Monday, December 17, 2012

Cat's Away II: Skanking

Laundry Day by williamnyk
Laundry Day, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

On Sunday, I slept in and pulled myself out of bed to do some exercise routines. Doubt I would ever gain a sexy physique with that level of activity, but I gather it's better than nothing. For breakfast, I steamed leftover fish fillet and chicken. Gobbled it down with bread. Homey mode kicked in and I washed my sexy undies and ironed my work clothes after breakfast. Watched "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" while operating the steam iron. Finished two weeks worth of clothes. At 2:00pm, I went out to meet KH. He recommended that I eat Meng Kee's char siew noodles. Supposedly the famous shop from Tingkat Tong Shin. When the noodles arrived, I thought they forgot the meat! Such a small portion nestled at the edge of the dry noodles. But it was quite good. Don't think it was the same shop I tried in 2006. I remember that shop was more expensive than MYR5.50 and it was distinctly burnt on the outside. I also ordered a side order of BBQ sausage. Not as fatty as the one at Kota Kemuning's Weng Hing, but a bit too sweet for my liking. Having filled my tummy, it was time to expend some energy! It had been three weeks, and I was damn horny for KH. Drove over to our love nest and we marked the beginning of our Malaysian sex life. LOL. KH had some new tricks up his sleeve and his evil ministrations had me moaning like mad. Hope I didn't scare the neighbour's kids. He gets a gold medal for trying to go for all my erogenous zones at once! Three hours later with some resting and napping in between, we freshened up and went out for dinner.

Where's the Char Siew?

Wasn't too sure what to have for dinner, but I kinda wandered to Hoi Kee in Taman Desa. Thought of trying their famous oyster omelette. Unfortunately, the place was packed so we tried Big Mouth at OKR instead. Their claypot tilapia has a herbal twist to it. Not bad. Next up, we drove to The Gardens Mall to get my birthday cum Christmas present! KH decided to replace my iPhone 3GS with a Samsung Galaxy SIII (either this or HTC One X, but dropped HTC after doing some research)! He had been racking his brain for months and finally decided on this. But it wasn't exactly a surprise for me. I managed to guess. Marble White as there was no other colour left. Wakakakaka. Matters not. Took me less than half an hour to get it done. Recontracted it to 24 months for a 3GB data plan at MYR58. Takes some getting used to. And I haven't perfected my contact list yet. Tried to sync my iPhone contacts into Google Contacts, but that failed. So I sync-ed with Outlook instead, exported the entries to CSV and imported that into Google Contacts. Not a perfect solution. I still have many gaps. Sad. As for my camera roll, Dropbox came to my rescue. After just one day, I find that iPhone is so tiny. Perhaps the Galaxy Note II ain't so big after all. :P. Thanks baby! Muacks Muacks Muacks! I promise to do more sexting with it :P.

Claypot Fish

Camera Mizuage


Twilight Anay said...

You iron office shirts!! How nice! I send them over ya?

I like the last photo. I don't even know how to play with this SIII phone of mine.

Jaded Jeremy said...

What exercise routines do you do?

"Finished two weeks worth of clothes." 2 weeks??? Omg.

- a L E x - said...

Skanky it is lol

Derek said...

Yeah la, ask u to decide on a phone also take so long. Decide for you lo.

When is the repeat session for skank? Lol

J-boy said...

What a lovely underwear collection! I also want :P

And your Malaysian sex sounds super kinky ;)

Gratitude said...

Wah never knew DD is so geng! Lol

William said...

Not my favorite past time!

How to explain le...
Procrastinate ma.


What... you la... never present to me the pros and cons.
Repeat session? Anytime.

Come and take a look. :P
I'm sure not as kinky as your sex life.

Diam-diam ubi berisi.

Anonymous said...

So my initial stereotype of u as a bottom is correct...LOL

William said...

Why must it be a stereotype? :P

Jim (on FB) said...

So many hot ACs! ;)

William said...

Hehe. Do you have any ACs?