Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tea Duck, Yam Bread, Chicken Ball

do ducks drink tea by williamnyk
do ducks drink tea, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Since mum lost her handphone, we had to go to the Digi Customer Service Centre to get the SIM card replaced. Drove down to The Gardens Mall after church on Sunday to get things settled. Before that, we had lunch at Fong Lye. Saw that they now have a sister restaurant called Fong Lye Fusion. Seemed more posh. They had a life-sized statue of a pig with bowl of fruit on its head out front. No doubt to deter Muslim diners. LOL. Gave their menu a quick flip and was surprised to find that they mostly served steamboat stuff and teppanyaki. Worst of all was the fact that the cheapest set cost about MYR78. Yikes. Back at the original restaurant, we ordered their pineapple steamed fish and tea smoked duck. Both items were OK. The SIM card replacement was swift and the guy there even suggested she take the "Extra Long Life" plan. For just MYR30, her credit now lasts the entire year. No more reloading every now and then to keep the credit alive. Did some shopping after that, taking advantage of the Raya sales. Mum bought some clothes. I did not buy any I already have enough new clothes to last till 2013! And of course my underwear stash can last till 2014 even! To rest our tired legs, we stopped at sbread. Ordered a cup of teh tarik and a plate of their yammy kaya toast. When it arrived, I was shocked by its hue of plastic-ky purple! Goodness. A tad sweet and the creaminess was a bit over-powering. Tasted nothing like kaya. The tea was good though.

i am yam

Back at home, we picked up Cyan and brought him to Taman Bukit Jalil to cycle. Been some time since the kid cycled, so he was a bit rusty and scared when he hit the inclines. But after a while, he found his confidence again. With mum keeping an eye out on the kid, I did my run. Changed my strategy and went for some thirty second dashes instead. Penat! BIL asked us over for dinner that night as he made chicken rice balls! All from scratch. I'm not exactly a fan of that form factor, but it was nice. From his mum's recipe. Definitely the son of a Hainanese chicken rice queen. Even Cyan ate more than usual. These gimmicks go so well with the kids.

on the balls


JokerPJ said...

makan makan makan~ good life eh... tsk tsk tsk~

Tempus said...

wah you expenses on food quite the lucrative lor.

I would have announced bankruptcy to get food TWICE from Hong Lai's franchise.

but life's all about enjoying right? Until I start earning then.

William said...

Eat and be merry! Sik wai fuk. :)

Lucrative meh? Not fine dining also... those are JokerPJ's dates. :P
Yes, when you start working you can decide on what kind of standard of living you want. :)

thompsonboy said...

aiseh...u didnt know abt Super Long Life?

Gratitude said...

Judging from the crowds at Jonker, the gimmick works on adults too ;)

William said...

Really dunno le!

Haha. I personally prefer normal rice.