Monday, April 22, 2013

Saturday Driver

80gms by williamnyk
80gms, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Woke up early thought I had no date with the wet market that Saturday. Spent some time on the lappie after doing some simple stretches and exercise routine (migt have included some other 'exercises' and 'stretches') in my room. Went to breakfast with mum after that and went to Goodarch HQ at Sri Petaling after that. An old lady living near my place needed to get her orthotics adjusted. Reached there about 10:30am due to the long queue at the BOMBA juntion, but as luck would have it, the place only opens at 11:00am. Sheesh. Waited a bit more before the front door was opened. Took quite long to get things settled and by noon, we dropped by Central Hypermarket to do some restocking at the organic store there. Been taking psyllium husk for a couple of months now and I must say that it does wonders for my bowel regularity (ever had shit so light that it takes a bloody four flushes to send it on its way?!). Nasty to drink actually (has the consistency of dried insect husks) but mixing in honey vinegar doesn't make it that bad. Hopefully it will help with my cholesterol levels too.

Next up was to raid the salmon slices at Giant BK5. Mum and her friend bought a lot! While they shopped, I thought I would make a quick stop at the post office there to buy a POS EKSPRES envelope and by golly it was anything but 'EKSPRES'. Loads of people with only two counters 'operational'. And get this, when one counter went online, the other went offline. The period of concurrent operation was less than 2 minutes each time. Absolute stupidity. And they had no dedicated counter for postage, stamps and etc. Nearly gave up. I stood in front of the counter until it was my turn. Late lunch was had at Hoboh Lui Cha, Taman Kinrara. Been a while since I ate there. Nearly a whole day gone just running errands here and there. And we sometimes wonder where our weekends went.


Mr Lonely said...

how much for the 80GSM A4 paper at giant? hmm~

Twilight Man said...

Eating Lui Cha always made me shit all green! Good dei.

William said...

Later check for you :P

Green? What kind of special lui cha did you eat?