Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Driven to Change

2012 Nissan Almera ST by TuRbO_J
2012 Nissan Almera ST, swiped from TuRbO_J on Flickr.
Early Sunday morning, woke up and got ready for the 8:45am English mass. The reason for this was because mum had a function to attend in the afternoon. After mass had ended, we went to Taman Sri Manja to use up a jumble sale ticket that I had bought months back at church. Took us some time to find it among the messy shophouses there. It was not open. What a rip off. Since we still had time to burn, we joined SK for a Nissan Almera test drive at Puchong, near Tesco. Compared to the Mitsubishi woman the day before, this salesperson was MUCH better. The appointment was supposed to be for the afternoon, but she quickly rushed over to meet us. Compared to the Mitsubishi Mirage, the Nissan Almera is much bigger, with just a small gap in price. A simplistic comparison:

MYR69k vs MYR62k
1.5 vs 1.2
Sedan vs Compact

Taking all factors into consideration, I found the Nissan Almera to be a better choice although its assembled locally at Serendah and most probably cannot offer the same fuel economoy as the Mirage. And best of all, there was a MYR3k discount until the end of the week. Gosh, this is starting to sound like a Paul Tan blog post. Anyway, I too had decided that it was time for me get a new car. Been mulling about if for some time. My mum's Iswara was already getting super rickety and recently we poured quite a sum into repairs. Should get something more comfortable. Could tell that my mum was wondering why I hadn't made a move though she was mum (pun intended) about it. SK and I both put in a booking fee of MYR500 on that day. Given the choice of Public Bank and Nissan Ah Long Sdn Bhd, but the latter offered a better rate for our desired tenure.

Settled all the documentation in under an hour and sent my mum to her function after that. Had a lunch date with JJ and Bunny at 1:30pm which KH also joined. Original plans were for us to eat at Betty's Kitchen, but we scrapped that after seeing the queue outside and the possibility of having to dine al fresco during high haze didn't appeal to us. A change of plans brought us a few shops away at My Elephant+. No problems with JJ and Bunny since I already advised them to eat earlier in order not to upset their routine. Ony drinks for them. Love the way JJ ordered for Bunny:

JJ: This roselle drink, is it good?

Waiter: Yes sir, not too sweet.

JJ: My friend is very particular. If it isn't nice, can we send it back?

Waiter: Errr...

KH had also eaten a bit of lunch, so we didn't order a whole lot. Just a dry red curry (sick of green), otak-otak omelette (yummy!) and a pomelo salad (didn't quite like it due to the palm sugar inside). JJ regaled us with tales of his Jakarta work trip, run-ins with immigration and actuarial technicalities that sent my head spinning (but I just bobbed my head anyway :P). Nice to catch up.

My Elephant+

Monday, July 29, 2013

A Hazy Mirage

Kampung Chicken by williamnyk
Kampung Chicken, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Saturday's brekfast plans were changed to Subang's Kar Heong Chicken Rice where I ordered their kampung chicken hor fun. The soup had a good shrimp base but in my opinion, the hor fun wasn't thin enough. The porkballs were good as usual. Excellent texture and taste. Next up was to accompany SK to test drive the Mitsubishi Mirage. The showroom was located just beside IOI Mall, so the traffic condition was horrible and parking as scarce as leg hair on my shins. Just parked illegally at the Korea Wallpaper's reserved parking and proceeded to meet the saleswoman. During the small talk, she told us that she used to work for Perodua. Her first month with Mitsubishi. And her newbie-ness showed. She didn't know anything about the car. We even needed to go to the petrol station first because the tank was nearly empty. And she didn't even know that the beeping warning was actually from the partially released hand brake. Basically, the test drive didn't do much for us as consumers. The roads were congested and SK found the undercarriage to be quite noisy (felt like Fred Flinstone). Back at the showroom, we had her explain to us some hire purchase loan details. Raised my eyebrows when she told me that the longer the loan tenure, the lower the interest. Does that sound like someone who had sold cars for years? Went to beli nombor ekor and buy some bathroom accessories after that. Just that few shakes of a tail and it was lunch time already. Ate at Ho Boh Lui Cha and did some shopping at the pharmacy nearby. A sign was plastered on the glass doors: "Surgical Mask Sold Out". The horrible haze had started drive the populace into a frenzy. Even air ionizers and purifiers were either out of stock or sold at a premium. No swimming for me too...

