Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Shark Fin Soup Sucks

Here's an excerpt from an FB wall regarding sharks fin activism at its best. I enjoyed taking part. Happy reading!

shark fin melon soup ready in another 40 minutes. I am sure it will turn out great!
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williamnyk For some reason, sharkfin melon makes me feel nauseous. It has since been banned from my dinner table. Prefer the common melon.
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Activist1 Stop killing sharks!!
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VegeBoy haha, never heard people get allergy of that. I love it, it's sweeter for my liking. :)
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VegeBoyActivist1 I hope you are joking.......
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Activist1 I am not.
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VegeBoy have you finished reading my sentence carefully then?
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Activist1 Not I haven't. Got so angry with people eating shark fin
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Activist1 No**
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VegeBoy it's shark fin MELON.
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VegeBoy I am a vegetarian for 13 years for whatever's sake. :)
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Activist1 I know I know. The first couple of word triggered me
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williamnyk Lol. Looks like sharkfin melon also menjadi mangsa. It's the sweetness that gets to me
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williamnyk VegeBoy-- when will you say stop killing livestock?
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VegeBoy ‎-_-" It's not funny!
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Activist2 Tsk tsk. Vegetarians have shark's fin too? What do they use?
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VegeBoy MELON Activist2, MELON. It's a plant!
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williamnyk Alamak, faux sharks fin pun kena attack
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Activist2 Oh. I thought you mix shark's fin aka tofu with melon.
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VegeBoy google shark fin melon and you might know what it is.
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williamnyk I eagerly await the third sharks fin activist
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VegeBoy Will, you are watching the show huh? -_-"
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williamnyk Don't you find it amusing?
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Monday, November 28, 2011

Work in Progress

Work in Progress by Kevan
Work in Progress, swiped from Kevan on Flickr.

"Everything that can go wrong, will go wrong" -- Sounds cynical? Pessimistic? Unfortunately it's kinda true. Renovations have started on my apartment and the problems had been many. Luckily I had SK to help me out! She's a life saver! First of all, the wiring in my living room was shot! The renovator wanted to charge me for fixing it, but SK talked him out of it. Amazing. She had introduced was too many customers to him to be easily ignored. Haha. Then three out of five of the Panasonic ceiling fans that were installed did not work. Have to wait for the Panasonic technician to visit. Ugh. There was some issue regarding the lights in the rooms. Seems that putting them on the ceiling would cast shadows as the fan spun due to the close proximity. So they put it on the walls instead. In addition to that, two of the three down lights had faulty bulbs. Ack. And now I have to replace the front door's knob. I tried to enter the premises the other day and my original key couldn't open the door. Goodness. Better change it before the door gets jammed. Hope there will be no more surprises!

Update: The idiot renovator actually wrongly installed the fans and got an earful from the technician. As for the door knob, I quickly had it replaced. And SK replaced the bulbs for me. By this week, the grill should be up!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Coat West Star I: Nagi

Been getting a lot of hits lately regarding male porn stars, so I decided to do a little tribute to several of my regulars from Coat West, one of the more prominent GV production houses in Japan. The following excerpts were translated from "Mens Egg" magazine in 2009 (?). Swiped it off ssusita's blog post. Some of it doesn't make sense, but we're used to that. LOL. I've seen Nagi in many porn vids. He's not exactly my favourite, but I think he was pretty popular. From what I saw, he was usually the bottom. Nearly reed thin with long-ish hair, the perfect example of the Japanese dandy mixed with boy next door looks. From my impression, he's usually topped by Sho and Kazuki.


