Wednesday, September 12, 2012

High Def or High Dumb

A radio ad for a contact lens company:

Girl: Notice anything new about me?

Boy: Erm, no?

Girl: I coloured my hair! You would have noticed if you wear Brand X HD lens like me! Colours are more vibrant!

Boy: I gotta get Brand X HD lens too!

Goodness gracious. If one needed to wear 'special HD' contact lenses to notice one's hair colour, then the failure doesn't lie in one's eyesight, but one's hairstylist. Go bloody choose a colour that can be seen by naked eyes!


Danny said...

sometimes the ad are just trying too hard to link other things..
but good for us, so that we can bitch on it :p

- a L E x - said...

Hahahhaa good one! xD

Tempus said...

yea i found it so STOOOPID.

It meant the person literally don't care about your freaking hair la donkey!

William said...

LOL. The link like ... too min keong.


If tak nampak your hair color tu nasib la kan?

Jaded Jeremy said...

Haha you know what I told Ban? I said that the guy probably thought, "Errr I didn't want to say how ugly it is".