Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Instant Rewards, Instant Annoyance

Salmon Kabuto Miso by williamnyk
Salmon Kabuto Miso, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

For two years in a row, Citibank had charged me the MYR50 government service tax for a credit card that I did not want to use. All because I had forgotten to terminate it before the expiry.

"Aiyah sir, charge already can't reverse. How about use it for another year since you already paid?"

This year, I made a very conscious effort to cancel it was earlier to avoid another repeat. So on Sunday after mass, mum and I went e@Curve to burn my rewards points over lunch. Wanted to eat at Senjyu, but they declared that their promotion with Citibank had ended. But strangely, they were still prominently displaying the placards. Wnatever. Went to Sakae Sushi instead. Confirmed with the waitress that I could use my Instant Rewards there to offset the bill. Sat down and ordered. It was really crowded. When my Sakae Chawanmushi arrived, it looked like it had took a tumble down a flight of stairs. The moment of truth came when I was at the cashier. I explained what I wanted to do. The bill was MYR45.85. My points were only enough for MYR44. According to the website, Citibank will use my points and automatically charge the balance on my credit card. However, after three swipes, two voids and two cashiers later... my points had been deducted, but the balance payment did not go through. The stupid terminal just kept complaining that I had insufficient rewards points. The senior cashier was very apologetic and told me that she would settle with the credit card company. After more than two weeke, they still had not charged me the balance. A further discount?

Did some window shopping. Went to Watsons to buy some stuff for SK and I saw a cutie ang moh at the cashier with his jeans so low-riding that I could see his colorful undies. Unfortunately, I could not catch it on camera. On my way out, I bumped into the famous JokerPJ! Tangkap basah him with some guy. They had just finished watching Les Miserables and were rushing to the loo for a quickie. He seemed so elated to meet my mother. For dinner that night, we went to Ah Soon Gor with SK and Apollo. For startes, we had a chapati from next door, and as expected, the only yummy dish there was the Rawang style steamed Tilapia. Halfway through dinner, a big family arrived. One of their young daughters came dressed like a Datin. Flawless porcelain skin and high hair. All dolled up. At a kedai makan. XD. The son was also quite cute and tall. But the shocker was the fact that they brought a rice cooker with them. Bringing our own tea is common. Bringing your own cutlery is acceptable for clean freaks. But for the first time I saw a family bring their own steamed rice! Wah. Keluarga kaya pulak tu. All sorts of people in this world. :P.

P.S.: There's liquid nitrogen yoghurt in e@Curve now! I saw it in London, but did not try.

P.P.S.: Was late leaving from Church that weekend as mum and I stayed back to see a Christian art exhibition. The proceeds from the charity sale were to be used for a children's publication. A mixture of acrylic paintings, computer art, pencil sketches and some mixed-media. Not sure how many pieces were sold though.



JokerPJ said...

We had our lunch at Sake sushi as well!!!

That ang moh very de tasty from behind~

Need to rush to the washroom liao~ cannot tahan~

William said...

Yes lo, that kwai chai quite cute!

Twilight Man said...

I kinda hate that Shiitty Bank or CB, whatever you call it. When I tried to terminate them, it took me almost a year! They were so ignorant to my termination pleas. When I was getting Platinum cards from other banks, that stupid CB still gave me a Silver Card.

William said...

I requested to have my CBMC terminated. They have yet to call me back.