Bangkok Motor Show 2012

Lui Cha

Mum didn't sleep well the night before (too much green tea for dinner), so she took a long afternoon nap. Since I had nothing better to do at home, I drove out to meet KH for drinks at Chatime. Actually I wanted to drink Share Tea, but it had closed down. Chatime had the rubber stamped interior design look. A Frankenstein of ideas you can see from other restaurants and cafes. But what made them standout were the paintings of wrestlers with full face masks drinking bubble tea. Kinda like Jap porn meets bubble tea culture. Excellent. Got home at about 5:00pm as there was a BEC gathering that night in OUG. Mum whipped up a batch of tong sui of papaya with white fungus. Nothing much that night. Just watched a short clip about the pro-life movement in Canada. The discussion after that wasn't moderated. Guess it was too heavy a topic and a bit difficult to discuss about aborted foetuses in the company of kids. Wonder why the facilitator chose that topic. Got home very early that night since activities ended at 10:00pm. Even the makan-makan session went faster than usual.

Wrestler Meets Bubble Tea

Framed Cuppa

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Belated Father's Day

Amitabha by williamnyk
Amitabha, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Mum had too much drink the night before and I guess she got a bit heaty from the tomyum steamboat, giving her a sore throat on Sunday. SK asked us to join for BKT lunch after mass, but we declined due to mum's health condition. Explored Paradigm Mall instead and decided on Paradise Dynasty. Just like a banking hall, they had a number queue system. Been wondering about that place ever since they opened. Day in, day out people crowd at 'kitchen aquarium' watching their ramen and XLB chefs work their magic. The waitress seated us near a giant status of Buddha with a water canal right in the middle of the restaurant. A bit weird having him watch us eat the signature eight flavour XLB and double boiled chicken soup ramen. Truth be told, I couldn't tell which flavour was which. Ony got the pungent one's right-- garlic and Szechuan malat. Mum ate the black truffle and I think she wasn't impressed. LOL. And it was kinda disappointing that our soup came long before the ramen. Bad timing is a sin on par with bad food. Did some window shopping after that and even met Nicky05 and OrangeWee at Lovisa. Dannel Lim (the artist formerly known as Daniel Lim of Malaysian Idol fame) was also in the house with sadly very little fans cheering him on. But he did seem so cheerful and spritely on stage. Think he has aged, but still stick thin. But I must say, his singing was commendable. According to the small talk on stage, he spend some time working in Korea, during odd jobs and menial labour. Now he's back and trying to jump back into the scene. Guess it will be an uphill battle.


Dannel Lim Groupies

Swam that afternoon and there was luckily one Malay eye candy. The fella had a lean, muscular bod. So my type. So straight that even my skanky neon green popsicle N2N couldn't catch his eye. T_T. Arranged to have dinner with SK and her granny that night. Made reservations at Kin Ryu Tei to 'avoid disappointment' since it was kinda still Fathers Day weekend season. Got our old table and ordered a pair of our favourite BBQ black pig spareribs, iberico stir-fried with shimeji, tenzaru soba, assorted nigiri sushi, house roll (surprisingly mini sized) and a grilled saba set. As usual, food was good and the bill was just under a couple of hundred. Nothing like a good Jap dinner to end the weekend.

Black Pork Spareribs Again!

KRT Roll

Thursday, July 25, 2013


Housewarming by williamnyk
Housewarming, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Months and months of heartache later, my sister's new house was finally done up and they moved in. Unfortunately, the renovations were actually far from over. Too much unfinished business and loose ends. Due to the chaotic conditions, mum had to go babysit on a Saturday. Similarly, I had to work too. System integration testing was starting and funny enough something that is traditionally internal ended up involving our clients. Hence, we all scrambled to get things up and running. Before going to work, I had Teochew porridge at SK's place. CCC also came. She prepared a yummy spread of steamed pumpkin, fried mackerel steaks, fishballs and french beans, blanched pork belly and salted duck eggs. CCC was his usual self. Heard that he was quitting his job and becoming his own boss. Bought over a friend's business. Kaya-raya that guy.

