Monday, July 29, 2013

A Hazy Mirage

Kampung Chicken by williamnyk
Kampung Chicken, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Saturday's brekfast plans were changed to Subang's Kar Heong Chicken Rice where I ordered their kampung chicken hor fun. The soup had a good shrimp base but in my opinion, the hor fun wasn't thin enough. The porkballs were good as usual. Excellent texture and taste. Next up was to accompany SK to test drive the Mitsubishi Mirage. The showroom was located just beside IOI Mall, so the traffic condition was horrible and parking as scarce as leg hair on my shins. Just parked illegally at the Korea Wallpaper's reserved parking and proceeded to meet the saleswoman. During the small talk, she told us that she used to work for Perodua. Her first month with Mitsubishi. And her newbie-ness showed. She didn't know anything about the car. We even needed to go to the petrol station first because the tank was nearly empty. And she didn't even know that the beeping warning was actually from the partially released hand brake. Basically, the test drive didn't do much for us as consumers. The roads were congested and SK found the undercarriage to be quite noisy (felt like Fred Flinstone). Back at the showroom, we had her explain to us some hire purchase loan details. Raised my eyebrows when she told me that the longer the loan tenure, the lower the interest. Does that sound like someone who had sold cars for years? Went to beli nombor ekor and buy some bathroom accessories after that. Just that few shakes of a tail and it was lunch time already. Ate at Ho Boh Lui Cha and did some shopping at the pharmacy nearby. A sign was plastered on the glass doors: "Surgical Mask Sold Out". The horrible haze had started drive the populace into a frenzy. Even air ionizers and purifiers were either out of stock or sold at a premium. No swimming for me too...

Bangkok Motor Show 2012

Lui Cha

Mum didn't sleep well the night before (too much green tea for dinner), so she took a long afternoon nap. Since I had nothing better to do at home, I drove out to meet KH for drinks at Chatime. Actually I wanted to drink Share Tea, but it had closed down. Chatime had the rubber stamped interior design look. A Frankenstein of ideas you can see from other restaurants and cafes. But what made them standout were the paintings of wrestlers with full face masks drinking bubble tea. Kinda like Jap porn meets bubble tea culture. Excellent. Got home at about 5:00pm as there was a BEC gathering that night in OUG. Mum whipped up a batch of tong sui of papaya with white fungus. Nothing much that night. Just watched a short clip about the pro-life movement in Canada. The discussion after that wasn't moderated. Guess it was too heavy a topic and a bit difficult to discuss about aborted foetuses in the company of kids. Wonder why the facilitator chose that topic. Got home very early that night since activities ended at 10:00pm. Even the makan-makan session went faster than usual.

Wrestler Meets Bubble Tea

Framed Cuppa


Mr Lonely said...

that chicken looks so yummy than i cook 1~ T.T~

Yours Queerly said...

I love Kar Heong, was just there the other day too!

Twilight Man said...

I was thinking of buying this car for its low petrol consumption but the tagged price is not cheap! Pass!

William said...

Haha, susah la.

Great minds think alike

You can afford la