Thursday, March 31, 2011

Finding Fuzhou

Failed Fuzhou
With Sunday Mass and Stations of the Cross done, SK, mum and I headed out to cari makan tengah hari. SK suggested Old Fuzhou, Damansara Kim. Obviously famous looking at the Sunday weekend crowd. Waited for a while before we were seated inside by the tai-tai-looking lady boss. Ordered two of their famous dishes-- red wine chicken and Fuzhou fish balls. Both failed me. I found the soup too watered-down for my liking. But one must admit that they use a better stock of chicken rather than the usual supermarket variety. The fishballs costed us MYR1.59 per piece and it was just of normal size. The texture was a disaster. Soft. 'Crumbles' in your mouth. :S. Perhaps that's the genuine Fuzhou style, but I'm not going back there again. Then we walked down the row of shops to "Above Treasures". A very interesting Christian gift shop. According to the woman manning it, the shop is affiliated with "Sweet Incense", a Christian group formed just 5 years ago. Lots of Jewish paraphanelia. Prawer shawls, menorah, items with Hebrew inscriptions, antelope horns, rainsticks, models of the Ark of the Covenant, and etc. Makes me wonder about their religious denomination. Seems a bit orthodox.

Then we went over to The Empire for some shopping. Checked out the Norwegian Food Fair there. Bought some freshly-baked wholemeal bread, canned salmon fillets and some pickled red herring. Mum bought a pair of cubic zirconia earrings, a pair of Skechers running shoes and a pair of Hush Puppies moccasins. Bundled it all up as her coming birthday present. Always a super challenge trying to figure out what to get her. Sis and Bro were relieved at my announcement that the shopping was done. Wakakaka.

P.S.: It's my brother's birthday today. Happy Birthday Gor!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

MarketWhat(tm): Sick Sally

Bring it on!
Overheard at the OUG Wet Market:

"Oh no! It's gonna rain. You better go find some shelter lest you get sick!"

"Cheh! Sick ma sick lo. Sick ma go see doctor and MC lo."

"But if you sick ma san fu lo. Not feel well."

"Don't work I feel even better! No need to go office. No need to think! If sick, go Midvalley Megamall also can!!!"

Got to love her point of view. :P

Monday, March 28, 2011

Salah Sambal

Sambal yang sedap?
This is container full of sambal at Restoran Leong Ya Indah. Looks 'lovely' doesn't it? All immersed in oil. Went there with ChatMate some weeks back. At a glance, doesn't it look like the byproduct of an 'explosive' session on the porcelain throne?

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Microsoft Loves You

Last last (so sue me) Thursday, my colleagues and I went to Tropicana City Mall to watch Battle: Los Angeles. A free movie night sponsored by the rich folks at Microsoft. An ISV Appreciation Night. Basically it means, thanks for using the Microsoft platform to develop your software products which in turn helps us sell our expensive software licenses. And so we get a free movie ticket. Arrived at 6:00pm for some refreshments. Mee Siam, sandwiches, sardine puffs and etc. Went to get some tea and I found nearly 60% of the teacups contaminated by some kind of black ash. It's like someone was using the teacups as an ashtray. Believe or not, the waiter just picked up a cup with the biggest, baddest chunk of ash and poured in the Lipton tea. I stared at him with my eyes bulging. He finally got the cue and used another cup. =_+. Before going in, we also got to redeem popcorn and Coke. Bumped into two ex-colleagues. Such a small world.

The movie was "KA-BOOM" fiesta from start to finish. See how an unwilling hero beats the odds by defeating a powerful enemy and at the same time earning the respect of him team. Typical. There was a hint of a love interest, but they didn't develop that plot. Else it would have been complete. Grat and Jino complained that they had a headache after watching it. I guess the director did favour a little bit of the "Blair Witch Project" approach, but it was still OK for me la. KH is wondering whether it is suitable for him since he has bouts of vertigo now and then. I think its fine kwa as there is no physical movement involved.

P.S.: The most frequently heard word in the movie: "Imlay".

Friday, March 25, 2011

Flu Season

Flu Season
Swiped from Daniel Y. Go.
Can a doctor or pharmacist explain to me why flu medication like Clarinase and Zyrtec-D affect urine flow? Anyone else with the same side-effect?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

All Drugged Up

Pill Mandala
Swiped from ms.maisol.
Couldn't take the constant coughing and hiccuping (weird combination), so I went to see the doctor. She looked very motherly in her blue saree. The same doctor who helped me dislodge the naughty fish bone some months back.