Dry Kitchen

Drove to the LRT after that. Arrived at Jalan Raja Laut some time before 1:00pm and saw the traffic to be badly backed up. Something that is not seen during work days. Weird. Pre-Ramadhan shopping rush? Or crackdown on the pre-Black 505 Rally flash mob? But luckily I was on foot. The testing didn't go very well. I was the only person there supporting for the whole team. Left at 5:00pm. Supposed to have a family steamboat gathering at my sister's new house. A housewarming of sorts. My tummy couldn't wait until 8:00pm. The porridge had already been digested hours before. Took a short detour to Restoran Chamcha for a bite to eat. Cheap food, but mediocre taste. Watched a weird Malay movie with a gay theme on Astro Ria while eating my fried bihun. Perhaps the scenes of moustached Malay uncles having sex on the beach affected my appetite in some way.


Back at my sister's place, preparations were under way. Someone was setting up the grill, while the steamboat ingredients were being washed and sliced and what not. Helped out with that and also watched the kids. The little monsters teared across the house. Goodness. My BIL's parents and siblings also attended the party. Nothing special about the steamboat and the grill wasn't really productive as well. Just that my BIL went crazy juicing up fresh fruit smoothies-- mango and pineapple. I happily poured vodka into those. And there were several cakes for dessert. For father's day, my nephew's fifth birthday, my BIL's brother's birthday and his mum's birthday. So meriah. Did some cleaning up after that and there was quite a surprise when we used the garbage disposal unit at the sink. The piping couldn't take the load and the clogged the drains causing water to resurface at the wet kitchen. Really a crappy contractor. Hate his workmanship.

Upper Living

Pretty elaborate renovations were done, but the execution was poor. People have commented that it looks more like a showroom. Security doors, big-ass furniture and classy lighting, LED lights, kids playroom, security glass doors, quartz kitchen counters, high-gloss cabinets, Balinese rest area, jacuzzi, 7'X7' bed in the master bedroom (a real monster), crystal chandelier at the stairwell, etc. You either love the style or hate it. As usual, I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Time Burst

Monday, July 22, 2013

Doraku Tak Laku

Doraku by williamnyk
Doraku, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
The first Japanese restaurant I frequented at Life Center was Kamimura. The place had a great ala carte buffet but have since moved out after extensive renovation of the building. Now, it houses two new Japanese restaurants, namely Kingyo and Doraku. The latter is actually a branch of the famous fusion restaurant in the US. KH bought some dining vouchers off Living Social and we kinda delayed eating there until the expiry date forced us to go. Terms and conditions required KH to make a booking three days in advance and failure to honour the booking would render the voucher void. How annoying. Anyway, we booked for dinner on Friday with SK in tow. At first, they were seated inside, near the sushi counter. But SK complained about a weird smell. The waitress reassured them that it was the smell of the seafood (which wasn't reassuring actually!). On the other hand, my nose confirmed it to be coming from the ceiling. A whole bunch of hemp ropes were hanging from above. Must be mildew or something. We moved outside into the terrace with blaring music and view of the Jalan Raja Chulan jam. We wanted to order beer, but the menu was quite misleading. Out of the long list, only Tiger and Heineken were available. Obviously its not a popular watering hole in the area. Food-wise, a couple of hits and misses. The Doraku Roll was basically soggy (banjir). And the shiso leaves made it quite an acquired taste. The nigiri sushi was so-so and the cold tuna dish was plain slimy. The saving grace was the pepper ahi steak. Oh, so very good. Would go perfectly with alcohol. KH sulked a bit cause I picked up a call from work that dragged for 30 minutes! Not satisfied with dinner, SK suggested that we go have a second dinner at Restoran Meng Chuan, Imbi. We shared a single plate of Hokkien noodles. Strike two for us. It wasn't very good. The makan-makan Gods didn't smile on us that night.

Doraku Roll

Pepper Ahi Steak


Saturday, July 20, 2013

Restaurant Celebrities: Waiter Wally

Waiter Wally by williamnyk
Waiter Wally, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Due to a severe drought on the LRT, today's celebrity is brought to you by a friend of mine, Ken. He spotted Waiter Wally while he was dining at a seafood restaurant in Kepong. Looks to be of Myanmarese descent. Well-dressed for a waiter in a Chinese restaurant. Kinda like his shirt. And of course would like to see him out of it. Not the cutest of guys but I won't mind him starring in my own personal porn video. Seems to be the lean, lightly-muscular that I heart. What do you think? Is he your cup of tea?

