Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mended Heart & Faraway Friends

Pavilion SpyCam by williamnyk
Pavilion SpyCam, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

On Sunday, mum and I went to English mass. Afterwards, we went to have breakfast at TTDI before making our way to IJN to visit my uncle. Met my sister there too. My uncle had been moved from the ICU to the normal ward. When we arrived, he was sitting up on his bed and seemed OK, just a little fatigued. The long scar snaking across his chest and leg was healing well. According to him, he felt fine, except for the fact the he couldn't sleep at night. Mum and Sis stayed on to wait for my aunt, while I left earlier to meet Nichonick and Nicky05 at The Pavilion. Second time meeting Nichonick and he had a friend with him, Ren, his ex-roommate. They were in the Peninsular for their convocation. Did some aimless walking around while waiting for the rest. Ended up sitting down at Food Republic. In the end, Ding and Nicky05 arrived. Only Ding and I had not eaten, so they watched me down a kaya butter toast set from Toastbox. Amazingly, one macaron was enough to get Nichonick going till dinner time. Been some time since I met new people and luckily Ding and Nichonick were a talkative bunch. On the other hand, Ren and Nicky05 (one could molest and he would not protest XD) were the more reserved type. Talked about many things and it was the first time for me hearing about the Hippocrates Chamber. Apperently some group of gay lous from the medical fraternity. Further investigation revealed that Lucifer was the founder. How interesting. Should I form one for the IT industry? I already have the CTO in mind.


Washed our eyes from the Food Republic right up to Snowflake where Nicky05 treated Nichonick and I to a free dessert. He had been keeping two fully stamped loyalty cards in his wallet just for this purpose. Isn't he such a nice boy? I hope he has more stashed away some where. More chatting and gossiping with some camwhoring thrown in. Also managed to do some shopping at Typo. For my birthday, Nichonick produced a cute felt penguin from his bag. He had handstitched it while in Kuching. Only has two other brothers, so its limited edition so to speak. :P. A thoughtful gift. I suck with needle and thread. Wanted to stay and chat more, but I left them in the capable hands of Nicky05. Hope we have more chances to catch up in the future. Rushed home and rested for just half an hour before I went out again to pick SK from LCCT. Back from Kota Kinabalu, she arrived with sea birds nest, seven star garoupas and dried shrimp! Dinner was some typical Chinese dishes at Restoran YY. Should have just asked the chef to put the expensive garoupa on the stove! SK's granny declined to join us for dinner because she was watching her once a week period Hokkien series on ASTRO. Until so kan cheong, perhaps I should check it out too. XD.


Hdaran said...

That's really your back? =P (stupid question, I know...)

JokerPJ said...

My brain stop at the word free to molest~ macam free lunch and I wasnt invited... =P

nicky05 said...

I still find your back sexy than mine.

Anonymous said...

You look twinky and bottomish from behind...LOL

Nicholas Nick said...

Haha, william caught curi2 walking with cutie!! Btw, hope you liked it cause my stitching wasnt that awesome and yeah about the eyes. Sorry, but this is the third and the most perfect one i think i managed to do. LOL! Again, nice meeting you!

Nicholas Nick said...
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William said...

Of course it is :P

Wanna join?

LOL. Then next time you molest my back.

I'll take that compliment. Thanks!

Your stitching was good. Do more! Glad that our stars could align.