Nickname: Grandpa, Princess Margaret (as long is too beautiful)
Age: April 2, 1984
Height: 180cm
Weight: 60kg
Place of Birth: Osaka Prefecture
Magazine: "フボーンイァイ" &12539; "Mens Egg" &12539; "へアカTatariロ¥ °" &12539; "Styler"
There girlfriend? : No girlfriend
How do girls like to call: not particularly like, and called nagi like a ~
Be loved or love: love
When would like to get married: 27 years old, (can not quite hear, ms nagi say they want in their own solid and strong when the marriage)
First Love: Primary 2 grade, a lovely girl
The beginning of H: In high school, though a bit scared, but he's great
The beginning of masturbation: Secondary
How long masturbation once again: once a week or so
Left hand, right?: Right-handed
Erogenous zone: lower body
Bath: First wash the upper body
Before going to bed what to do: listening to music
Often to do dream: horror
Childhood hero: TV inside
Phone to send? SMS to send?: SMS sending
Fat will not use SMS Yan text?: Yes
Ringtone: Bi-bi-bi-bi-bi-bi
Phone standby image: Mickey mouse
Favorite color: blue, white, black
Favorite sport: there is no
Love the food: Meat
Nasty food: soup
Favorite lunch: octopus balls
Favorite feedingだった( "- do not know what the Chinese is similar to the kind of lunch at school): Jam Bread
Favorite animals: Dogs
Spring: Do you like cherry blossoms, because it is beautiful
Summer: Do you like the sea
Fall: Do you like festivals
Winter: Do you like snow
Which really want to go the places in Japan: Hokkaido
Which really want to go abroad and see: New York
Most wanted: car
The most wanted (money can not buy in): Love
30-year-old when the nagi of what?: Married, my son a good father
Would like to eliminate the past: No, because they were all happy
Can not anyone say that the secret: No
Future aspirations: Arts hotshots

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Recycled Reindeer

Mr. Wonderland 2011 by williamnyk
Mr. Wonderland 2011, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Every year end, mum and I like to go around looking at the Christmas decorations in malls. Last Sunday, we ventured out to The Pavillion after early mass to see if it lived up to expectation. Arrived there at 10:40am, but we immediately walked out to Fahrenheit 88 to have brunch. Was already starving because we did not eat anything before mass. Wanted to try Marutama Ramen because according to KH, it's a famous chain from Japan. We were a tad too early and had to wait about fifteen minutes for them to open shop. In the mean time, we just walked around a bit. Noticed that Santa's sleigh and his reindeers from The Pavillion were recycled and moved to Fahrenheit 88. Nothing goes to waste. Told the cute waiter that I wanted the ramen in chicken broth with pork belly, charsiu and seasoned egg (perfectly done!). A little bit of everything. With nothing much of interest at Fahrenheit 88, we walked back to The Pavillion after sharing that bowl of ramen. Brought mum to the shops that would most likely interest her and at the end of the five hours, she had bought a pair of super pink Reebok sneakers, a blouse, a bra and a wall decoration. I didn't buy anything. As expected, the Christmas trees were done on a grand scale. The whole scene was supplemented by a Hello Kitty carousel and a giant tiered cake. Santa's sleigh was redesigned with red lampu lip-lap, wicker basket style reindeers and Santa himself was represented by a giant Christmas tree bauble. While I was there, Mr. and Mrs. Wonderland was also prancing around in dandy-ish costumes giving out vouchers. Mr. Wonderland turned out to be the hunky model SK Low. Mum took a picture with him le. My eyes were immediately glued to his crotch due to the fact that his pants were very tight and I could tell that his dick was parked South-East! Quite a view! Santa has been kind to me!

Marutama Ramen

Pavillion Wonderland

Paid the MYR15 parking bill (ouch!) and went to Seri Petaling for a simple meal of steamed rice with ginger stewed duck. Once again, shared it with mum. By the time I got home, it was already 4:30pm. Rested a bit and SK picked me up at 6:15pm for dinner at Suria KLCC. A special occassion-- Ken's birthday. Being ever the fickle eater (worse than me by a factor of 10), Ken decided on the venue. My first time dining at Koryo-Won. Predominantly, we had beef-- barbequed and raw (with raw egg, sesame seeds, chopped pear and sauce). For other stuff, we had pancakes and the accompanying side dishes. And as expected, Ken ordered a small bottle of Jinro. Service was a bit slow on that day and they were a bit reluctant to refill our salad wrap, but otherwise good. On the matter of gifts, we got him a Swarovski cross and a red table lamp from IKEA. Suitable for "raising the red lantern" with Apollo we joked. :P. For post-dinner drinks we went to Starbucks. Ordered a green tea latte and found it way to creamy. Could very well had been sucking on an udder. And true to his nature, Lifebook did some last minute shopping at Paul Smith, racking up a pretty sum on his credit card. By the end of the night, my battery had been spent. But all in all, it was a wonderful day out.


Wednesday, November 23, 2011


renovation by Luciphoto
renovation, swiped from Luciphoto on Flickr.