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Finally Fried Rice

Pai Tee by williamnyk
Pai Tee, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
Dumpling festival was around the corner, so mum went to a friend's house for a dumpling party (a whole bunch of aunties masak-masak la). Sent her to Seri Petaling after church and lunch (which we ate at Heritage Village Cafe-- quality deteriorated!). It was a perfect opportunity for me to smuggle KH home for some quality time. Huhu. Can you imagine that we did not get intimate since our Taiwan trip?! Immediately went over to fetch him. My car's air-conditioning was on the blink again and that really got on my nerves, coupled with the heat wave and KH's tardiness! Hmmph. But that quickly evaporated. Back at my place, KH immediately had me in his arms and showered me with kisses. Could really see the longing and affection in his eyes. He manja-ed with me for a while before proceeding to strip me for a shower together. Both of us were so sticky and sweaty from the sauna car-ride. Once all cleaned up, we proceeded to the bed for more snuggling and kissing. Our horniness soon took center stage and we started our COAT WEST reenactments. LOL. Hope my moaning didn't alert the neighbours. Hehe. KH always had new tricks up his foreskin. The release was well worth the wait. But with all delayed releases, there was a little block that seemed stem the gush a bit. Went over to fetch SK after that for some dessert at Sweet Bean Station (the place where we started). Ate their tau fu fah + black sesame combo. Hot and cold. And the tau fu fah was put into the bowl in about six layers. Interesting texture. By 6:00pm, we had sent KH home and went to pick my mum up with twenty or so bak zhang in tow! Yum yum! Had my fill on all levels. A satisfying day indeed. :P.

Phoenix Ball

Monday, July 15, 2013

Second Time Lucky

Breakfast: Wantan noodles (dedicated to Kenni)

Lunch: Pan-fried salmon steak and scallop chutney with white porride at home + home-made markisa berlian

Dinner: Dengar ini cerita...

During the early stages of our relationship, KH loved to bring me out to meet his friends, gay and straight alike. Back then, I even agreed to go to his ex-F6 classmates chip san leong ceremony. You can read about it here. Can you imagine the awkwardness when his friends look at me and ask, "Mamat ni siapa ah?!". Well, this friend of his, let's call her The Bride (macam Kill Bil pulak), actually got divorced some years back. Right after KH relocated back to KL, we did meet her again. Some months after that, she invited the both of us to her wedding. It was held at Jaya Palace. Picked KH from his home. Thank goodness it was quite close to his home, else would have to sauna longer in my car. KH sweated like a little piggy. Can you imagine that we arrived on time!? At 7:00pm. My name came under "Mr KH & Partner". Don't think the ushers bat an eyelid. LOL. But it was a bit paiseh when KH produced a red packet that was semi-soggy from his sweat! The paper kind of gave way when they tried to write the table number on it. A facepalm moment. Some cocktail reception was going on. Both of us took a glass of wine. Shiraz I think. As sour as vinegar. Not wanting to linger outside, we went to our table (the furthest from the stage). We were the first, so we practically finished all the peanuts. LOL. Helped KH to fold his sleeves. That boy of mine can be so helpless at times.


Our table had to fit eleven chairs cause someone brought their kid along without informing the bride. KH's bestie, Vince sat next to us with his wife Crystal. Didn't know anyone else there. As expected, the dinner started at 2030. Considered early because the official time was 1930. People normally schedule wedding banquets at 1900. So I guess that's technically half an hour ealier than usual. LOL. Food was average, some hits and misses. Since the restaurant had the postfix of "Palace", I was expecting better. The combination platter was quite standard. The sharks fin soup not very good (and I had the responsibility of finishing KH's bowl as well since he's anti-sharks fin. Luckily he didn't strip of his shirt and go protest on stage or something to that effect). However, the suckling pig wa quite well done. Kudos to the chef for the yummy glutinous rice too. The rest do not deserve a mention, or perhaps I should complain about the mediocre dessert too-- white fungus in soya bean. Alamak. Lazy betul. In a rush to leave the dinner, we forget to take our door gifts. :(. Arrived at Apollo's shop in just under ten minutes for a second round of drinks. Apollo, SK and KT had started earlier.