"Show me your throat."


"Good. Good. Most patients don't know how to do it." (experience from BJs? :P)

"BP is good. Lungs are clear. No gas. But you have a slight fever. 37.5."

"No pain on your face. So I guess the sinuses are clear."

"Time to go home. Better not be spreading germs!"

I went to the dispensary to collect my medicine. Cough mixture. Clarinase. Amoxicillin. Polaramine. Paracetamol. Antacids. It's been a long time since I've been so drugged up. With the MC in hand, I sat in the office until after lunch time. Went for a meeting at my head office and at 3:30pm, left for home. :P. KH and ChatMate were 'upset' at my stubbornness. And I wonder how many pathogens I let loose?

P.S.: Feeling better now. 80% of my old self? Still coughing, but the phlegm is not so icky. Bowels are now a little irritable... wonder if my body is trying to purge out all the toxins!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Romance of the Three Kingdoms: End

I've finally finished all 95 episodes of "Three Kingdoms"! Quite a feat, eh? My curiosity has been satisfied. Nearly everyone died and still things were not settled. Watching it is much better than reading the translated version online. Couldn't make heads or tails of things due to the archaic presentation. Here are some funny observations from the series:
  1. Loss, failure, anger and regret can cause totally healthy men to cough up blood and die (thumbs up!)
  2. If after they cough up blood and NOT die, their hair turns white overnight(thumbs up!)
  3. In the 3800 minutes of screen time, I think less than 60 minutes were dedicated to the female characters
  4. Generals can down 10 foot soldiers with one swoop of the halberd

But the part about coughing blood is accurate. Apparently it features in the text. On to my next series, "倚天屠龙记"!

P.S.: ChatMate is now watching the series. See whether he can add on anything.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sunday Hot & Cold

Swiped from williamnyk.
Note: Backpost!

T'was a hot Sunday. Would have melted in church if not for the air-conditioning. Was formally inducted into the hospitality ministry. Saw my name hastily scrawled into the roster. Since it was the First Sunday of Lent, did the Stations of the Cross after mass. Took a REALLY late lunch after that at Restoran 747. I thought the crowd would be less at such a time, but I was wrong. The coffee shop was super hot and stuffy. The cup of iced Milo I ordered was finished way before my char siew wantan mee arrived. The problem was exacerbated by the fact that the seller uses very high heat to cook his noodles. Beats me why. And he did a most peculiar thing-- his gas cylinders were put inside plastic tubs and he would periodically pour boiling water into it! Does anyone know the logic behind this?! (other than risk blowing himself up). Wolfed down the food when it finally arrived. Partly due to hunger, but mostly due to the undies-wetting heat. Before heading home, I took a detour to SS17 to eat the cendol at the wet market. Took some random turnings before I finally found the place. Talk about luck. Business was brisk. Mum spied the rojak and we ended up eating again. I would say that the cendol there is excellent for KL standards. My only grouse is how kiam siap the seller is with the shaved ice. The rojak gravy was good, but the squid was not crispy and it lacked cucumber. Whatever the case, I was compensated with a couple of Cendol Cuties.


Back home, I napped for about forty minutes, but it wasn't quite quality sleep due to the fact that I had wake up three times to pick up calls from my Sis and nephew. T_T. At about six, went swimming with my Sis and Cyan. Had fun playing "Jaws" with him. Hahahaha. Dinner was at Restoran Taman Equine. Typical choice of steamed tilapia, beancurd and vegetable. Standard fare. The kid was falling asleep halfway through dinner, so we quickly finished up and called it a night.

LPG Safety

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Swiped from jobarracuda
It's already the Second Sunday of Lent
Flowers are absent in the church.
Bells are not rung. Chimes are not struck.
Alleluia and Gloria do not fall on our lips.
We retrace the Way of Sorrow.

I guess it's time to go back to basics and reflect what is really important to us.
To pray, and to listen to really listen...

Saturday, March 19, 2011

MarketWhat(tm): Ayam Teruna

Overheard at United Garden Wet Market:

"I wanna buy virgin chickens. Males."

"Erm. The chickens run around. We don't monitor their shagging."

"You don't?!"

Putting all the jantan together and you may have some avian sodomites. Solitary confinement then? Cost too high. Perhaps she should go for chicks instead. Wonder if I should walk into KFC one day and pull the same stunt...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

LRT Celebrities: The Third Leg Revealed

A continuation from my post about Flying Kick Kirk. People seem curious about the third leg in the picture. So here you have it, the full picture. The exposé. Did you guys picture them differently? I'm not sure if they're a couple, but they seem pretty close. Good friends perhaps.

