Sunday, February 24, 2013

Cameron Turns Two

Market Frenzy by williamnyk
Market Frenzy, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Not many shopping days left to CNY. The OUG market was at a frenzy. The air was crackling with energy. An extra road was closed to traffic to allow for more traders to do business and accommodate more human traffic. The traders started shouting and chanting to get more people to buy their wares. And some customers bought stuff by the cartloads. Survived that and went venturing at the nearby flower nurseries. As usual, mum took a long time to choose and made no purchases. Aunties have so many things going through their minds that a simple yes and no can be a crushing decision. But at least I got to see some pretty flowers. In the afternoon, put up mum's new clock, but unfortunately it was defective. Luckily we had a cheap MYR3.50 IKEA clock to use for spare parts. Did a heart transplant and it was successful. Wakakaka.




In the evening, went to Kajang to celebrate Mel's toddler's second birthday (it seemed like yesterday when SK and I visited Mel after she had recently gave birth, and we had to climb in from the back door cause her hubby took the keys). The restaurant was called Old Street Kitchen and a quick search on the internet describes it as a place frequented (most probably means once) by celebrities. Since we were a tad early, we hung out at the nearby KR1M. Mum and SK bought MYR1.90 bleach there. Hahaha. At the dinner, met Mel's parents and her elder sister and her kids. Been such a long time, I think since Mel's wedding. Like rumah sendiri, Mel even brough red wine and Malibu. Surprised that the restaurant had chilled wine glasses.


Ate quite a bit of dishes-- steamed tilapia in hot bean paste, spring onion and ginger venison, Mongolian chicken (recommended), yam basket with kam heong squid, stir-fried vegetables, etc. The birthday cake was a big-ass Mickey Mouse sugee cake that weighed in at 2.8kg! The kids loved the sugary bits. Watching Mel, one can see that see fits into motherhood pretty well. Dotes on her child and makes sure he eats before herself. It's quite amazing to see her juggling so many things at once. Not easy, and weaker characters would have ended up as crazy women. Haha. Happy Birthday Cameron!


Mr Lonely said...

well, the apply with GXFC looks cool~

nicky05 said...

you got bought the paste and try ? XD

William said...

I should have checked the price

Not paste, can reheat and eat. Tak berani cuba!