Happy Together

Apollo was nice enough enough to save us a couple of glasses of the delicious Reisling. Followed up with a bottle of Moscato. Nibbled at some yummy chicken wings too while we were at it. Met a couple of new people, namely QueerRanter-D ~ D for doppleganger. Or D for double. An uncanny resemblance, right down to the white-framed spectacles that he used to wear. Apollo must have saved some of his cum and cloned him for later. Another guy was Alf (remember this furry alien from TV?), in the music field. He gave KH a weird look and the reason why didn't come to light until more than a week later (cliffhanger!). Red during the wedding, and white after seemed to have put KH in a frisky mood. He was very touchy and frisky in front of everyone. Think if we went upstairs, he would have stripped of my jeans and shagged me against a wall (I imagined). Stayed till nearly midnight before bidding everyone goodnight.


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Banking With Babies

Pepes Tenggiri by williamnyk
Pepes Tenggiri, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Took my replacement leave on Monday compliments of our two-times lucky YDPA. Used the off day to do some banking. Dragged the kids along with us as my sister had renovation-related chores to do again. Main objective was to replace my BSN ATM card. Managed to get it done in just half an hour. With the new card in hand, I gave it a test at the ATM. While I was changing the password and registering for their internet banking, an Indian woman suddenly walked way close to me and shoved me her ATM card. "Tolong tekan", she said. Shocking, but I calmed down catching a whiff of cheap alcohol off her and noticed the Welfare Department tag around her neck. Told her to wait while I finished my transaction. When I took her card, she just stared at me blankly. At the ATM pin screen, she expected me to know her secret pin. :S. I told her to key it in herself. Continuing from there, I navigated to the withdrawal screen where again I asked her to punch in the numbers leaving just MYR2 in her accoount. MYR300. Think it was money from the Welfare Department. With the money in hand, she lumbered off. Then we went to HLB to close my mum's little-used savings account. Service was slow, as slow as waiting for a gay man to get an erection from watching a porn actress finger herself. To make matters worse, the kids were getting restless. Since it was a waste of time anyway, I walked over to Maybank to settle my brother's banking chores and also updated my passbooks.

Ayam Bakar

Jus Alpukat

At lunchtime, SK swung over and gave us a lift to Pearl Point. Wanted to try the Korean restaurant, but it wasn't open. Ended up at Little Waroeng Djakarta. The waiters and waitresses were smitten with the little one and kept playing with him. I ordered their pepes tenggiri which was much like our otak-otak. Yummy. The meal also came with a cendol that also passed my taste buds test. The little one had a fun time drinking the avacado shake with chocolate. Back at home, rested a little and went for a quiet Monday afternoon swim. Had it all to myself. If only I could lounge at the pool every day... Dinner was at my sister's place. For his birthday, SK got my nephew a DIY volcano set. Earlier, they had moulded the volcano using the cast provided. The plaster had set and my nephew pestered his mum to let him paint it. Of course it was quite chaotic as his little brother was like a little Godzilla. LOL. The next step would be to buy some baking soda and vinegar and there would be a little dribbling action going on... I prefer my volcanos to erupt. :P.



Monday, July 08, 2013

Sepang Sunday

Salted Caramel by williamnyk
Salted Caramel, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Early Sunday morning, I woke up at 6:30am to get ready and send my mum out to her day trip. A free makan-makan, beli-beli thing to Sepang and Tanjung Sepat. Dropped her at the center, then SK & I went to Yat Yat Lei for some breakfast. Just some soup noodles and a cup of coffee. Clear soup noodles are so easy these days. MSG soup, some noodles, ready to eat fried beancurd skin and some fishballs. No satisfaction. Went to church after that to catch the 8:45am mass. Straight home after that. SK packed me some chicken, dried oyster and pumpkin porridge for lunch later. So just camped at home in front of the lappie. Watched some TVB series episodes and anime. At about 1:00pm, I reheated the porridge. I only managed to get at the porridge in the microwavable container. Those in the Thermos was locked tight! Twisted and turned the cover, but it refused to budge. Nearly whacked it with a hammer. Fortunately, I am small eater. BWAHAHAHA. But seriously, it was enough.