On Friday night, horniness took the better of me and I kinda skanked past my bedtime. As a result, I only woke up at 8:45am, too late for the usual marketing. Fortunately, mum does buy groceries during weekdays so it wasn't critical to go to the OUG wet market. With Cyan in tow, we just went out for breakfast at Seri Petaling wet market. Ate a hearty bowl of fish paste noodles. The stalls were still open, so we went around a bit. Mum just bought fruits because the stalls there sold stuff at a more expensive price. At 1:00pm, I went to SK's apartment to meet the renovator. Needed to discuss the scope of work and iron out the details. Basically, I would be doing the following:

  1. Install grill
  2. Install air conditioner at the living room (35' of tubing)
  3. Install fan and lights
  4. Wiring for fan and light switches and extra power sockets
  5. Plaster ceiling for walkway to cover ugly air conditioner tubing
  6. Put up curtain rods

Total damage is MYR4,200 after SK haggled with him. The grill already took nearly 50% of the cost. :S. I think it shouldn't take long to complete seeing that all the works have no dependency on each other. Went to pay the renovation deposit at the management office and met the Queen of the JMB. She was quite nice and even belanja us makan karipap. Still need to iron out my maintenance fee statement though. They screwed it up! The next step would be for me to engage a real estate agent to canvas for some tenants. Horror stories abound, hopefully I can find a good agent who will eventually land me a good tenant! Time to get some rental income and reduce the burden of servicing the loan. With the apartment being partially-furnished and air-conditioning, hopefully I can fetch a slightly better price. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Favola Friday

Venetian Masks by williamnyk
Venetian Masks, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Being ever resourceful, SK managed to commandeer at Starwood Privilege Card from a friend. The card entitles the holder to 50% off all food items in restaurants that belong to Le Meridien, Westin and Sheraton. So on Friday, SK and I decided to have lunch at Favola, Le Meridien, just a stone's throw from my workplace. The restaurant is located on the eight floor and the interior decoration was kinda nice. I was particularly drawn to whole lot of Venetian masks on the walls. The chairs were tall and comfy and the ceiling looked like the banquet halls of old. The menus were rolled up pieces of thick paper fastened by mini leather belts. In the end, we ordered a couple of chef's recommendations~ Risotto con Cappesante (with pan-seared XL scallops!), Conchiglioni Marinara al Cortoccio (baked in a paper parcel with seafood and Parmesan cheese) and closed with a Illy Coffee-inspired Tiramisu that was large enough for three (I could describe it as a tad under-sweet and the nut cookie topping on top was superb). Quite worth the money actually, especially when you compare it to restaurants outside that serve pastas for over MYR30 with sub-standard ingredients. Business was kinda good for a Friday afternoon. Ever the generous bestie, SK settled the bill-- MYR98 after discount. Not bad right? In the evening, SK and I had to attend a BEC meeting so our dinner was Restoran Kheong Kee, Taman Sri Manja. Just a simple meal of fried kuay teow and Jiangnan noodles. Although we tried our best to speed things along, the meeting dragged on till past 10:00pm. Interestingly, it was our most wired meeting to date with Unifi-powered WIFI, laptops, iPhones and iPads. The minutes of meetings were e-mailed to everyone before the closing prayer was made. That concludes my foodie Friday!


XL Scallops!


P.S.: I patiently await to be flamed for my food selection... but in my defence, I really just ate minimal seafood from the dishes... peace! :P

Monday, November 21, 2011


She asked me to relax.

Was told that I would feel some pain.

She poked me. It wasn't bad.

Stopped a while. And moved around a bit.

She asked me to change positions.

The angle was wrong it seemed.

My poor hands. The doctor was only able to draw blood from my left hand.

Hi guys and gals, this is a follow-up post from my cholesterol shocker the other day. Was very touched that many people were concerned with my health. I did go to see a GP to get some advice on the situation. As expected, the doctor did not trust the results from the pharmacy and ordered for another test. In two days, the nurse called and asked me to see the doctor again. It was confirmed, I have high cholesterol levels. The total cholesterol was a bit lower, but the LDL was still at an ugly level. I was given a piece of paper from the American Heart Association detailing the cholesterol levels of common foods items. And she told me to exercise and come back for check-up in three months. That was it. I was charged MYR20. Oh well. Hopefully I can increase my physical activity (someone suggested the horizantal tango and a protein shake after... but can someone tell me if cum is high in cholesterol?), but I don't really think I can make a major commitment in this area. As for food... I shall try my best! But does that translate to less food porn on my blog?

