Saturday, June 15, 2013

Mummy Like Jappy

Soya Smiles by williamnyk
Soya Smiles, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

It's was Mother's Day weekend and I gave mum a hug and a kiss before going to church. As with past years, all mothers were given a stalk of carnation and blessings. Being a special day, I brought her to Subang Jaya for lunch. SK and her granny also joined. Having nearly tried all the Japanese restaurants along Jalan SS15/5A, we were only left with two choices-- Kin Ryu Tei and Rakuzen. I chose the former. Upon sitting down, the menu came and I immediately checked-into Foursquare. Was surprised by the amount of bad tips. One particular customer complained about the expensive prices, but when I looked at the menu, I found it to be quite untrue. Decided to gamble on it. Chose several dishes namely the Sashimi Matsu, Kurobuta spareribs and some lunch sets of sushi, soba and sukiyaki. Food was quite decent considering the price. And they do live up to their name of being a grill expert. The black pork spareribs were excellent. Would go well with some cold beer. So moist and succulent with the right amount of saltiness. Didn't do much after lunch. Lazed at home and went swimming later on. In the evening, we ended up at Subang Parade to buy curtain cloth at Nagoya. Such a far cry from the nearby Empire Shopping Mall. Completely different market segments. Made a short stop at Kwong Woh Tong before going home and calling it a night.

Sashimi Matsu

Kurobuta Spareribs

Textile Terrain

Fire Down


Twilight Man said...

Awww! So sweeeeeeet to mummy! I kena diabetes!

I love to eat desserts at Kwong Woh Tong! Damn yummy....

TZ said...

The same Japanese Restaurant used to have an outlet in Midvalley. I applied the Genting World Card just for the 20% discount. Now they only left Subang. So sad...

Mr Lonely said...

huhu, sushi again~ mouth watering+drool~ >.<

William said...

Even the bitter soup?

Ahhh, the one at MV Boulevard quite long ago leh

Hehe. Any affordable sushi where you are?

Derek said...

Been ages since I went to Subang Parade. Used to go there quite often last time