P.S.: I'm still down with the flu. My phlegm is in Christmas colours of green and red (ouch!) and I hiccup after drinking water or have a meal. KH even asked me whether that would hinder me giving me a blowjob. A valid question. A valid question. :P

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

LRT Celebrities: Flying Kick Kirk

If you're a fan of mou lei tou HK comedies, I'm sure you've watched scenes where someone attempts to do a flying kick and ends up stuck on a wall or on a fence. The end result is the poor fellow being carried away stuck in the flying kick stance. Today's LRT Celebrity, Flying Kick Kirk pays tribute to that. Look at how he sits. You would agree with me that he got stuck on a fence or wall just two days ago. Poor fella. To supplement today's entry is a Japanese tourist that I spied on the same monorail route. Speaking of Japan, my prayers go out to the poor people who had been devastated by the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis there! The picture was taken during happier times for Japan.

When will I see you again...?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Chatty ChatMate

Making new friends is always fun, especially when you click well with them. ChatMate is one such case. If memory serves me (it rarely does these days), it all started from Pooh's "I Hate Monday" e-mail threads. Then detected his presence on FB and we started messaging each other there. Think it was because he was a Catholic too, or perhaps I did it on a whim (or most probably cause he appreciates the value of good pair of underwear). Blah-ed and blah-ed on FB and after we had both passed each other psycopath detection test, we exchanged phone numbers. And lo and behold... he also uses What's App! But he uses it on the 'inferior' HTC phone. ^_^. For some weird reason we could chat about everything under the sun. But knowing me, skank is always high on the list. In just three weeks we had gotten to know much about each other, although I admit he was a tougher nut to crack with his semi-secretive nature. But he chose to open up to me rather well. Hehe. And sometimes I read him like a book which usually produces a "Yer..." from him. Reminds me very much of my Presidential Di, Silencer.


Turned out that he had resigned from his job and would be stopping by in KL before heading back to East Malaysia for a stint. So I grabbed the chance to meet him. He stayed with his cousin in Serdang, so it was easy for me to meet him on the night of his arrival for a short yumcha session. Quite a nice chap to talk to, although not as playful in person. Tall, with a skewed grin. Interestingly, he found me to be a little chuen (arrogant / inch). Perhaps cause he let me bully him. Haha. Passed him a whole bunch DVDs containing episodes of "Three Kingdoms". The next we met was during the weekend. SK and I fetched him and brought him to lunch at Restoran Leong Ya Indah for YTF. He ate like a woman in a girdle two sizes too small. Goodness. One would expect someone of his build to have a healthier appetite. Next up, we headed to Pavilion for a movie. To kill time, SK went shopping at Tangs. She had been eyeing a Daniel Yam dress there for ages now and the moment she saw that it was 50% off, she grabbed it. However, it turned out to be a mistake.

"Sorry miss, this tag is from our last sale. The system won't allow the discount now. Come back on the 12th for our Preview Sales."

"I don't care. It's your mistake. I want the dress now!"

That's SK for you. She managed to get the dress 'reserved' for her until the sale starts. Unheard of, kan?! At 2:15pm, we walked up to GSC to watch "I Am Number Four". Sat right next to my colleague. Such a small world. A forgettable movie. Shallow plot. But Alex Pettyfer's torso made up for the weaknesses in the movie. But I had to hush my skanky comments to ChatMate due to the close proximity of my colleague! Emerging from the cinema, we went scouting for SK's coffee machine. Bumped into Adrienz on the 6th floor. I was peeing at the urinal when at the corner of my eye I spied a lanky fellow tousling with his hair like Rapunzel at the mirror. Walked over to the sink to wash my hand and voila, it hit me-- Adrienz!! He was hunting for a white shirt so we followed him to Zara a while before parting ways at Illy Espressamente.

Due to the rain, Illy was full. CBTL was full. Dome was full. We had to venture to Pacific Coffee. Did more chit-chatting and some camwhoring. Discovered that he has some very straight interests. Knows a lot about cars-- to the level of engines, makes and models. Watches football too. If he started talking about abalone, I wouldn't be suprised. It was getting late, so we paid the parking ticket and spent fifteen minutes looking for the car since nobody remembered its exact location. :S. Luckily we made it out before the ticket expired. It rained heavily outside. Dropped him off at his cousin's place and said our goodbyes. Until next time.