P.S.: The collage that you see is the after-effect of my rape by the hypodermic needle. :(

Friday, November 18, 2011

Poslaju Sucks

Blackwell's parcel by ark
Blackwell's parcel, swiped from ark on Flickr.

Went to the Poslaju Center at Brickfields to courier some legal documents to my brother to sign. Yes, the lawyer firm finally drew up the documents for the perfection of charge after months and months.

Months ago:

"Fail tu... dah lama kan... emmm... bukan saya in charge la..."

"Err... saya belum buat la. Sekarang saya kerja kat reception. Nanti la bulan depan saya call you semula..."

Pening right? So, I passed the heavy envelope to the woman at the Poslaju counter.

Moi: Ke Singapura.

Poslaju: RM30.

Moi: Er... lekat macam tu je? Tak letak dalam plastik ke?

Poslaju: Plastik tu takde stok.

Moi: Tak koyak ke nanti sampul tu?

Poslaju: Emmm... Insyallah tak koyak.

Moi: (ARGGHHH) Bagi saya celotape tu, saya nak tampal-tampal sikit.

So is it an act of God if my package actually arrives at the destination?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sunday Eats & Exercise

Assam Fish by williamnyk
Assam Fish, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Brisk business for my sister and BIL this year has them working round the clock, seven days a week. As a result, little Cyan is still sleeping over at my place. So on Sunday, he followed us out to church. The kid was well-behaved that day. He just moved around a lot, at least he did not make noise or speak loudly. Halfway through mass, he whacked half a blueberry bun and that kinda spoiled his appetite for lunch. Couldn't even coax him to eat more of his favourite nasi lemak at Heritage Village Cafe. The rice was quite standard. I should let my brother try it the next he is back. In addition to this, mum and I shared a set of steamed rice with assam fish (it was sitting in a mixture of oil and vinegar, but really tasty, they used threadfin, really worth the price), jiu hu char and lobak. After lunch, I went back to the hair products shop at Taman Megah to have the stylist look at my scalp. For some unknown reason, my scalp has been acting up recently causing lots of flaking. Not exactly dandruff, but more like a dry, sensitive scalp. I wonder if its eczema. There has been some improvement since I changed my shampoo, so she told me to give it more time to work. Then it was off to Giant Kelana Jaya again to get a replacement for my mum's Nokia 5220 body kit. The buttons suddenly just fell off. :S. So many problems with her phones these days. Since we were there, mum picked up some groceries.


On the way back, the kid fell asleep in the car. Poor fella was exhausted. At 5:45pm, we dragged him into the car and drove to Taman Bukit Jalil. During the journey, he refused to wake up. The moment my mum mentioned "fountain", he practically jumped up and looked around. He really has a thing for fountains. Brought him to see the fountain at the park and he was excited to see the catfish and tortoise feeding frenzies that happen on a daily basis there. While mum was watching him, I went to do some jogging. My stamina sucked as usual. And when mum's Praise Dance started, I took over the job of watching him. Made him walk another round with me (more fountain and waterfall) and I coaxed him to chase me for a bit. He seemed to have fun. By 7:00pm, he seemed tired, but he refused my offer to help him carry his cute kangaroo knapsack. Dinner was at a nearby food court. Mum decided to order steamed fish head. Unfortunately, the dish took about half an hour to arrive and little Cyan nearly fainted from starvation. He jumped around the table demanding to be fed! LOL. Must have been due to the exercise. The fish was quite tasty and liked the fact that the ginger and garlic was chopped instead of blended. Kinda like James Bond preferring his martini shaken, not stirred. :P. That's all folks.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Here's how little Cyan sings the national anthem:

"Negaraku, rumah tumpahnya darahku..."

I have failed in my many attempts to correct him. LOL. From what I can tell, he sings Bahasa Melayu songs phonetically. Sometimes he combines several words together and mumble them out ala Jay Chou. But at least he sings "Rasa Sayang" very well. Cyan learned it in conjunction with his pre-school sports day. He proudly brought home a silver trophy (a kiddy telematch) which he affectionately calls the "Piston Cup". Watched too much "Cars" apparently. So cute, right?

