Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Driven to Change

2012 Nissan Almera ST by TuRbO_J
2012 Nissan Almera ST, swiped from TuRbO_J on Flickr.
Early Sunday morning, woke up and got ready for the 8:45am English mass. The reason for this was because mum had a function to attend in the afternoon. After mass had ended, we went to Taman Sri Manja to use up a jumble sale ticket that I had bought months back at church. Took us some time to find it among the messy shophouses there. It was not open. What a rip off. Since we still had time to burn, we joined SK for a Nissan Almera test drive at Puchong, near Tesco. Compared to the Mitsubishi woman the day before, this salesperson was MUCH better. The appointment was supposed to be for the afternoon, but she quickly rushed over to meet us. Compared to the Mitsubishi Mirage, the Nissan Almera is much bigger, with just a small gap in price. A simplistic comparison:

MYR69k vs MYR62k
1.5 vs 1.2
Sedan vs Compact

Taking all factors into consideration, I found the Nissan Almera to be a better choice although its assembled locally at Serendah and most probably cannot offer the same fuel economoy as the Mirage. And best of all, there was a MYR3k discount until the end of the week. Gosh, this is starting to sound like a Paul Tan blog post. Anyway, I too had decided that it was time for me get a new car. Been mulling about if for some time. My mum's Iswara was already getting super rickety and recently we poured quite a sum into repairs. Should get something more comfortable. Could tell that my mum was wondering why I hadn't made a move though she was mum (pun intended) about it. SK and I both put in a booking fee of MYR500 on that day. Given the choice of Public Bank and Nissan Ah Long Sdn Bhd, but the latter offered a better rate for our desired tenure.

Settled all the documentation in under an hour and sent my mum to her function after that. Had a lunch date with JJ and Bunny at 1:30pm which KH also joined. Original plans were for us to eat at Betty's Kitchen, but we scrapped that after seeing the queue outside and the possibility of having to dine al fresco during high haze didn't appeal to us. A change of plans brought us a few shops away at My Elephant+. No problems with JJ and Bunny since I already advised them to eat earlier in order not to upset their routine. Ony drinks for them. Love the way JJ ordered for Bunny:

JJ: This roselle drink, is it good?

Waiter: Yes sir, not too sweet.

JJ: My friend is very particular. If it isn't nice, can we send it back?

Waiter: Errr...

KH had also eaten a bit of lunch, so we didn't order a whole lot. Just a dry red curry (sick of green), otak-otak omelette (yummy!) and a pomelo salad (didn't quite like it due to the palm sugar inside). JJ regaled us with tales of his Jakarta work trip, run-ins with immigration and actuarial technicalities that sent my head spinning (but I just bobbed my head anyway :P). Nice to catch up.

My Elephant+


Mr Lonely said...

nice car~ =)

TZ said...

so you have decided to change your car?...

JokerPJ said...

New car eh, when will it be delivered?

William said...

Value for money

Pay booking mean yes lo :P

Already delivered XD