P.S.: ChatMate, you owe me a hug!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Snake? Fish?

This is my colleague's iPhone pouch (before it was stolen by fucking snatch thieves, but that is not the topic of today's post). According to her, it's a fish. But to me... just fold in the two fins and voila~ you get a dick head!


Yes, yes... my mind is stuck in gear kuning. Can't really blame me la... the drought has been long and hard...

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Man In The Mirror

Swiped from
A fortnight ago, CMon had been messaging me frequently on What's App regarding his relationship status. It went from attached to single to cooling off period. I tried my best to advise him although I had no practical experience. Had to turn on my Agony Aunt mode every morning to placate him. I really don't know if I said the 'right' things. And some of the things I said were pretty harsh and brutally honest. That I know for sure. Plus, the risk is always there that my 'good intentions' are misconstrued and I might end up the bad guy! I realize that it's easy to tell someone to let go and stop regretting past decisions, but in lessons of love, we learn things the hard way. Reflecting on what I said to him, I wonder if I can really swallow my own bitter medicine if KH and I were on the rocks one day (choi choi choi! Touch wood!). Sigh. Dunno la. Matters of the heart are never easy to solve, if they ever have a solution. I hope I never have to cross that bridge... but if that ever happens, I wonder if I'll have someone to dish me the same hard truths...

P.S.: I've not heard from CMon since the day he reconciled with his BF a week ago. So I guess no news is good news.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Fish & Ice Cream

Swiped from williamnyk.
Post-mass lunch on Sunday was at Restoran Yat Yeh Hing, just across the LDP from my church. I've been going to St. Iggie Church for years and have not tried the famous Bentong chicken rice there! Also discovered a well-packed BKT shop nearby. Will give it a try next time. The chicken rice place was horrible. One had to pounce on an empty table. And the orders took some time to arrive. Customers while away the time by drinking bowls and bowls of their pre-hypertension soup. It was a salty and peppery affair with lots of chicken feet and radish. The portions were large (the bill came to MYR18 for two persons) and the chicken very smooth (they only serve Hainanese chicken rice). Unfortunately, the chicken was quite tasteless. For dipping sauce, we were given a mixture of stir-fried chilli and garlic. Spoiled by the oiliness and sweetness. On such a hot day, nearly everyone was downing a big cup of iced umbra juice with their meal. Interestingly, my mother pointed out one of the service staff to me:

"Look at that aunty. Her head looks like a dragon fruit."


"Yeah. Short, spiky hair. Dyed to such a shade of red!"


Later in the evening, I went swimming while mum attended Lim Kit Siang's 70th birthday bash at Shah Alam Convention Center. I swam my laps and at the end of my workout, Grat and SK came back from a drink at the nearby A&W. Chatted for a while at the poolside. Then a suspected gay uncle made an appearance in his Arena trunks. As he did his laps, Grat thought that he was moving closer and closer to my ass everytime he touched the end. He suggested that I move over a little bit to expedite things. :S. Having worked up an appetite, we went to dinner at Bandar Puteri Puchong. Wanted to do Awet Thai, but Grat lou gai so we dined at Ikan Bakar Sekinchan on a whim. A malay joint that has quite good business but lousy staff. Plenty of Chinese and Malay patrons. Ordered two kembung, two calamari and one stingray for MYR77. Not cheap! After dinner, we shopped at Giant for some groceries. Was amused to see how Grat's eyes lit up seeing the free gift that came with his 10kg pack of rice. :P.

Hot and Cold

Before calling it a night, Grat treated us to Baskin Robbins nearby. They finally brought back Jamocha Almond Fudge (damn those calories!)-- Mel's favourite flavour from our university night excursions at Jalan Telawi. Such fun days of bitching and gossiping and holding hands for machas to stare at us. LOL. At BR, we were served by a very sunny Malay staff. A 100 Megawatt smile. Luckily Grat had the ice cream to cool down. Wakakakaka. Later on, a couple in their 40s walked in to share a whole ice cream cake. Paktor yang mengalahkan yang muda-muda. A fun night. Definitely a fun night.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Sa Chap
Swiped from williamnyk.
Happy Birthday Dear! Today marks the day that you join me in Club 30! Hehe. Somehow this song comes to mind...