Monday, November 14, 2011

Cholesterol Is Thicker Than Water

Desktop Blood Test by juhansonin
Desktop Blood Test, swiped from juhansonin on Flickr.
In 2010, I did a yearly blood test at Pathlab and found that my total cholesterol had shot up from borderline high to 7.00 MMOL/L. The recommended range is for it to be lower than 5.20! From then on, I started taking rolled oats every morning and even tried plant sterols that supposedly compete with cholesterol absorption in the bloodstream. I was already very conscious about my diet (no chicken skin and lard) and mum never did believe in fried and oily foods. So, during my morning marketing, I took a simple test at the pharmacy. The results from the handheld device didn't show any improvement. According to it, my LDL had shot up to 5.15 from 4.80! The only good news was that my HDL was slightly higher at 1.56 and my triglycerides dropped from 1.40 to 0.75. The Total Cholesterol / HDL ratio was also slightly better at 4.50. KH consoled me by saying that at least things did not get worse. But truthfully, I expected to see at least some kind of improvement! I plan to go get some medical advice already. Heart disease runs in my family. The two patriarchs died of heart attacks. Should really do something about it. Goodbye egg yolks? Goodbye internal organs? Goodbye prawn heads? In short, no more good food? Gratitude will taunt me every day! Lets see how I can also increase my physical activity. It's gonna be a challenge. Wish me luck!

At noon, I went to my church's Parish Assembly to get to know the state of things. It's the same story each year really. Boring stuff. Luckily I had my iPhone to fiddle with this time round. At around 3:00pm, tea time was declared and SK and I loaded up on fried noodles, sausage buns, red bean kuih and coffee. While the rest were mingling, we made a run for it. Picked SK up from Bandar Puteri Puchong as she left her car there for a Groupon car waxing / polishing treatment (interesting to note that the shop owners pinged SK's gaydar). Next up, we went to buy spare parts for my kitchen faucet. Frustrated that the staff failed to get me a quote after two weeks, I decided to engage the boss instead. She made a call and I immediately left with the spare part in hand. Then we made a cheque drop at Citibank before proceeding to Giant for a quick grocery run. Had a quick drink of coconut water before making my way home. At about 6:15pm, I went out again to send SK to pick up her car. This time round, mum and Cyan tagged along. I revisited the kitchen and bathroom accessory shop AGAIN to pick up a missing piece and stopped at the nearby bakery for a spell. Dinner was a simple meal of soya sauce chicken and chicken soup at home with little Cyan. His parents were working late again due to increased demand for calendars and greeting cards during this final quarter. Signing off.

Friday, November 11, 2011


During a What's App conversation, Nicky05 let loose that Bear was hospitalized for lung collapse! Sounded really serious so I SMS-ed Pikey for further details. Turns out that Bear was having bad health over the past month and he suddenly encountered breathing difficulties. With one day of holiday left, might as well make good use of it by visiting the poor Bear at Selayang Hospital. Reached there at about noon with little hassle on the road. Selayang Hospital is quite large with elevators (full of anti-Anwar Ibrahim graffiti) that wait for no one. And it has a peculiar fountain outside that practically sprays water on to the ground. I guess it doubles as a sprinkler. And the men's room had plenty of propositions for gay sex. The wards were quite large. As we walked in, saw pharmacists preparing medication for the wards. They looked VERY young. Form 3?! The medical assistants seemed gentle and patient, surpassing the standards at some private hospitals I had seen. By the time we got to Bear's bedside, he was already flanked by Pikey (he looks different now, been a long time!), his mum, his sister and relatives. A big audience. Bear was conscious but he looked weak. Took him some effort to speak but at least his breathing wasn't laboured. The catheter in his chest that drained the fluid out seemed to do the trick. He just needs to rest and get his strength up I suppose. It was good that Pikey was sent him to the hospital in time, all the way from Puchong. TV drama material and romantically heroic. But still, the reason for the whole problem is unknown. Spontaneously happened. Later on, Nicky05 (he traded his princess bangs for a spikier look, much better!) and Ichimaru also came.