At 2:30pm, I went out to fetch SK and her granny for tea time at Food Foundry. Quite crowded and the short rain caused the place to be a tad stuffy. While waiting for Lifebook, we shared a duck confit pasta (spicy and yummy). To go with my latte, also had a few slices of cakes. Lifebook arrived just in time to enjoy the blueberry mille crepe (supposed to be durian, but the waiter had excellent hearing), vanilla mille crepe, butterscotch cake and almond salted caramel mille crepe (the crunchy topping was oh so good!). The whole afternoon, we basically talked about Lifebook's recent major punya major real estate purchase. A dry subject, but I had the distraction of two semi-cute straight guys at the next table. The one facing me had a great smile while the one with his back towards me had a V-shaped torso and was wearing a tight t, and cute striped undies. LOL.

Duck Confit Pasta

Latte Me

Sine our timing was a bit off, alang-alang so to say, we had a very early dinner at 5:45pm. Dropped by at Restoran Kheong Kee at Taman Sri Manja. Been ages since we ate there. Some normal dishes, but way too much MSG. Mum arrived after 9:30pm that night. Due to some miscalculation, I waited about an hour for her. She came back bearing loads of goodies-- pau, Foochow kong pia and dragon fruits. Looked like she had loads of fun.

Faux Butterfly


Saturday, July 06, 2013

A Not-So-Tai-Tai Conference

Soupy Breakfast by williamnyk
Soupy Breakfast, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

The kids (C & R) landed in my mum's lap again on Saturday. BIL was still rushing his home renovations. The contractor is definitely incompetent and doesn't know how to manage his time and resources. So convicted is my BIL to have the whole major project done up by early June that he is now the one barking orders to the workers. Bizarre. Anyway, went out to have pork ball noodles again at Restoran Yong Sheng with SK and the kids were handed over to us. Although my sister already fed the toddler, he still ate a whole bunch of kuay teow from my bowl. Slurped up the noodles with ease. Cute giler. Let the kids horse around at home for a while before deciding to bring them out to The Gardens. But that in itself posed a challenge because mum had to pack a 'field kit'. SK and mum settled that back at my sister's place while I entertained the elder monster with "Wreck-It Ralph". Quite entertaining I must say. R was totally pyched about going out. He knew something was afoot when we dressed him up and made him wear shoes. Clever little tyke. First thing we did at the mall was look for lunch. SK had a hankering for Taiwanese food at Foong Lye, so we made our way up to the third floor. Unfortunately, the line was obscenely long. Sushi Zanmai had the same queue. Screw that. We went to Food Garden instead. I ordered Taiwanese food anyway-- smoked chicken. Boy, it definitely was smoked. Felt like Santa grabbing a bite to eat when chimney-hopping during the peak Christmas period. Had another round of feeding frenzy with the kids. After a while, they started getting restless and we had to let them roam the mall. R walked up and down, shouting his little lungs out. By 3:00pm, we were all tired, and R was starting to tear through the crowds like a drunk toddler. Kept falling down and finding it difficult to get up. Obviously, his battery was low (as was our's!). Shipped the whole lot back home to rest.

Finished the other half of "Wreck-It Ralph" with C. Later at 4:00pm, SK and I went back to Midvalley Megamall for Ash's so-called Tai-Tai Conference where none of us were tai-tai's anyway. And I keep reminding KH of that fact. LOL. Too bad KH couldn't join as he was in Kota Kinabalu for his second Mount Kinabalu hike. Reached at 5:05pm, but didn't see anyone at Chili's. Gave Ash a call and it turned it that he was running late. Didn't have Vincent~'s number, so didn't know that he was actually already roaming inside, going from table to table, staring at the customers. XD. We only sat down proper at about 5:25pm. Right at the window where we could ogle at passing eye candy. I introduced SK to the gang and it was my first time meeting Elton. Being such a hot day, SK and I shared a large mug or Heineken. Food-wise, we shared an Oldtimer and a plate of Eplosive Quesadillas. Nothing explosive about it, but yummy la. Vincent~ seemed to be on diet cause he only ordered a plate of Texas fries with cheese and let us all eat it. Been a year since we met, so there's quite a lot of fluff to discuss. Ranging from Vincent~'s dad near-foray into politics to his quest for more gay lou contacts in the UK (SK and I are already arranging for him to rummage CK's closet). Also found out that Ash had moved to Melaka and that Elton actually stays quite close to my place. Six large mugs of bottomless orange juice, three plates of bottomless nachos, and cup of super-beefy chili later (think they concentrated a whole cow into that one plate), we finally left.