That was an excerpt from 赵咏华's ":最浪漫的事".
I never realized how touching the lyrics were until i listened to it intently during an LRT ride home from work one evening. Made me feel a bit emo.
Yes, the most romantic thing I can think of is growing old with you...

P.S.: OMG! OMG! I still have not bought a present!!! Ideas are welcome! TQ!

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Banquet Celebrities(tm): Hunk From Another World

A Wedding Lunch (the hunk is watching the waitress mutilate the pomfret)
About a month back, I received an SMS from my laywer, J inviting me to his wedding lunch.

"Eh, wait a minute, didn't I recently hear about his baby's full moon?!"

Modern parents. The sequence is all wrong. Haha. It was held at Grand Imperial, USJ19 City Mall, USJ19 (no surprise here). Such an unimaginative name. But at least it had free parking. Horrible interior. Kinda like Summit USJ. I foresee a zombie-like existence for its tenants. Arrived at noon only to find that only twenty percent of the guests had arrived. Ugh. Took my seat and exchanged pleasantries with a rich-looking woman in her 30s.

"You ever been here?"

"I think it opened not long ago. An abandoned project."

"Yup, abandoned for ten years. It belonged to my uncle."

First clue. Then J came over to talk to us. She shook his hand and we have clue number two.

"J! Congratulations! Sorry, but gotta talk business for a while. You see, I have this client and i put this MYR300,000 bank draft with him..."

Waited and waited. Somehow she started on Gaddafi. We started Wiki-ing about Libya and discussing the issue. Later on, SK arrived and we killed time by shopping for iPhone covers and looking at GPS. At 1:15pm, lunch was served. The food was so-so. I did not eat much at all as I was a bit feverish. Cherry was quite amused at what picky eaters we were. But she couldn't blame us~ The sharks fin soup was too thick and the prawns were practically a mess of decapitated prawns swimming in oil and lemon juice. The fish wasn't fresh and the rice was too soft. Along the way, the other guests at my table started talking about properties, loans and business opportunities. Cherry asked one of the bankers:

"You work for Maybank? What's the interest rate like? I want to finance my MYR993,000 property from LBS."

Ta-dah! Clue number three. Goodness. Was quite boring throughout. Luckily there was one eye candy at my table. Looked like a Jap baseball player or something. Slight creases at the eyes, but that kinda adds to his personality. SK and I were the earliest to leave as she had another appointment in Klang. Congratulations again to J and wifey!

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Birthday at the Stadium

SK is not one for nonsense. And so when it came to her birthday, she was particular about the guest list and firm with the venue. And seeing that BeautifulMale's birthday went by without a proper BFF do, we roped him in as one of the VIPs for the night. Dinner was at Restoran Stadium Negara, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng. Decided to try it after getting some feedback from Venge. Among the other guests were JL, JJ, Bunny, KT and her BF. A small group. KT came the latest. Poor JL was so hungry that we had to order him a plate of Fried Singapore Bihun to keep his crakiness in check. Before we ate, BeautifulMale opened up his presents first. We asked him to pose with the red 2xist briefs and the red STUD swimtrunks. Amused by his antics, the Indonesian waitress told him to wear the skanky articles of clothing on his head. :P. Too bad he did not oblige.


When my mei finally arrived, we asked the kitchen to proceed with the order of Grilled Sri Lankan Crabs (something that I rarely eat and I found it real good), Grilled Calamari (thumbs up! moist and flavourful), BBQ Chicken Wings (beats Restoran Wong Ah Wah!), Chilli Balitong, Stir-fried Kailan, Chilli-Salt Mantis Prawn (too dry, no original taste) and Sweet and Sour Crabs (I've had better, but the crabs were really meaty). Did a whole lot of cam-whoring after the meal and moved to Full House down the road. It's no secret that I despise the place, but since it was so near... tak kisah la. The stupid waiter told us they were full, padahal there were plenty of empty tables. Stupid. Eventually, we were given a table.


I drank their melon bubble tea. JL and BeautifulMale ordered something with special type of "bubbles". Very reminiscent of ikura. Wicked. KT drank something with a whole lot of lavender inside... kinda like drinking hand soap. :P. Noticed that the place really attracts a lot of gays. Wonder if having MP nearby is a factor. At 10:30pm, we called it a night and headed home. Once again, Happy Belated Birthday to SK and Beautiful Male!

