Sunday, June 30, 2013

An Apollo Wesak

Broken Underwear by williamnyk
Broken Underwear, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

During my drive to work on Wednesday, my car starting making knocking sounds, even when idling. Worrying, as it was quite loud from the inside and out. Got my mum to send the car to the mechanic, which luckily is very near to my sister's place. The mechanice returned the car declaring that it was fixed after changing the engine oil and adjusting the timing belt a bit. On Thursday, I detected the noise again, although it was much softer than the day before. And the air-conditioning died again! Complained to the mechanic and he told to bring it in on Wesak Day as he was open for business. Went for a spin with the mechanic to point out the noise to him. Within five minutes, he fixed the first problem-- the air-condition wiring was loose. Reconnecting the cable solved one problem. I was worried that I would need to fork out more money for the air-con. I didn't wait there as I got SK to pick me up. Had breakfast with her at Restoran Yong Seng, a good bowl of pork ball noodles and tea.

Porky Goodness

Chalk and Board

Sea Urchin

Apollo's birthday was around the corner, so SK arranged a birthday lunch with him at Renoma Cafe Gallery at noon. Used KH's car as SK's car was in the workshop for some repairs too. The replacement car that the mechanic gave her had some brake issues, so I decided not to take the risk. Mum and SK's granny also tagged along. Such a coincidence that KH, my mum and I all wore blue. LOL. So coordinated. SK took over the wheel while KH sat behind with me and mum. That playful boyfriend of mine could still tickle and kacau me with my mum so near. :S. Reached there before Apollo and his guest. But as usual, Lifebook was the first. Unfortunately, he had some work issues and often disappered to pick up calls from the office. For lunch that day, we chose the MYR98++ ala carte buffet. Pay an extra MYR70++ and you get free flow of bubbly. Anyway, the place was quite quiet. We were the third table occupied in the whole place. Weird decorations with loads of portraits of animal-headed people and mismatched chairs. Some space was also used to showcase their apparell and from my seat, I got a good view of the underwear section. LOL.


Sakura Prawn & Uni

Beef Tartare

Atlantic Black Cod

Let KH and SK do the ordering. Basically, they went from page to page, nearly ordering everything on it. There came a point when I did not know what I was eating. LOL. Food wasn't that great, some hits and misses. Presentation was good, but after a few more dishes, I could see some repetition. Our waiter was quite helpful with his recommendations and teaching us how best to order. Apollo arrived a little while later with his guest, but he looked more like a date. Tall-ish and tan-ish. Pleasant looking fellow. Before leaving, I excused myself to use the restroom. Skanky KH followed behind to surprise me with kisses.

Vanilla Panna Cotta


Chocolate Brownies

Ate till 2:30pm and we went to The Pavilion for a bit of jalan-jalan. Just some light shopping at Body Shop and the whole gang went a bit crazy at Oroton since Lifebook had 50% off privileges store-wide! Stopped at Komugi Cafe for some expensive pastry and before leaving had some fun at the LINE app promotion counter. Just by posting your pic on your LINE timeline, you could spin the wheel to win some cute-sy phone accesories. Lady Luck didn't smile on me as I hit the "Please try again" section. Blegh. Dinner that night was at the branch of the famous Damansara Uptown Hokkien Mee at Jalan Kenari. A veritable crowd there. There's also a stall there that just sells roast duck to customers who are too hungry to wait for their noodles. Not a single bird was left by 7:30pm. Brisk business! The Hokkien Mee was better than average and the fried rice was also good. Can't same the same for their yin yong though. For that, visit the hawker at Jalan Kuchai Lama or the more premium option at Restoran Meng Chuan, Imbi.




JokerPJ said...

You went farrrr for food!!! I dont think its the first time I mention this!!!

That renoma shop sells food oh? Never crossed my mind that that place was even doing business at all =P

like perpetually closed... or maybe I hate that brand... maybe... hehe

William said...

LOL. You always complain about me JJCM. Yes ah, it's a restaurant. But got sell some clothes also. Been some years since I bought their underwear. But KH did recently buy me one work shirt of their's.

Twilight Man said...

Lifebook is always damn punctual. He is weird and freak! Wakakaka

Derek said...

Kuchai lama where? Didn't bring me also

William said...

Not punctual, but super early!

Just at the traffic lights at the OKR intersection

Yours Queerly said...

I went to the Renoma cafe the other day. Food was alright but the service was horrible.

They even messed up all the pasta I ordered.