Wanted something sweet, so we went to Sweet Chat and boy, was it a fatal mistake. Got the ngiao-est of waiters. Looked like a Cina punya Cina uncle with his pants done up too high and buck-teeth. His voice was whiny and loud, bordering on being rude. Here's the exchange:

CPC Waiter: What you want??

Moi: Bubur-chacha.

CPC Waiter: NO MORE.

Vincent~: Mango Lolo.


Moi: (WTF... scanning and scanning the menu). Local latte!

CPC Waiter: (looking at the rest) YES? WHAT ELSE?


Ended up, Vincent~ didn't order anything cause he didn't find anything that he liked. We promised to bring him to Snowflake later. When my local latte came, it looked like crap. Let me educate everyone here today that local latte equals 3-in-1 coffee premix. When mine came, I found that the kitchen didn't even bother to stir it. I had the coffee powder floating on top like an island! They should rename it to Local Latte Dinosaur. Ugh. Another place on my ban list (hmmm, I should maintain this as a static page on my blog! But will I get sued? :P). Went up to Snowflake, just like last year to wrap things up. Recommended that Vincent~ have the Sesame Prosperity. Did wonders for his flu. Did some camwhoring, but Ash and Vincent~ weren't fond of it! I borrowed Vincent~'s cute cap and took a few pics. Made me feel a decade younger for about 30 seconds. Wonder if we will meet up again next year. Hopefully Yenyl and JBoy would make an appearance next time and perhaps we won't have to wait a year!

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Rightfully Shaved

Deconstructed, Reconstructed by williamnyk
Deconstructed, Reconstructed, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
Sunday was the usual church day with the exception of fantastic traffic (not like Sunday traffic in the morning is bad to begin with), thanks to the school holidays. That means that Sunday School's also off and that practically cleared up traffic around the church. Went to have YTF at OKR's Ipoh Road Yong Tau Fu, but the weather made it quite unbearable. And it didn't help that there was a TNB mobile electric generator grumbling just around the corner. Cut my hair after that at my regular stylist. He was itching to use the shaver again, so I went along with it. Shaved most of the sides and the back. Definitely felt good to have such a haircut in this horrible heat wave. Trimmed a bit of my fringe, but just to get the hair out of the corner of my eye. A little swelling there, no doubt infected due to my product-laden hair poking into the tender bits. Overall, I liked the new look. Did a little grocery shopping at Central Hypermarket before heading home.

Calamari with Salted Egg Yolk

With nothing much to do, I rewatched "Pulp Fiction" (although I had loads of newer movies that I had not watched). The scene where Marsellus Wallace and Butch get abducted by Zed the Rapist always gets me on edge. A very powerful scene where enemy becomes ally in the face of cellar buggery. LOL. Later in the evening, SK brought mum and I to Restoran Lek Lek, a gem of a restaurant hidden in Pusat Perdagangan Seri Kembangan. When we arrived, it was quite full on both floors. The waitresses couldn't be bothered to find us a table, so we helped ourselves. SK knew exactly what to order-- Japanese escargot in butter sauce (nice, crunchy texture), braised homemade beancurd with loofah (a nice wine-infused aroma in the gravy), Fa Kwat Loong-- basically a Threadfin that was disassembled into fish paste, fried and reassembled into a whole fish (recommended!) and some fried vegetables. Do give it a try if you're in that part of the woods. Good food, quick kitchen and fair price.