At about 1:00pm, SK and I left. Went for lunch at a coffee shop in Kepong. MYR15 for a platter of three treasures + chicken liver and a plate of bean sprouts. Not bad at all. Back home, I baby-sitted little Cyan while mum went out to visit a friend who was convalescing at home after some complications from diabetes. Luckily the kid just slept and slept and slept. At 5:00pm, I woke him up, fed him some porridge and bathed him with no tantrums. By 5:30pm, mum was home and I got off my shift. Decided that I should hit the pool to keep up the semblance of a fitness plan. Cyan joined me too! At first he hesitated to step into the pool in his undies (he's a stickler for propriety), but he quickly overcame that. Had fun splashing around in the kiddy pool while my mum kept an eye out. Later on I carried him into the adult pool and the kid refused to show me his moves. Just struggled in the water and tried to climb out by himself. According to his mother, he only swims in the presence of his instructor. :S. My post-swim negation meal came in the form of stewed chicken rice. Mum whipped up a big batch as it was little Cyan's favourite meal-- he calls it "soya sauce rice / black rice". Nom nom nom! So much for my swim. :S.


  P.S.: Still no feedback from Pikey and Bear regarding the efficacy of the PLU grapes that SK bought

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Angry Preacher

The angry preacher ! by Gísli Dúa
The angry preacher !, swiped from Gísli Dúa on Flickr.

Last week's mass was quite interesting. Perhaps the Raya Haji holiday had threw a spannar in the gears. The hymns were wrong. The projectionist did not sync with the choir. The pianist could have very well been drunk. Amazingly, the priest did not have a cow. However, he did sound about something else. He was kinda pissed with the fact that every week, they fish out rubbish from the mass collection. Some parishioners or guests see fit to throw used tissues, money that is not of legal tender and receipts into the collection bag. Having worked with the hospitality ministry for so long, I had never noticed people dropping in anything other than money. I was quite shocked. Secondly, he complained about certain church-goers who park indiscrimanately just because their cars are more luxurious than others. Arguments often break out and tempers flare. Makes one wonder if "Love Thy Neighbour" flies out the window the second your feet steps out of church. He went to the point asking them to leave their cars at home and take the LRT to church! Lastly, my church is kinda notorious for causing traffic snarls on the LDP. Certain inconsiderate drivers directly exit to the LDP via the junction, which is actually a very dangerous thing to do. The priest lamented that the he was already quite tired of frequenting the traffic police headquarters to explain matters and ask for leniency. Opps. Quite a challenging role taking care of one's congregation when more often than not, the priest needs to take care of all these 'trivial' matters that should not happen in the first place. Every job has its shit!

For lunch, mum and I went to KH's favourite wantan mee at Aman Suria. We waited about forty minutes for the food to arrive. And when it did, there was no spring onion and no vegetables. Just noodles, charsiew and dumplings. Even the curry was sold out. Alamak. Thankfully the weather was cool and that definitely helped my patience. On the way home, we stopped at Giant Kelana Jaya to do some grocery shopping. Fernleaf was doing a free BMI consultation, so mum gave it a try. Their dietary consultant was really a hack.

"Erm... erm... your BMI is normal but continue to eat healthily following the food pyramid. As you can see here ah... eats lotsss of carbohydrates. White rice. Bread. Ah, also take more cheese ah... Take little meat..."

Is that the recipe for a slimmer you? Good grief. That night, mum went out for dinner with her friends, so I had to settle dinner. Earlier, KH called me and the horny fellow actually got off over the phone (he had been abstaining due to his exams). Hehe. To substitute for my lack of exercise, I promised KH that I would do lunges and squats at home and that definitely put me off the mood of walking out to hunt for dinner. So, I just cooked a packed of instant noodles. Put in an egg, some pak choy and shimeji mushrooms. The simple meal did the trick and the whole evening was just spent in front of the computer...


Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Landlord in the Making

Lab 101 by williamnyk
Lab 101, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Deviating from the norm, I did not go marketing last Saturday as mum had a breakfast gathering with her friends. I slept in instead and followed SK to work at about 9:00am. She had a job order to produce six facial care products, so she offered me to tag along and see how it was done. before starting work, we had breakfast at Damansara Uptown. Restoran Bintang served up quite a decent plate of Hakka noodles. In just under two hours she whipped up a batch of the products with some leftovers to spare for our own use. Breezed through the whole process while briefly explaining what she was dosing into the beaker. There was a reason for each ingredient and for everything she did there was a trick to balance things out. After dumping everything in ala Chef Wan while making his rendang (everything was agak-agak), she would run the homogenizer. As the assistant, I would be fetching her glassware, filling water and cleaning up. Quite interesting to see. Demystified, it's really just like masak-masak. Before heading home, SK stopped for chu cheong fun at Taman United cause she was already hungry. Shared the plate and drank a bowl of white kidney bean with egg drop tong sui. Lunch proper was lui cha that my mum had packed from Ampang. Quite good, but the condiments were quite oily and the soup lacked oomph. Not enough mint and sweet basil I suspect. For MYR5, the portion was extra large.

