Tuesday, May 21, 2013

House Hunting

PBN by williamnyk
PBN, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
Woke up early on Saturday to morning to have breakfast with mum, SK and an elderly neighbour who is my mum's morning walk kaki. These days, can't seem to sleep on after the morning sun invaded my room. Getting old. Ate at Restoran Yoong Sheng. They make quite a mean bowl of pork ball noodles (quite a good kon lou too). And they make their own 3JC. In the afternoon, mum went out to her society's AGM. I went out too to have lunch with KH and SK at Thai Kopitiam, Kuchai Lama. Getting there was hell. For some reason, the roads were all jammed up and to make things worse, there was a road block ner Seri Petaling. Ugh. Trust everything Thai to have their fair share of gay customers and gay staff. Took their lunch set of rice with basil chicken. For just MYR7.90, it came with mini fried fish cakes and a cold drink.


Loitered until 2:00pm, then we went over to Residensi Desa for a viewing with a real estate negotiator. He showed us several units, ranging from 1,200sqft to 1,400sqft. Found the floor plan to be a little weird with lots weird niches and corners. An interesting feature was a large window just by the bathtub where one could soak and enjoy the view (and inversely, let others enjoy your view). However, the idea was scuttled by the fact that the bathtub shared a space with the air-con compressor. :S. The pool area was quite nice, but a tad too small. But Residensi Desa does seem OK and has a low density. After all that running up and down, we went to Snowflake to cool down. SK invited us over for dinner again, and this time round, my sister and the kids also joined because my BIL had gone to China for a business trip again.

Bathroom With A View

Coming back to the issue of real estate, actually I was quite surprised that KH suddenly put his house hunting activities into high gear. Quite beyond my expectation. A good sign of his settling down in KL. Although units are available in the condo where he stays (quite a nice place I must add), he told me his preference for staying a little further away from his parents. In line with his plans to turn it into our skank pad? LOL. No fun waking up to your mother-in-law banging at the front door with a packet of wantan noodles while you're naked in bed, still groggy from a night of sweaty sex. Hopefully he will find a "heart water" place soon, in the right location and for the right price.

Happy Meal

Roast Duck

P.S.: Perhaps during the new house viewing, KH and I could hold hands and act like a lovey-dovey newly-married couple to spice up the real estate negotiators life a bit. XD


Twilight Man said...

Wah! House hunting seasons now! Our friend just gave me a heart attack for booking a new condo without second thoughts!

- a L E x - said...

the view from the bathtub window is a bit tak glam :P

nicky05 said...

can be newlywed move in soon. Future investment.

Ash Godiva said...

what's that heart water?i learnt Feng Shui but didn't came across any of the term....

William said...

I just heard yesterday night. Bloody expensive.

Harga tak cukup glam

I want!

That is a Cantonese phrase. Mean's something that is right for you.

Jaded Jeremy said...

Hold hands in front of the agent? The agent knows about you two ka?

Yah, hope KH gets a good place.

William said...

Still looking