Saturday, October 27, 2012

I Heart Birthdays

give a heart by williamnyk
give a heart, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

On Sunday, mum and I went to IJN again. Grabbed a latte from the Gloria Jean's kiosk there and found that the staff there made coffee hearts ten times better than the branch at Bukit Damansara (who by the way usually don't even bother or make coffee buttocks!). My uncle was finally scheduled to have his surgery but everything still seemed so unsure (earlier on, he failed the spirometer test and he blew so much into that contraption that he felt dizzy and needed oxygen!). We were told that he was to be operated on on Monday, but that was subject to availability of a bed in the ICU. In the afternoon, he was wheeled over to meet the anesthesiologist. Details were still sketchy cause after all, he ain't the cardiac surgeon. All the preparations were done with the assumption that the operation would happen. The doctor said that it would be confirmed again on Monday morning. So much uncertainty.

At night, Sis and BIL booked me for dinner. At a loss of where to go, we finally decided on Restoran Bei Ping. SK made the reservations. When we walked in, I told the waiter that we had a reservation. He told us to go upstairs and said:

"Having 'Buddha Jumps Over The Wall' right?"

What?! I immediate called SK to clarify. It was a mix up. LOL. Waited for SK to arrive before ordering. Tried some different dishes. This time round, I managed to try their duck-- Two Variety Duck. One roasted (served on potato chips which definitely piqued my nephew's interest). One deep fried with yam paste. Both were equally yummy. Also ordered sambal sotong (with dried shrimps inside), stir-fried lotus root, house beancurd (stuffed with meat and cooked in an egg-drop gravy) and steamed fish in superior soy sauce. For dessert, there was complimentary fruits and a slice of strawberry shortcake that Gratitude had bought for me from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. SK had a gut feeling that she would bump into her crazy ex-boss that night... and it really happened. They exchanged some pleasantries and parted. Could smell the lingering aroma of gunpowder. Fake smiles all around. It's a small, small world :P

Lotus Fry

Sambal Sotong

House Tofu

Duck X 2


Sharks said...

Buddha Jumps over the Wall, hahaha! Can la just eat only mah, once a year, lol!

William said...

Think I've never tried it!