Monday, September 17, 2012

Eat, Wed, Eat

Chili Pan Mee by williamnyk
Chili Pan Mee, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

It rained heavily that Saturday morning. And it really gets me in a pissy mood when I have to go to the wet market in such a WET condition. The usual puddles of post-animal butchery waste water is augmented and its f*cking difficult to manage the heavy produce and umbrella at the same time. And all the stalls would have their parasols extra low making the navigation even more challenging. But I'm sure this is not something that most of my readers can relate to, so I'll just stop here. Breakfast was at Super Kitchen, Seri Petaling. Considered the next best thing to Kin Kin's pan mee. Tried their curry pan mee this time. Aroma ada, taste tak banyak.

Curry Pan Mee

After getting out of the rain, SK and I left for Shah Alam to attend her ex-colleague's wedding. The Malay wedding ceremony was held in a multi-purpose hall that was transformed into something that can put some hotels to shame. Gratitude also joined us for the occassion. Since SK did not want to bump into her boss (whom she's a loggerheads with), we went there quite early, even before the bride had arrived. Met her dad at the door and he told us about how his daughter had to put on makeup an inch thick to cover her chicken pox lesions! Talk about bad timing. The food was excellent. Was already craving for Malay food since Raya started. Among the dishes there, my favourite was the stir-fried beef serunding.

Colourful Wedding

Wedding Munch

Finished lunch quite early, so we went to Kota Kemuning for coffee at Brew and Bread. Cheap Illy coffee at only MYR7 and within comfortable surroundings. The barrista was a lala, but he didn't quite whet Grat's appetite. In addition to coffee, we ordered a walnut brownie. Found it to be quite delicious. Gratitude had to leave for some family do, so we went back to our area and met up Jase at Blacball, Seri Petaling. Ordered the usual favourites and chatted the afternoon away. In the evening, I went for my laps at the pool. No luck again in the eye candy department, just some pre-pubescent kid and his female friend. Mum was with friends, so SK and I went for dinner by ourselves. She chose Yamada. As usual, we took the deca-sashimi platter and this time round tried their beef teriyaki set. Fried egg over bean sprouts, never thought I'd have that at a Japanese restaurant. Mundane, but still good.

Saturday Brew

Walnut Brownie

This concludes another episode of eating, eating and more eating. Until the next burp.


JokerPJ said...

You travel alot in a day!!! and mind if I ask, why you visit the market that often? Family's weekly ration?

Dean said...

Owh... The serunding looks so damn nice! I want! I want!!!
And the cake is well presented. But I craving for that wedding dishes.

William said...

Yeah lo. Quite a lot of running around hor? Mum buys for the whole week so I'm there to be the porter and driver.

Sedap giler!

Gratitude said...

My frequent trips thereafter only goes to show that I am only interested in the Illy :p