Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Good Arch, Good Business

fresh foot stain by azmirahrouge
fresh foot stain, swiped from azmirahrouge on Flickr.

Recently, mum bought a pair of GoodArch shows for a whopping sum of MYR2,980! She didn't even go to the shop. The saleswoman just did it on the side at the neigbourhood mini market. Amazing. At least another three aunties bought it. Basically they are orthotic shoes. Just by stepping on a special inkpad, they manage to get the contour of your foot. And based on that, they manufacture customized insoles for you. On Saturday, I fetched mum and a neighbour to their HQ in Seri Petaling. The initial directions I was given was that the place faced a housing area and was nearby the night market. Great. That's about anywhere in Seri Petaling. Anyway, I managed to get better directions after calling the PIC. The place was large. Three shoplots combined. And it was crawling with customers (old and young alike). Every ten minutes, the doorbell would ring. And the place was very 'Chinese', rightly so since the product is made in Taiwan and it's a Chinaman company. Mum was actually there to try out her shoes (changed show type and size several times, that's doing aunty business for you). The consultant would adjust the insole and advise on proper walking posture. They also took pictures of mum, so that when she returned three months later for maintenance and readjustment, they would be able to track her progress. So that is why the place is always busy-- after-sales service and regular adjustment. Another gimmick is the far infra-red emitting sole. Supposedly helps in circulation and detox. With such a hefty price tag, luckily they have tie-ins with credit card companies to provide interest-free instalments. From what I see, business is VERY GOOD. Supposedly a lot of success stories, but KH's chiropractor did comment that the insoles didn't seem very customized at all. Oh well. Hope it helps.


Twilight Man said...

I heard of this company. They used to occupy just 1 shoplot next to Hong Leong bank and it was always packed. I heard from sources that those chronic shaped feet soles will cause terrible pain when they walked or just stood up. So they had to buy these custom made soles. Not cheap lah!

William said...

Yes, it is definitely painful because these people have collapsed arches.
Do you know the boss?

Anonymous said...

I bought a apair of insoles with 2 pairs of shoes, onthe recommendation of my friend's relative. Paid Rm 3800.00, pid by credit card with instalment arrangement. It was after Chinese New Year this year. Only received the insoles and first pair of shoes after 6 months. Subsequently, the salesman delivered the second pair but wrong ze, so had to exchange it. To date, have not received the second pair. I have started to wear the first pair, but felt very uncomfortable. Do not think it is effective to correct my problem. Not worth paying so much.