Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Meaty Morning

Meaty Morning by williamnyk
Meaty Morning, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Another Saturday morning without visiting the wet market again. Woke up at 8-ish and went out to breakfast with SK. The quality of the wantan noodles seem to be dropping. I can now detect the taste of preservative in noodles. Perhaps they didn't wash them properly in cold running water. Simple jer. Visited the clinic after that. SK had weird lines on her lip area. Straight, but at an angle. As though her mouth was whipped or something. The doctor was baffled too and offered an explanation of skin reaction due to a viral infection. Anyway, he prescribed some cream and antihistamine. Went home to drag my brother out of bed. Fetched him to my sister's place. Popped in a "Jurassic Park" DVD and watched with my nephew. Amazingly, he's desensitized to the velociraptors. Not afraid anymore. Bravo. Continued with "The Lost World". Hahaha.

Prawn Dumplings

Five Ball

Brought my nephew and brother out for lunch at Restoran Kar Heong, Subang Jaya. Recommended by SK as having good chicken rice and chicken slice hor fun. Tried their roast chicken, very smooth and good taste. Also ordered prawn dumpling hor fun, Ipoh bean sprouts (large plate at MYR4, larger portion than most places) and porkballs (never a fan of these, but the taste and texture really agreed with me). The aunty sitting next to our table kept on complaining about her order. Whenever the Myanmarese waiter came over, she spoke English. Padahal, she can speak Chinese and she knows that the waiter understands Chinese. Lebih. And my nephew kept bouncing out of his chair! With all the busy waiters carrying hot soup here and there, felt like strapping him to the chair! Dinner was at my sister's place and for dessert, she made freshly-baked chocolate muffins... The makings of a muffin top for me! Booohohoooo.



JokerPJ said...

Meat nice mah~

Have more meat... good for you!!!


nicky05 said...

you can flip her table.

Derek said...

When are you gonna bring me eat hor fun and pork noodles?

William said...

I want man meat :P

LOL. Later the soup spill on me.

Anytime :D

Jaded Jeremy said...

Yes, been wanting to try Kar Heong. They don't open for dinner, right?

Why boohohoo?

Twilight Man said...

Have you tried Annie-1 at Uptown? The food is cheap and fabulous. I have been a regular there now. Let me date you ok?

William said...

Not sure le. Muffin top is the beginnings of a spare tire le

Not heard of it le! Nice?