Friday, March 04, 2011

Ang Ku Kueh

Ang Ku Kueh
Swiped from williamnyk.
On the first and fifteenth day of the lunar calendar, I get to eat ang ku kueh. A treat from my colleague. He would bring at least ten pieces! Wondering why? The food's from his altar! It's a rarity for young people to have an altar in their homes. Most would be clueless about the rituals and couldn't care less about putting incense and being mindful of the important dates. My colleague does. He prays to Guan Yin. I have no qualms about eating it as to me it is just food (I'm Catholic in case you don't know). But having it every two weeks does make it kinda scary! Haha. I told him that Guan Yin is probably bored of ang ku kueh, so better buy something else!

Thursday, March 03, 2011

CNY X: Shanghai Stunts

Attended a Chinese New Year Celebration Dinner organized by the Archdiocesan Chinese Language Apostolate Commission and Jesus Caritas Chinese Apostolate Council. That was a real mouthful. A plantain mouthful. :O. At MYR60 a pop for dinner, entertainment and charity, it was quite a steal actually. SK and I allocated about 45 minutes to get there. Ample time really, but we took a wrong turn. The venue was at HGH Convention Center, Jalan Sentul. We were supposed to get off at Dynasty Hotel, but somehow, we ended up at the other end of Jalan Ipoh. It rained and the traffic on Jalan Kuching was not pretty as usual. Our seats were near the back of the hall, so when half-naked Shanghainese acrobats came on stage, I was a bit disappointed. Had to make the best of my digital zoom. More performances after the speeches. Typical non-Cirque du Soleil fare. Tacky lycra. Contortionists. Hat jugglers. Balancing acts. Shaolin kung fu. Bed of nails. Getai performer and last but not least, a Face-Changer (accompanied by a theme song... pian lian! pian lian! pian lian, pian lian, pian lian...!). Food was from a caterer in Sekinchan. So-so je. But the service was amazing. A change of plates after every meal. Pity the kitchen staff. The only grouse was that the warm water they served was actually warm Sprite. Don't know how that happened. :S. Some random twinks among the guests, but I had no chance to take any pics. A fun night none-the-less.


Wednesday, March 02, 2011

MarketWhat(tm): Bad Parenting

Overheard at Taman OUG Wet Market. A mother is with her son at one of the roadside stalls selling toys...

"Faster choose la! What toy you want!"

(The kid was terrifed and keeps mum)

"I don't have all day! I have to go to work you know!?"

"Is it that bubble thing?!"

(The seller brought the toy over for the kid to inspect)

"Nah, bubble ah! You know how to play or not! Not to drink one ah! Know or not!"

Felt like slapping that woman. The whole reason for buying the toy was to make her child happy. And yet... Can you feel the love?

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The Pooh Patrol

Pooh and Denniz was down in KL again for their seminar thing so I nipped over to Maluri to meet him for lunch. This time round, I came from MEX Highway, so the drive was much better! Upon arriving at the lobby, I saw Mark and beckoned him to get into the car. Noticed another guy behind him, so I assumed it was Denniz. The fella just stood there not knowing what to do. Was wondering if he needed a formal invitation card. Turned out to be some other guy! So, I met J.Lo for the first time. Shy fella. Denniz was out kau zhai-ing somewhere. You know how much I hate Cheras, so I was definitely at a loss about where to eat. I thought eating at the nearby Jusco would be a good choice. Parked there and found the choices really lacking. We walked out instead to scout the area for better eats. Luckily the sun was hiding behind some clouds, else I would have been cranky. The funny thing was that we ended up at Hoong Kee Seafood Noodle House, right outside where we came from. =_=||. Pengz. Tak kisah la. Sat down and ordered dry Hakka noodles with garoupa slices, kuay teow soup with kurau slices, seafood tomyum bihun and a bowl of dumplings. Quite good actually, but the tomyum was a tad sweet. The fish slices were also quite fresh. Talked and talked and talked until Pooh's ass was set on fire by the encroaching sun, so we moved to the nearby Old Taste Kopitiam after SK joined us.

Managed to talk to ZaiZai on the phone. In case you don't know, he's my kiddy (and piggy) alter ego residing in Penang. Since we share the same name, I got him to sanction that my presence equals his presence, so I have dibs on Pooh's famous pecs. Hehe. Lotsa talk on work, relationships and politics. Was fun to kacau the oh-so-innocent J.Lo. Wakaka. Never short of a facepalm moment. As usual, Pooh asked me when I would be going up to Penang. Um. Um. Um. Hehe. Don't worry! I definitely want to visit the Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion and Boom Boom Room!