Chu Cheong Fun

A couple of hours later, SK fetched me out to buy lights for my apartment. Earlier on, I had already purchased the ceiling fans. I'm just getting the basics to make my apartment rent-ready. Had been nearly a year since I got vacant possession. Since I won't be moving in, might as well generate some income from it. Although I knew what lights I wanted, it still took me two hours to settle the transaction. All the checking and waiting. The shop is perpetually full of customers! At least in the meantime, I distracted myself with a couple of twinks working there. One revealed quite a treasure trail when he raised him arm to turn on the lights. Was so sad to discover that the light shop sold ceiling fans at a lower price. Damn. Temporarily dumped all the stuff at SK's apartment while waiting for the grill to be installed at my place. Still have to meet the contractor too. As expected, prices have all went up. T.T. Later that night, mum went out for a function at Thean Hou Temple, so it was my job to bring little Cyan out for dinner. He bawled when my mother left the house. Had to drag him in and later dump him in the car. Met up with his parents at Restoran BB Seafood, Kuchai Lama. The initial plan was to eat at Restoran TKS, but that shop closed down. Ate a little bit too much-- marmite chicken (quite well done), stir-fried kale, hot plate bean curd, steamed egg (Cyan commandeered the whole plate) and steamed tilapia.

Look Up

Work In Progress

For dessert, we went to Hong Kong Dessert at Entrepreneurs Park cause SK's granny loves the almond paste there. I ordered the Red Bean Cake with Coconut Water. Creamy, but a tad too sweet for me. Cyan shared a bowl of Durian and Purple Glutinous Rice with his mum. Surpisingly, the tyke liked it. In my opinion, a nice place for dessert, but the parking situation is horrible. Be prepared to double or triple park. I honked my horn for five minutes before the driver who blocked my car turned up. Lepas tu balik rumah lo...

Hong Kong Dessert

Monday, November 07, 2011

Skulking at the Warehouse

Lavazza by williamnyk
Lavazza, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Lifebook gave us a heads up that Bata was having a warehouse sale at Viva Home, so we fired up the GPS and headed there in the morning. Believe it or not, Bata put up a giant billboard on the pedestrian bridge across Jalan Loke Yew just to promote the event. Everything was priced at MYR5 and MYR10. The shoes were new and all sizes were available. Never seen a more sincere and genuine warehouse sale in my life. Mum and SK bought more than ten pairs in total. Truly cheap. Even saw an imitation of the Betula that I was wearing. Ish. For lunch, we walked in Lavazza Cafe. The decor was quite unique with retro floral chairs at one end and Mad Hatter high-backed style in another. I ordered the Hawaiian-style pasta (imagine a carbonara with coconut milk) with roasted chicken and SK ordered the beef burger. The burger patty was impressive. I liked the taste and the texture. Left soon after lunch and headed on home. However, I took a wrong turn and headed towards MINES instead. Since I made that wrong turn, we visited another warehouse sale instead-- Ms. Read. I stopped the car at the MINES 2 car park to let little Cyan sleep, while mum went to shop for clothes from her favourite brand. Letting SK's granny watch the kid a while, I went down to the mall to pee and look around. Primarily dominated by telco shops and kiosks. Spied one guy who looked a bit like Wilbur Pan. Did not manage a point blank shot of his face. Sigh. Other than that, it was very empty. A lala KTV contest was also going on. After about one hour, SK gave me the green light to go pick them up. According to her, the shop was full of people and even the lack of changing rooms did not stop the women from taking off their clothes to try the items on! That concludes my whole day of warehouse sales... :S

