Thursday, July 22, 2010

A 'Wet' Singapore I: One After Another

Swiped from williamnyk.
Of my whole Singapore trip, the first day was the most gruelling. KH bought me the 8:40am Jetstar to Singapore, so I woke up at 6:00am to prepare and SK was nice enough to drop me off at KLIA. Unexpectedly, even such an early flight was delayed, so I arrived at Changi T1 twenty minutes later than scheduled. The whole gang was there to greet me, KH, JJ and Bunny. Took the cab home, I freshened up a little and we immediately headed out to Circular Road for lunch with Eskay at Baikohken. They serve quite an amazing ramen. KH and I shared a shoyu and miso based ramen. The full-sized order really bowled us over. Huge! And sooooooo many pieces of char siew the size of pork chops! Next time if you're there, just order the half-size (but I did see a girl finishing one by herself, but not everyone has a gremlins appetite). And do go early. Eskay was his usual fabulous self. Was nice seeing him again.

Tanjung Pagar KTM

Next, KH and I headed for the Tanjung Pagar KTM Station. In case this piece of history gets demolished after the end of the lease, we decided to photograph it. Was a bit disappointed with the architecture but its quite interesting to see an odd slice of Malaysia frozen in busy Singapore. It rained when we were about to leave, but we braved it anyway to get to Annie's Peanut Ice Kachang stall at a the Tanjong Pagar Food Center. However, we ordered the cendol. LOL. Tasted nothing like what I'm used to, and think either the santan or the syrup was sour. :o.

Pinnacle @ Duxton

Moving on, we ended up at Pinnacle @ Duxton. Quite an amazing private residential condo made up of several buildings connected together with sky-bridges. The facade's quite modern and the recreational area is well-designed too. Managed to ogle at some hunks playing basketball topless in the noon-day sun. Glistening sweat of their muscled backs. Yummy. Upon reaching Block G, we were told that we needed a CEPAS-compliant SMRT card to access the sky bridge, so we did so at the nearby 7-11. By the time we got back, the stupid kiosk went haywire, so we couldn't pay the SGD5.00 entrance fee. Waited for the guy to troubleshoot it. Wasted half an hour just looking at the fellow restart the kiosk and pinging it from his workstation. He kept doing the same thing over and over. Einstein's definition of insanity. :).

Marina Sands

Frustrated, we took a cab to Marina Barrage, but that was another stroke of bad luck. Apparently taxis aren't keen to go there because its quite out of the way. So the taxi driver just dumped us a Marina Bay Sands. Not a waste, managed to see the large-scale construction going on there. The three buildings were quite breathtaking, especially with the Sky Park capping them. Look at the pics, they look like artist's impressions. Another thing to note is the use of free-moving metal scales on the building's facade, making it look alive when the wind blows against them. Mesmerizing. The shops opposite the hotel were no less extravagant. Luxury brands everywhere. Outside, is a giant plexi-glass dome that will pour water down into the malls water canals when it is complete. And from the tiered wooden platforms, one gets a fantastic view of Marina Bay. Also had the chance to walk along the newly-constructed Helix Bridge. Another wonder of steel and plexi-glass.

Millennia Walk

Next on our list was the nearby Milennia Walk (it was a short walk away, but KH let me take the cab after I manja a bit). Has an interesting water feature outside that is flanked by several pieces of colourful abstract art. Inside is Parco, a Japanese department store that I think won't last for long looking at the traffic there. My poor legs were screaming for some rest, so we stopped for coffee at Coffee Club. Ordered a cup of Hazelnut Cappucino that came with a biscuit and stick of cinnamon instead of a spoon. Dinner was upstairs at another ramen joint in the Japanese food court, Itadakimasu. Later, we headed to Raffles Place to meet Kidz. Had some time to burn, so we did some window shopping. Saw an ang moh sporting a hard on at Top Shop. He was going commando under his jersey shorts, so I could easily catch the outline of his glans on the material. Woah! Met up with Kidz at Starbie. He was all dressed up for his night shift. Had a frappucino and a berry bar while chatting the night away. He almost forgot that he had to get to work. Hehe. Nice chap. By the time we got home, my battery was near-drained. But that didn't stop us from skanking a bit. Hugged KH tight and drifted off to sleep in no time at all.


Cheryl said...

everytime DEAR go sure go makan makan n jalan. And i only go to makan mos burger and masak masak there :( .

Janvier said...

Sigh you're making us miss Sporeland!

And you should have gone for the waxing when we invited!

Skyhawk said...

Nice photos...miss SG for now..

nicky05 said...

so enjoy..:)

simonlover said...

Haha...I like the guy in white shirt in Baikohken's pic and the basketball boys! - and u compare it with slim Malaysian secondary sch children playing. Hahaha...Big difference hor.

William said...

LOL. You must request next time.

You miss Bras Basah no doubt. :P. I'll wax myself!

Thanks. Time for a short weekend getaway?

I offered to stuff you in my suitcase ma... Faster go make passport.

The guy in the white shirt... wah. I have another cutie in my later post. The bball boys were yummy. Glistening muscles.

count astaroth said...

u should take the hunks picture closer

Derek said...

Cheryl, how can say like that? You wanted MOS burger the last time le. You tell me where you wanna eat next time you come down lo ....

The wasn't too tiring, but judging by your post, it was like we went to so many places lol

jamie said...

I am always on the KTM Sleeper train KL-Singapore. Reliable, cheap and comfy.

Many fond memories I have had at the Tanjung Pagar station. As you said, a piece of old Malaya frozen in modern day Singapore, so close to VivoCity no less.

And the most reliable way to go to the Barrage is to take a bus from a stop (2 min walk from Marina Bay MRT) and take the free feeder bus of SBS 400.

Sweetest slice of heaven for people photography!

William said...

Haha. I was quite far away.

We did go to many places!

Welcome. Thanks for the tip! I'll try to go there on my next trip.