Saturday, December 22, 2012

Freshly-Squeezed Orange

Lunch Ramen by williamnyk
Lunch Ramen, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
Church as usual on Sunday but that day I seconded to do some T-shirt sales at the entrance of the church. At the very last minute I was roped in to set up the booth, do stock check and sales for the Church's 25th anniversary merchandise. Basically a whole lot of T-shirts. The person in charge who had agreed to the date in the first place was a no show. Did my best to stand in. Thankfully the organizers were kind enough to help seeing that I was alone. However, I couldn't help them clear up because I had a previous appointment-- was meeting Richard Parker in Paradigm Mall. Yup, was watching "Life of Pi" with mum. Was rushing for time, so we munched on a grill sweet potato in the car. But seeing that we had 45 minutes to kill, we shared a ramen at Goku Raku Ramen. Liked their FB page and they gave me a free drink. Also had some scratch card promotion going on, but I did not get the free meal. The movie was quite good. I believe that it would be very beautiful to watch in 3D. An AMAZING story with memorable quotes and visuals. And the introduction was an interesting mish-mash of different religions. It all just comes together.

"Thank you Vishnu, for introducing me to Christ."

"All of life is an act of letting go but what hurts the most is not taking a moment to say goodbye."

Life of Pi

Coming out from the cinema, it was raining heavily outside. Before we left, did some last minute shopping at Kaison and Uniqlo. Think mum needs more time at Uniqlo. But since I was rushing to the next appointment, we had to leave. Dropped mum home and immediately went to Serdang to pick ChatMate up. From there, I went to fetch KH in the pouring rain. But to my surprise, I made it to The Gardens in time. Nicky and Orange were already there. Got a table for five and Yuzu and waited for them to arrive. For me, it was my first time meeting Orange and it the first time for Nicky and Orange to meet ChatMate. I extended my hand for Orange to shake and he snubbed me! Said it was too formal. But he shook ChatMate's hand! KNS. Perhaps I should have kissed and hugged him. For the first time, I sat on a round table in a Japanese restaurant. So very Chinese. But it wasn't a good idea when the food started to arrive. Each came in big ass wooden trays and there's no way to fit five. We had to remove everything from the bulky trays.


It was kind of useful having Orange there. He was like Nicky's mouthpiece. His TruthSpeaker. Whenever we ask difficult questions, they would look at each other, Nicky would lower his head, and Orange would so some talking. But his presence also made Nicky more at ease. I finally got some answers straight from the horse's mouth regarding his love life. Very fruitful indeed. Food-wise, the menu was quite deceiving. When my food came, everything looked mini-sized. Macam kena zapped by a Doraemon shrinking ray gun. Never mind that, it was still quite filling and tasty. For drinks, we were at Jonker Street Desserts. Had a very sorry looking cendol, but it tasted better than it looked. Sat there and talked more while Orange scanned the crowd for gangly, nerdy boys that whet his appetite. Tried to play mama-san and arrange Nicky's mizuage with ChatMate, but that plan was scuttled. In disappointment, joined the exodus leaving MV at 10:00pm. Until the next time!


Twilight Anay said...

I watched Life Of Pi in 3-D but nothing impressive so you saved your money. It was irritating for me to wear 2 glasses!

The egg in your ramen was so big and nice!

Derek said...

Glad to watch my first movie with you today since I'm back :-)

Jaded Jeremy said...

Goku Raku Ramen? Were your mum's and your stomach alright that night? Ban, his brother and I had ramen there once and all 3 of us had diarrhea that night.

Truthspeaker? Lol. So is Nicky the Daughter of the Moon?

thompsonboy said...

Goku is awful lar

William said...

Yes, the glasses are a bit irritating. I had to constantly push them up. Pretty hor the egg?

Hehe. Muacks. Hold baby's hand the whole time.

Yikes. No problem wor.
Nicky isn't quite Tuon

Haha. Boleh makan la.