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Art Lovers

Art Expo Malaysia 2011 I by williamnyk
Art Expo Malaysia 2011 I, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Received a notification from SK that POD was in town on Thursday to attend Art Expo Malaysia 2011 at the MATRADE Building near Jalan Duta. He had VIP tickets so he asked us to tag along to the event. It was the official launching before it was open to the public, so we got the chance to rub shoulders with the who's who of the art scene. Sad right? That sentence actually fails to impress even myself because I don't even who is who in the art scene. LOL. The royal patrons was the royalty from Perlis and when the VIPs arrived, I did not recognize any of them. We thought they would be checking tickets, but apparently not. Just waltzed right in. By the time we arrived, POD had just came in by taxi from LCCT. Collected the one inch thick guide book from the information counter and proceeded to browse the art. Although the guide book listed a whole list of participating countries, I felt that the bulk of the booths were from Singapore, Malaysia and China. POD introduced us to several of his clients. Roving, my eyes caught sight of several upper class gay lous with preppy clothing and high hair. Most of the other visitors also looked rich and cultured, except when they were busy trying to snap photographs of all the art. Filled our tummies with some sandwiches, fruit tarts and red wine. Didn't take us long to cover all the ground. Gave our muah muah and left the venue.

Art Expo Malaysia 2011 II

Friday, November 04, 2011

Man On The Street: Watch Me

SK needed to change her watch's battery, so I walked into a shop in OUG and found this cutie. Tall, fair, spiky hair and a nice build. This was my third attempt. Not too flattering an angle, methinks. Too bad I screwed up two chances to get his side profile. Maybe next time. Took him very little time to change the battery. I reluctantly paid the MYR12 and peeled my eyes away. I showed this photo to WZ and he actually managed to tell me where he was from! Seems that he had stalked this cutie long before me!

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Food for the Soul

Food Street by williamnyk
Food Street, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Travelled to Teluk Intan again for two reasons. One was for All Soul's Day (decided to do it early to avoid any Raya Haji madness) and the other was to settle some of mum's legal issues. Don't worry, not litigation, but conveyancing. In order to kill two birds with one stone, had take a day off and depart on a Friday. Woke up 4:30am that day to get ready. Goodness. However, my BIL did not turn up until 6:30am. Didn't really matter since we made good time on the road and arrived in town at about 9:00am. Had to switch drivers halfway after BIL realized that he did not bring his wallet! Luckily I managed to catch some forty winks during the early part of the journey. First things first, we went to the market for some breakfast. Some turf wars were going on between the hawker stalls so we split into two tables. BIL, sis and bro had yellow sticky rice, nasi lemak and economy fried noodles while mum and I went for curry noodles and the delicious lai fun. Lai fun is basically thick rice noodles. Looks like what you have in assam laksa, but the chewy version you eat nowadays is a fake version. We also bought plenty of Anson chu cheong fun. Yummy-licious stuff! So far all that I had tasted in KL were poor immitations. Next, we went shopping at Sin Joo Heong for their heong peng and vermicelli. Didn't buy any for myself, just for colleagues. Before visiting my dad's grave, we bought flowers and fruits. As usual, St. Anthony's Cemetery was well kept. Did not have to do much cleaning at all. Said our prayers, contemplated a while and quickly fled from the sun. Walked over to St. Anthony's Church to offer mass and did some chatting with the parish priest. So sad to hear that some petty thief broke in and carted away the money from the offering boxes and even the one at the grotto. Even small towns aren't so safe anymore.

Spicy Start

Long Rice

Being a small town, the legal firm was just a stone throw's away too. Haha. Went up and met the lawyer. The whole deal took about an hour but luckily my mum would no longer need to come for any signing. Just need to wait for the cross-transfer to happen once the Menteri Besar's office OKs the application. All this could have been avoided if my late dad and uncle bought their homes in a straightforward manner. Never ever involve more than one party in all these things. And do write up a will! Doing things with a Letter of Authority is expensive and time-consuming. In all that time, little Cyan stayed in the car and even managed to take a shit in the Avanza. Then we went to visit my aunt who had just had her gall-bladder removed. And my fourth cousin was down with chicken pox, so had to shy away from my pregnant sister. Also met my third cousin who had just come home bringing his new girlfriend. For lunch, we ate at the nearby Restoran Man Chong. Five of use, giant portions of sweet and sour chicken, guiness stout pork ribs, claypot beancurd and vegetables-- the bill came to only MYR55. Practically had to glue my jaw back up. I drove back and halfway through I was sooooo sleepy. Reached home at about 4:00pm... Another trip to Hilir Perak settled.

Uniquely Anson