Saturday, January 05, 2013

The Cows of Christmas

Golden by williamnyk
Golden, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Sunday was quite busy. Went to church and had lunch with mum. At 3:00pm, sent mum and my nephew to the 1Malaysia Muhibbah Christmas Party at Vivatel. Fronted by Breath of God Church but obviously with government backing. In case you can't guess, that's the hotel at Viva Home. Quite a horrible time getting there because for Besraya was jammed for no good reason and we were stuck in Serdang old town for half an hour before managing to make a detour. Thank goodness for Waze! Saved us more heartache and mental stress. But still, it was a little too late as SK already developed a headache. The stupid hotel is located just before Viva Home, at the back of the building. Right beside the loading bays. Classy. And you can't drive through the lobby. You have to U-turn out as there is still some construction going on. WTF right? When I arrived, a heavily-tinted Alphard was behind us. A VVIP no doubt. As I struggled to escape the lobby, seven of the ushers and security guards just stood there. No one had the brain direct traffic. Another bloody failure. Quickly left the place and headed to Kuchai Lama to meet KH.


Fetched KH and we went to The Gardens. Did some shopping at Art Friends first. KH bought SK a set of acrylic paints as her Christmas present. In an attempt to reduce her headache with some glucose intake, we went to Foong Lye. Wanted to give Foong Lye Fusion a chance actually, but the prices were just too steep. Ordered some stewed items, fried potato balls and a Chinese hamburger (with sweetened ground peanuts, not my cup of tea). Mum called to say that she might be leaving early, so we arrived back at Vivatel at 8:30pm after a quick dinner of frog porridge at Three Pots, OKR. More expensive than DST, but the frogs were bigger. Better be early than late with my mother. Little wonder why I'm impatient and have a short fuse (KH take note!). However, the function had not ended yet, so SK and I parked our car at the loading bay and went up to the ballroom. Quite a big hoo-hah with more than twenty charities being invited. And the guest of honour was the Cow Queen herself. Much slimmer now. Another infamous VIP was also there, draped in a royal blue curtain and wearing a ruby red turban-- the female leader who was recently the target of Kak Ros' carpet man's revelations. Like a flag-draped boulder.


Sat down and had two more dishes. Saw the VIPs having fun on stage with a bunch of orphans doing Gangnam Style. The organizers were dressed to impress with flashy evening gowns and coats. Prizes and presents were all over the place. Sponsors galore. We left together with the politicians as they made their rounds giving fake hugs and smiles to the less fortunate. Wonderful. Luckily they skirted my table. Saved me from cow nightmares that night.


Ash Godiva said...

now Christmas got cow,usually turkey:D

Nick said...

Wow! Tin Kai porridge!

William said...

Good one! ROTFL.

Yes, yes. Available in Brunei?

Twilight Anay said...

Foong Lye - I like it!

LOL- Laughing at Ash's cow jokes!

William said...

Have you tried Foong Lye Fusion?