Friday, April 12, 2013

Taiwan VI 1st Half: Shopping, Shoes & Shoes!

Chahai by williamnyk
Chahai, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

BONUS MATERIAL in this super long-winded post (sixth in the series of many!): Taiwan Celebrity-- Memorial Maru!

Didn't need to wake up too early, so we took our sweet time getting out of bed. And with KH at arm's and cock's length, it wasn't easy to jump out. The weather in Taipei had returned to normalcy, we did not to wrap up too much. Went walking along Hankou Street looking for food. Saw the usual sandwich places and decided to give it a miss. Also passed by a packed 'Yong He' soya bean shop, but judging from the looks, its an immitation. Further down we went, SK and I spied a shop inside a small lane. Hot soup noodles! Immediately walked in. Apparently they specialize in zhacai noodles. Very yummy stuff indeed. Just loved the piping hot soup with the tangy taste of the preserved vegetables.


Our plan for the day was to visit the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall and then head to the wholesale malls. Took the metro from Ximen station and alighted at the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall station (so easy right?) and was greeted by a huge plaza flanked by buildings with ornate roofs-- The National Theater, The National Concert Hall and Memorial Hall. Unfortunately, the memorial hall was undergoing some kind of major maintenance work, so we did not get to go in. Just loitered around the National Theater area. Not much shade around, so we were nearly fried on Memorial Square. Lotsa kids loiter around there too. A bunch of 'em were practising some K-pop dance moves using the glass door reflections. Luckily for me, there were a couple of cute Jap tourists (check out Taipei Celebrity: Memorial Maru!) around and I spied one fella running around with his dick obviouly parked to the left. KH sulked when I told him about it later. Hehe.

National Theater


In Memoriam

Fleeing the blazing sun, we went to Zhongshan Metro Mall. It was long, long, long mall not unlike Citylink in Singapore. However, we were way too early and most of the shops were not open. Ended up at Zhongsgan Metro station after seeing some weird graphic designs lining the walkway. Turns out that the station's uniquely decorated due to its close proximity with MOCA-- Museum of Contemporary Art. Too a short walk there but we did not pay the entrace fee. Happy with just camwhoring outside. Did more exploring and ended up at Q Square, a more atas place where we ironically spent more money. I bought a pair of Vans there, but unfortunately the price was comparable with Malaysia.


Chicken Little

I Am No. 2

It was only three days to KH's birthday, so we decided on an early celebration at the Agnès b. Cafe l.p.g. there. Was expecting some premium prices, but the lunch set was quite attractive, with large sandwich, coffee and dessert! The first decent cup of coffee I had in Taipei too! Then shopped for mum's present at their boutique just next door. Bought her a handbag charm cum door-card holder which she so creatively self-cutomized into a bracelet and key-holder. Amazing. And the other amazing thing about it was the way the sales staff Yellow (bet his girlfiend is Purple) pronounced "Agnès b." in a throaty, phlegmy sort of way.


Agnès b. Bijoux

Tea Time

Did more shopping after that. Can you believe if KH got me another pair of shoes? LOL. A pair of Aasics casuals and the old uncle sales person was so nice (and surprisingly his vocabulary contains words like "Bling"). He let me try so many pairs, and we had a long conversation about our trip. Coincidentally, he was going to Penang for a holiday the week after!

"Uncle, Malayia is not as safe as Taipei. Beware of snatch thieves."

"Criminals don't do that here. No face le."


Shoes Are A Guy's Best Friend


nicky05 said...

Both shoes look so cute. how muchie?

Derek said...

Think the Asics about RM130.

Derek said...

Oh. First time I saw Asics casual shoes. Don't think we have them here.