a 5 Star lobby!
I love to dine at Purple Cane as I never paid for all the meals eaten. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Promise a better meet next time...hmm yay 2nd mention lol

- VC

zet11 said...

you are very family

William said...

HSBC gives me 15% off. Twi gives me 100% off? I need to bring you next time.

You're keeping track! :P

Haha. Kind of. Thanks for reading.

Anonymous said...

that gay lou from waist down, looks exactly like my cute skinny bottom housemate, the way he stands and the 'in-trend boxers' also..but definitely not my housemate..he ain't too out out.

thompsonboy said...

thrashy indeed. I tried those shorts from H&M...even I can;t pull em off. As for those shoes...so salah and did I spot socks? Ugh...

William said...

LOL. Maybe he is a different person when he goes out :P

Bet you can pull off skimpy speedos :P