Friday, January 11, 2013

Cold Perm

curlers by gaetano pavano
curlers, swiped from gaetano pavano on Flickr.

Sunday was quite uneventful. Church as usual. But right after mass my mum told me that she wanted to perm her hair. But she did not make an appointment! She always does this. Same goes for facials. Luckily for her, the Creative Director at A-Saloon IOI Mall took her in although she had four customers in concurrence. Another gamble. The stylist who did her hair last year had resigned and this woman was unproven. If she dislikes the outcome, she can go on and on and on and on... Had a quick lunch at Next Station. SK joined us for some marmite pork ribs rice (sedap) and seafood kuay teow (very wet). Got mum settled in and we went around the mall for an hour. I was feeling a little feverish again, so we sat down at Koong Woh Tong for some herbal jelly. Went to SK's place after that for a nap after popping a Paracetamol. At about 5:00pm, SK dropped me back at the mall. Mum was done by then (thank God she was satisfied with the curls), and we did some shopping at Jusco and Daiso. Munched on some fish-shaped baulu too. Yum yum. Mum stopped at one of the optical shops to adjust reading glasses as they were a bit loose and the branch manager gave me some crap about the lens being the wrong size, yadda, yadda, yadda. I just told him to put it under the heater and bend the legs. He grudgingly went off and did as he was told. How unprofessional. Met SK for dinner at Restoran YY in BK5. Some fried yee mee and rice wine mee suah. Good choices for a sickly boy like me.


Ash Godiva said...

Get well soon....

Musang said...

my mom is big on impromptu too. she'll do whatever she wants if she see fits without planning or appointment. *sigh*