Friday, March 15, 2013

Pai Nien Boss, Pai Nien Mei

Sugarcane by williamnyk
Sugarcane, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

On Saturday, mum and I went to the wet market to replenish food supplies. Been cooking up a storm this holiday season. It was already CNY7 and the market was pandering to the needs of the Hokkiens who were gonna pray to the Jade Emperor on Sunday night. Many stalls were selling sugarcane (people looked for straight stems and even cracked open stems had some positive meaning), roast pork and paper offerings (saw one costing MYR438!). I'm sure many also stockpiled 'ammunition'. Didn't stay too long as I had a lunch appointment at my boss' place.


He and his wife cooked up quite a storm-- stir-fried noodles, a whole big tray of honey-mustard pork ribs (YUMZ), home-made ham, belacan fried chicken and stir-fried vegetables. Also plied us with liqour-- white wine, beer and whisky. After two shots of the Bowmore, I was feeling kind of high. Lotsa kids came and luckily there was a platform elevator in the house to keep them occupied. They treated it like a theme park ride. At 3:00pm (after collecting a generous red packet from my boss), I rushed home to pick up SK and mum to visit KT's bf's new house in Bandar Kinrara. Nice renovation. Took the grand tour then proceeded to sit in front of the TV to watch a political DVD (not the CSL sex tape). Hew Kuan Yau (nickname: Superman) is DAP's stand up comedian who goes around the country 'cracking jokes'. Crude (sometimes intelligent) stuff, but definitely straight to the point. Laughed my ass off. During the screening, KT steamed us some yummy Muar otak-otak too. Such a good host. Hehe.


For dinner, we ventured to Dengkil again to eat at Dengkil Seafood Restaurant with CK and his mum. Munched on a whole load of kuaci while waiting for the food. True to our style, we ordered the usual fare of steamed tilapia, dong po meat with fried buns, fried calamari, Shanghai style beancurd and stir-fried vegetables. A fair price, though it was during the CNY period. Took a long drive back to Taman Equine after that. Stopped for a while at AEON Taman Equine. Didn't really buy anything. Mindless wandering at best.


Dong Po

Check out this children's T-shirt I found in AEON with a seemingly anti-paedophile message. No more 'bad touches'. Huhuhuhu. Useful indeed.

Don't Touch My Junk


JokerPJ said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Dont touch my junk!!! Someone should had bought me that shirt last time =C

William said...

You don't want people to touch meh? Don't menyesal later! :P

Derek said...

Didn't get to pai nien at Kt there. :-(