Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Non-Halal New Year's Eve

Bacon by williamnyk
Bacon, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Note: My back posts have finally crawled to the edge of 2012! Bear with me a while more.

Worked on New Year's eve but at least I did not do any OT. Left sharp at 5:45pm and met KH at the LRT station. From Sri Petaling station, SK fetched me home, while they proceeded to secure our table at The Pork Place, IOI Boulevard. After mum got read, we drove out to the restaurant. Took us some time to locate the restaurant because we had parked in the basement car park and once we got out we didn't know which side of the square the restaurant was on. Attempts to ask the security guards were returned with blank stares. Useless. But we did manage to find it after one wrong guess. The gang was already there with the exception of Parco and Briyani. I sat in between KH and mum. Huhu. Reminds me of a classic Indonesian song with the following lyrics: Madu di tangan kanan mu; Racun di tangan kiri mu. Food wasn't all great and they were short-handed. Days before, SK pre-ordered German pork knuckle. It was served with a giant fork in it. Like it was speared in the pig pen and thrown into oven just like that. Other orders included a sausage platter (the whiter ones are always better. There was one tiny version that looked like mini keropok lekor. Horribly tasteless), some Christmas special that was wrapped in pastry (the skin reminded me of currypuffs), spaghetti in pesto, spicy spaghetti with ham and salad with bacon. To wrap things up, SK ordered a citrus-based cake from -Alex-. So sour that I couldn't open my eyes mid-bite! But so suitable to clear one's palatte after a porky dinner.






Left the gang after that to attend NYE mass with mum. As usual, there was a slideshow on past activities, fireworks and food. I was looking forward to hot teh tarik, but I was so disappointed when they served Vico instead. :(. Munched on kuih while watching the fireworks. Think I was standing to close because I was showered with ashes. Opps. By the time I reached home, it was already 1:00am. Too bad I couldn't give KH a deep kiss with tongue with a firm grope on his ass... Bye 2012... Hello 2013. Lemme do a quick recap of 2012 (I know, I know, everyone else has done it). Didn't really want to do it, but I will listen to Socrates and examine my life a little.

** Became a landlord in 2012 after a year of procrastination. Glad that my tenants are good paymasters.

** Successfully rolled out my system to a nationwide network of branches. Definitely not without challenges, but I'm glad I was given a strong team to work with.

** Managed to cross-over to a new product. Kinda like starting over, but I was bored of the old shit anyway. Wish me luck!

** Transitioned from being into an LDR to a normal relationship. Still ironing things out with KH.

** Managed to control my cholesterol levels a bit. Need more work, but I know I'm on the right track.

** Continued to meet new people from FB and blogs. Or finally met friends face to face. And reconnect with old friends.

** Eat. Eat. Eat.

** Became an Uncle yet again, but not through my effort. LOL. The kid is super cute!

That's all folks! (or at least all that I can think of). As for resolutions, perhaps in another post. LOL.


Sharks said...

I noticed you are a very good son lor, you always bring along your mum even some gatherings with friends..I suppose it's friends, correct me if I am wrong, haha! I can never do that, lol

Derek said...

So I'm the madu since I sat on your right. Lol

William said...

Not really very often la, but I do bring her if the gathering is with friends that she knows. And SK brought her granny too!

LOL, mum's not exactly poison la :P

thompsonboy said...

i can tell you also that place damn sucky lor

William said...

You are pickier than me lo. :D. But service was lousy that day. Understaffed.

Twilight Man said...

Good tenants can turn into monsters!