Wednesday, August 04, 2010

St. Iggy Saturday

Black Money
Swiped from Brian Howell.
Went to the market on Saturday with a few surprises in store. Firstly, DBKL contractors were clearing the bushes at the Taman United Market. I did not want to walk near as they were swinging 2-feet long machetes above head level. With people bustling below them, it was just like a freak accident waiting to happen. Don't worry, no "Final Destinaton" scene happened, but they did find some 'treasure' in the bushes! If you guessed snake... then you're wrong. It was a packet of Black Money. It's sad that people get sucked into these kind of scams. Greed is a strong thing and it overrides logic! Even the scratch-and-win schemes are alive and well along Jalan Tun Sambanthan. Ish. At the OUG market, a shady Malay guy was selling boxes of American Ginseng wrapped in brown paper packages.

"Suka hati you nak bayar berapa la..."

Can you imagine buying such a thing? Eeek. Breakfast was at Kuchai Lama. The famous dim sum shop at the row of shops really screws up all the parking spaces. Ish. Nak makan mee kari pun susah! Ended putting the car at the car wash while we had breakfast. Bad news for SK as the curry mee turned her tummy upside down that day. After breakfast, we went home and not long after, SK and I went out to settle stuff with her renovator and the management office. Chose the tiles, cabinets and finalized on the renovation details. Paid the downpayment too. Experienced the kepeningan at the management office. The Malay guy was clueless. The Indian guy just sat there playing FB. SK was writing a cheque for the renovation deposit and the guy wasn't sure what name to put as the payee:

"Erm, you letak 'The Management' la."

"Eh, you sure cek tu boleh clear ke macam ni?"

Amazing isn't it? Lunch was at home with mum. Had a simple soup with vegetables. At around 5:15pm, we headed out to church for the Parish Feast Day, celebrating St. Ignatius of Loyola. The last day of the tridiuum. We skipped all the boring talks and headed straight for the final mass and fellowship. Hehe. Food was mediocre. Tough curry chicken, extra-salty omelette, tasteless blanched vegetables, fried dumplings, fish fillet, fruits and soya bean. I took two cups of it and I felt pain in the middle of my abdomen. Shit. Hit the Beans Bonanza again.

St. Ignatius of Loyola by Peter Paul Rubens

We weren't quite satisfied with dinner, so we headed to Al-Azwath, Taman Equine. Called Peng to join us. Ordered some limau panas to wash down the curry chicken. SK ordered a naan set that three of us shared. Very satisfying. Quite a surprise that they gave sardine curry that actually came with pieces of sardines! And I loved their dhaal. Went to bed with a smile on my face. :P (But I had other reasons for that).


Skyhawk said...

Keen to know the smile you had before sleep...must be something sweet!

Cheryl said...

the mamaks are most satisfying meal of the day! ")

Gratitude said...

free bazaar food alwiz sux!

kidz said...

hey... i think i went to a dimsum store there too!! 2 shop lot and u can grab ur own dimsum... not sure if it is the same one but the street is really crowded with food stores and they all look good!

William said...

Is phone sex sweet?

We also do mamak these days. Haha.

Free pun nak komplen kan?

I think not the same. The name is Kam Hin.

carpe diem said...

Come to my territory oso never invite or come and pay homage...serves u parking space.

nicky05 said...

Sweet love thinking about KH....haha

TZ said...

so the cheque that address The Management... is it able to clear? Just curious to know...

William said...

Kuchai Lama is not your territory.


Finally, we used the company account name. :S