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Smile Link

Hotel or Dentist Office by williamnyk
Hotel or Dentist Office, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

It was time again for my annual dentist's appointment of scaling and polishing. But I had to bring my nephew along cause his mum was busy with her house renovations. Fetched the kid at about 9:00am. Usually, he slept till after 10:00am, so he was pretty zombified in the car. Puffy eyes and all. Went to Drs Wong & Partners at Seri Petaling and when we went up, I was surprised at the total lack of patients. I went over to talk to the nurse, while my nephew immedately gravitated towards the toy corner. There was a toy lion that would sing and whose nose would light up if you press it. The nurse told me no dentists were around that day and asked me to try the other branches. Crap. The kid nearly did not want to leave. Dragged him downstairs to the nearby Dentiste's Clinic (which is also part of their Smile Link Group). Turns out that they had no walk-in on Saturdays and I did not want to wait till 2:00pm so I went to their flagship branch near Endah Parade. The kaya-raya-ness of Dr Wong had enabled him to acquire a developer's showroom there and he converted it to large dental center. It has its own parking lot and a large reception area, reminiscent of hotels.

At the registration counter, I was presented with an iPad where all I had to do was key in my name and my records would be pulled out and a queue number assigned to me. The waiting area's huge, complete with sofas, dining area, kitchen, vending machinese, retail corner and a children play area. Made myself a cup of Nescafe and let my nephew wild in the play area which was mostly stocked with stuff from IKEA-- soft toys, wooden train sets, mini kitchenette and books. Kept my nephew busy for a while. But as the hours went by, he became restless and started running around and shouting. He took a basket from the retail area and started walking back and forth to the fountain. If we didn't stop him, I'm sure he would have thrown it into the water. My turn came first, so I went in to the treatment room. I found that it was a bit chilly and the nurse covered me with a blanket. They used to provide headphones too. As usual, Dr Wong grunted about my wisdom teeth (just a mention, he's a man of little words). I should have them all removed cause I have two compacted tooth on the lower jaw. Been putting it off years. The idea of dental surgery doesn't appeal to me.


Charged me MYR90 for ten minutes work. At least it was a good job. I remember being attended to by a female dentist a few years back who was very rough and left me with a face full of tartar dust. T_T. Next up, mum went in and I took care of the toddler. Settling the bill took a little bit more time and we left by lunch time. The little monster slept in the car for just ten minutes while I stopped to tapau lunch at Sri Petaling. Some lui cha, seafood noodles and wantan mee. Quite huge portions. Sis came over to makan too. Seeing so much of goodies on the table, the kid did not even want to look at his boring pumpkin porridge. LOL. Refused to nap as well. Too wound up from all the playing in the morning. Later in the afternoon, I picked KH up to go kai-kai. Senile 'ol me thought that I had gathering that day, organized by Ash. Arrived at The Gardens 5:00pm and found that nobody else had turned up, so I gave Ash a call. Red in face I was after he told me that it was supposed to be next Saturday. Haha. Never mind, can go paktor with KH.

Braised Peanuts

Went looking around at work clothes, but we did not buy anything. However, KH did buy some provisions for his Mount Kinabalu hike. Decided to have dinner at Purple Cane. Service was below par at this branch. Got a pot of pu-er tea, braised chicken and beancurd. More than enough for two of us. Sat there for quite some time, chatting and refilling our tea. Other customers came and went. One particular couple caught my attention because the guy had to use the assistive light on his Galaxy S3 to read the menu. They left without ordering. Didn't like 'dining in the dark' perhaps. Did more walking around after that. Took a look at the Samsung Chromebook. Kind of a stupid idea in my opinion. A lappie with just 16GB or internal memory and just free 100GB on the cloud. I don't see the point. We're far from being a 24/7 connected country. Saw a very 'fashion-forward' gay lou walking around in something resembling boxer shorts. Not something that I can eer carry off I think.

Shopping in Boxer Shorts?

Met VC and his bf briefly. Very much a hi-bye deal. Filled our Aunty-ness quota at Cold Storage. Bought some blueberries and a slice of butternut pumpkin. Went home after that. Was quite jammed around the MV Ring Road. Quite tired shifting gears, but quite enjoyed KH shifting mine. XD. Back at Kuchai Lama, tried our best to find a nice, dark secluded spot near KH's home to snog a little, but I guess DBKL has been a bit diligent of late. Shucks. Another case of blue balls...